Lycoming County PA - Miscellaneous History & Maps Collection

Lycoming County PA - Miscellaneous History & Maps Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Church, Family, Education, Military, Miscellaneous History and Maps Collection

Industries of Pennsylvania
Williamsport, Lock Haven, Bellefonte, Lewisburg, Milton, Selins' Grove, Renovo,
Philipsburg, Mifflinburg, Muncy, Newberry, Jersey Shore, Hughesville, Milesburg
(Richard Edwards, 1882, 144 pages)
This publication presents historical sketches of businesses and business people from various towns from Central Pennsylvania.

From Lycoming County
-- From Williamsport & Newberry -- Williamsport Commercial College, A. W. Sweet, National Paint Works, E. Canfield, The Crawford Hotel Turkish Bath-rooms, Williamsport Furniture Co., West Branch Boiler Works, Keystone Planing Mills, City Hotel, C. F. Gordon & Co., Charles Conway, Guy W. Maynard & Co., J. S. Mundy, Augustus Dittmar, Mrs. C. M. Baker, G. W. Andrews, Scott & Hart, W. G. Mather, W. H. C. Huffman, N. Shaw & Co., C. B. Fisher, Williamsport Steam Cracker Cake & Biscutt, Thomson & Messimer, P. B. Merrell & Co., Moltz & Bro., Van Buskirk & Shearer, E. M. Hill, Nelson I. Hart, Garrett L. Crouse, J. L. Guinter & Co., L. L. Stearns, John E. Jones, L. D. Rank, H. W. Sipes, Weed & Allen, White Lentz & White, Lloyd & Co., Finley Young & Co., J. H. Linck, Wm. Neuschafer, W. H. Waggoner & Co., B. C. Bowman & Co., Sellen & Co., Henry House, J. R. Hazelet, Park Machine Shops, Farmers' Hotel, L. McDowell & Co., G. W. Nicely, Acme File Works, Geo. W. Croll, The First National Bank, S. Q. Mingle, R. B. Johnston, Dr. S. S. Koser, S. A. Harinton, Van Buskirk & Co., E. C. Johnson & Co., F. S. Fisher, E. L. Piper & Son, Sipe & Sons, G. M. Hagenbuch, A. G. Rothfuss & Co., S. L. Gage, John J. Kiehl, Thomas U. Thompson, C. B. & W. Howard, R. Simpson, Weaver & Seitzer, The Union Insuring Company Limited, Goodrich's Jack Mill, David P. Guise, J. M. Moore, David Stuempfle, Lumbermen's National Bank of Williamsport, Sweeley & Hart, W. E. Peard, Ring Cable & Co., Elias Deemer & Co., Bastian & Co., W. C. Casner, L. W. Dimock, Howard Perley & Howard, Emery & Reading, The Valley Iron Works, H. S. & H. N. Goldenberg, G. W. Klump DDS., Old Mansion House, C. C. Walker DDS., S. Edward & Son, Green & Company, R. G. Dun & Co., Pearson L. Koons, Williamsport National Bank, T. S. Underhill, Alex. Beede & Co., The Crawford House, Kinyon's Shingle Mill, Bastian's Pavilion, Clark & Fries, Lavalette Taber, Hunt & Ellinger, Joseph Mahl, W. A. Eberhart, Frank Huffman, L. Sheffer, D. R. P. Rissel, J. D. Wallace, A. S. Rhoads, Herbert T. Ames, J. H. Mutchler, E. A. Page & Bros., Henry Markstein, Mussina & Bro., Kline & Keller, Heller Bros., Hill & Swartz, J. A. Neyhart, J. S. Gibson, John Schwer Jr & Co., A. D. Lundy, Keystone Carriage Works, Frank Tognetti & Co., August Mast, G. & S. Waltz, Williams & Foresman, Williams L. Estabrooks, Louis Welker, Hess & Bailey, B. H. Taylor & Son, A. Laedlein, R. H. Housel, Miss Anna Rhodes, Weed & Bussler, European House, McDonald Piano Forte Works, Mrs. Julia H. Davis, Leamon & Son, Henry Wenner, Russell & Casner, J. E. Jones, O. J. Pennell, James Johnston, William Mette, J. E. Hopkins, Hiram Winner, J. H. Ulmer, Valentine Luppert, Henry E. Donnel, Harman & Derr, Thos. D. Jewett, George Brill, J. Seitz & Son, D. Trainer & Son, C. H. Eldon, William Applegate, H. R. Hanks & Co., G. J. Duffy, A. B. Neyhart & Co., H. S. Brownell, Levan & Son, Gable & Allen, Louis Schneider, J. W. Carkskadden, W. D. Richmond, Delia McConnell, Williamsport Oil Co., A. W. F. MacCollin, J. J. Gibson, T. Vanfleet, Charles F. Schmidt, First Ward Hotel, Scholl Bros., D. E. Crandell, M. T. Waltz, A. Good, Noble & Son, E. Andrews, Milton Huber, Funston & Cullin, Amos Ditsworth, James Rothrock, Ertel Bros, John Spellisy, George Rothrock, Wolf & Gilmore, J. R. Stead, Miss Jane A. Buchanan, John C. Stones, James Thomas, J. K. Mosser & Co., G. E. Otto Siess, C. Weishaupt, Levi Hartman & Sons, Mrs. M. A. Hagan, Bower & Wyckoff, J. G. Hammer, Hopkins Weymouth & Byers, J. B. Casebeer, Thomas Rupert, J. E. Keefer, G. P. Neal, J. P. Boush, Dr. Williams Eves, George Bentele, Williamsport Woolen Mills, A. H. Heilman & Co., F. Reading & Co., Garman & Stabler, Williamsport Steam Dye Works, Thomas Mack, Jacob A. Turner, J. S. Newcomer, "Blackberry Specific", Nicholson Co., Justin L. Hill, A. D. Lundy, Diener & Stuempfle, A. Megahan, -- From Jersey Shore -- J. D. Rowe, T. C. Dingler, Dr. G. L. Keyser, Globe Hotel, Sebring & Sons, John E. Potter, D. A. Bingeman, Joseph Klasener, W. C. Pfouts & Co., A. W. Brown, J. P. Martin, Paul Soerensen, Jersey Shore Banking Co., -- From Muncy -- Geo. Gowers & Son, John Staufer, J. H. Rooker, W. P. I. Painter & Son, Peterman & Son, D. Clapp & Co., Clapp & Smith, Charles Merrill, Parker House, Flack & Fague, J. B. Eisenhart, -- From Hughesville -- Star Planing Mills, Hughesville Furniture Co., William Frontz, Unites States Hotel, O. S. Lutz.

Industrial and Commercial Resources of [Northern] Pennsylvania
(Historical Publishing Company, 1887, 125 pages)
This publication is a history and description of the business operations from a dozens of towns throughout north, central and western Pennsylvania. Each business is detailed in sketch form, giving, in many cases, a brief history of its existence, management, and a description of its operations. This information was only published in this publication making this a rare and useful resource for historical or genealogical research in these counties of PA.

From Lycoming County
-- From Williamsport: -- The West Branch National Bank, National Planing-Mill Co., Williamsport Iron and Nail Works, Lycoming Rubber Co., Independent Oil Co., J. C. Rodgers & Co., The Williamsport Furniture Manufacturing Co., Kock & Bro., Williamsport Planning-Mill Co., A. B. Neyhart & Co., Kline Bros & Co., First National Bank of Williamsport, Brown Clark & Howe, H. B. Silsbee, Alex Beede & Co., The Williamsport National Bank, Simon C. Steuber, Dr. William Goehrig & Son, Payne Cochran & Co., E. Coolbaugh, The West Branch Boiler Works, T. J. Cornwell, Hughes & Bowman, The Savings Institution of Williamsport, Edwards & Miller, Wallace & Wilbur, D. R. Allewelt, John A. Otto's Sons, D. E. Crandell, Geo. W. Croll, Yochsberg & Ulman, Geo. Slate's Sons, J. C. Frohnhiser, B. W. Gibson & Co., F. Dorman, George F. Hart, G. Gohl, J. S. Gibson, George W. Harder, Samuel Elias, Geo. A. Cohick, E. Andrews & Sons, J. L. Jackson, Williamsport Oil Co., Charles E. Hicks, F. Coleman, A. D. Lundy & Co., J. R. Hazelet, Crocker & Ulmer, The Economic Wood-working Co., Samuel Hoffman, Duble & Cornell, John W. Bailey, L. Sheffer, Skinner & Thrall, Mat. E. Dunn, The Williamsport Commercial College, A. S. Wagner, Sylvester Mussina, W. H. Waltz, A. L. Gillen, Wm. F. Ade, Joseph Mahl, Lewars & Co., Merk's Central Pharmacy, George Brill, Wm. F. Dean, William Tietbohl, A. G. Herrick, J. K. Mosser & Co.

John Thompson and Family (John Bodine Thompson, 1889, 27 pages)
From the Preface: "The following sketch was prepared by request for the new edition of the History of the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna, by John F. Meginness, of Williamsport, Pa. It contains all that is at present known of the Scotch-Presbyterian pioneer and his Huguenot-Dutch wife."

Industries and Wealth of the Principle Points in Northeastern Pennsylvania
Being Scranton, Williamsport, Lock Haven, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown
Bethlehem, Easton, Danville, Sunbury and Shamokin
(American Publishing and Engraving Co., 1890, 125 pages)
This publication contains sketches of industrial and economic significance from the major populated areas of northeastern PA. These commercial sketches provide a rare look at many of the businesses and business people of Pennsylvania before the 20th Century.

From Lycoming County
-- From Williamsport -- George Bubb & Sons, Mark A. Champion, A. J. Quigley & Co., Thompson Gibson & Company, Williamsport Furniture Company, David Stuempfle, Kettle Creek Coal Mining Company, The Merchants' National Bank, H. W. Jenkins & Co., Central Pennsylvania Telephone and Supply Company, L. M. Castner, T. J. Funston & Co., A. Metzger, Brown Clark & Howe, E. Andrews & Sons, Laedlein & Long, Hotel Crawford, Eber Culver, Malcolm McMillan, N. Shaw & Co., Jerome Moltz, Hess Copying Company, Mitchell, Young & Company, Thos. Lundy, Cochran Payne & McCormick, Prudential Insurance Company of America, Shapbell Gamble & Co., Kline & Co., Academy of Music, National Paint Works, John A. Otto's Sons, J. T. Huff & Co., Williamsport Kindling Wood Company, Clearfield Coal Company, F. D. Schweiker, James Mansel, Williamsport Wire Rope Company, H. H. Kramm, Hughes & Bowman, Gohl & King, Charles Conway, Uriah Megahan, Edgar Munson, Beck Brothers & Co., M. C. Ryan, J. H. Arnold, Duncan & Waidley, Seitz Brothers, A. D. Lundy & Co., T. J. Cornwell, Stephenson's Business College, Fred T. Weed, E. W. Batzle, Walker & Stover, J. E. Gibbons, J. P. Boush, D. R. Foresman, Wm. Neuschafer, Acme Oil Co., W. E. Fry, T. O. Carter, Jeorg & Greely, Henninger & Jones, Charles E. Miller, Bentley & Smith, Jacob A. Turner, C. N. Lee, Independent Oil Co., George W. Croll, G. Fullmer, G. O. Wyland, J. E. Foucart, Paul McBride, S. S. Kurtz, C. F. Fullmer & Co., Putnam & Crockett, Alex. Beede & Co., Grant Straley, D. A. Fessler, Fred. R. Miller Blank Book Company, P. L. Koons, T. F. Carskadden, J. Rosse's Art Studio, John C. Stones, A. E. Hinckley & Co., A. S. Wagner, J. G. Stonesifer, W. E. Sprague & Co., Frank Fullmer, W. H. C. Huffman, Geo. W. Sprague, D. E. Crandall, Mart. H. Wirth, Harris & Ulman, Thos. Schultz, T. L. Harinton, J. K. Crawford & Son, H. S. Brownell, John W. Bailey, J. A. Askey, John L. Trapp, D. P. Guise, Daniel Edler, Drs. Klump & Hertz, John Wenner, R. Simpson, A. D. Lundy & Co., E. Keeler Company, J. H. Fulmer & Co., C. Cunningham, H. R. Reynolds, Boyer & Co., People's Express and Transfer Company, Wilson Butz, A. B. Neyhart & Co., John E. Byrne, F. D. Rhoads, Williamsport Business College, Henry A. Villinger

Genealogy and History of the Hepburn Family
of the Susquehanna Valley (John F. Meginness, 1894, 194 pages)
From the Preface: "The history of this family is one which possesses absorbing interest from the earliest times to the present. Few families in the course of four or five centuries can show a continuous line of more distinguished members - of members who have been eminent in the professions of law, theology and medicine; of members who have distinguished themselves as orators, scholars, soldiers, statesmen and politicians. Descendants of this long and illustrious line have reason not only to feel proud of their Scottish ancestors, but to honor and revere their names and memories."

Address at the Reunion of the Descendants of “Iron” John Thomas
(John F. Meginness, 1896, 17 pages)
This address gives a brief history of the Thomas family that settled in Lycoming County, PA. It gives an account of the origins and early history of the family, as well as detailing some of its descendants.

Life and Times of Robert Robb, Esq. Muncy Township,
Lycoming County, Pa. (John F. Meginness, 1899, 51 pages)
This brief publication was written as a memorial to the Robb Family, early settlers of Lycoming County, PA

1830-1930 The 100th Anniversary of the First Methodist
Episcopal Church, Jersey Shore, PA (Anonymous, 1930, 17 pages)
This is a brief account of the history of this Lycoming County church, including a list of pastors from 1791-1930, and also a few photographs of the church and its ministers.

The Susquehanna Trail (Chamber of Commerce, 1935, 36 pages)
This pamphlet was produced to highlight the scenic beauty and recreational opportunities of Williamsport and the surrounding area of Lycoming County, PA.

Lycoming County Public School Directory 1935-36
(Office of County School Officials, 1935, 30 pages)
This is a directory listing school officials and teachers of Lycoming County, PA for the school year 1935-36. Schools and teachers are listed by township.

Samuel Morrison of Bucks and Lycoming Counties Pennsylvania
and Some of His Descendants (E. J. P. Sage, 1936, 96 pages)

Susquehanna Flood Scenes 1936 (Anonymous, 1936, 68 pages)
This is a souvenir of the 1936 flood that affects towns along the Susquehanna River. It consists of photographs of flood scenes in the towns of Sunbury, Selinsgrove, Lewisburg, Milton, Montgomery, Muncy and Williamsport in Lycoming, Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties.

In Memory of Our Honored Dead [WWII] - Souvenir Program
(Mountain Beach Veteran's Athletic Assoc., 1947, 100 pages)
This booklet was published as an honorary souvenir of the men and women of Lycoming County, PA who died in the course of World War II. It covers 341 individuals from each branch of the military and includes a portrait, and a listing of where they lived, when they entered service and where and when they died. This is an excellent resource for research on Lycoming County or WWII.

Minute Book of the St. James Church, Muncy, Penna
(Anonymous, 1947, 40 pages)
This booklet commemorates the 150th year of this Lycoming County, church. It contains a history of the church along with some photographs of the church and its members.

1956-1957 Becht Highlights [Yearbook]
(J. George Becht School, 1957, 44 pages)

Memories of '60 [Yearbook]
(Loyalsock Township Junior High School, 1960, 48 pages)

Flood Pennsylvania - 1972 (Timothy E. Euker, David Berner, 1972, 68 pages)
This is a pictorial souvenir of the flood from Hurrican Agnes which struck central Pennsylvania and other areas in 1972. Photographs show the floodwaters and damage done in various locations in Clinton, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Luzerne, Lycoming, Perry, Montour, Northumberland and Snyder Counties.

Pillar of Community Strength - A History of Muncy's Places of Worship
Mrs. Paul E. Toms III, 1976, 64 pages)
This is a history centered on the churches in the vicinity of Muncy, Lycoming County, PA. It covers 16 churches in Muncy, Clarkstown and Pennsdale.

Maps Atlases & Images

Maps & Atlases
1861 Topographical Map of Lycoming County Pennsylvania (S. D. Tilden, Color)
1873 Atlas of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania (A. Pomeroy & Co., 38 pages, B/W)

Birds-eye Town Views
Muncy Pennsylvania (1884, O. H. Bailey & Co.)

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