Lancaster's Good Man, John Piersol McCaskey: A Biography

Dolores Parsil

  • 1800

John Piersol McCaskey (1837-1935) was a beloved Lancaster, PA, public school teacher and principal, editor of The Pennsylvania School Journal, mayor of Lancaster, publisher, journalist, and compiler of some of America’s first songbooks and textbooks. This biography provides a glimpse into the beginnings of Pennsylvania’s public schools, with McCaskey as a pupil, and then the system’s evolution, with McCaskey influencing its curriculum and goals. Lancaster’s history is interwoven in the text, particularly the Civil War years and McCaskey’s mayoral years. A man of integrity who expected the same from his students, McCaskey held family and his Christian faith above all else. (282pp. color illus. index. Masthof Press, 2015.)

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