Lancaster County PA - Regional History Collection - Quarryville-Strasburg & Vicinity

Lancaster County PA - Regional History Collection - Quarryville-Strasburg & Vicinity


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

An Address on the Early Settlement of the Valley of Pequea
(Redmond Conyngham, 1842, 12 pages)
This is a very early historical narrative on the settlement of one of the original tracts of Lancaster County - the Pequea Valley. It provides an account of the Mary Ferree and the LeFevres along some details of a number of other early families in the area. It also relates some information on the Native populations that these early settlers interacted with.

The Greater Reading Vol. II, Nos. 4 & 5 [Coatesville, Oxford, Quarryville & Strasburg]
(W. S. Hamaker, 1899, 52 pages)
This publication is a rare periodical from southeastern Pennsylvania. Published in newspaper format, it contains a variety of information from articles for women, accounts from across the country, to highlights of prosperous business interests. The majority of the publication, however, deals with southeastern Pennsylvania. The towns of Coatesville, Oxford in Chester County are highlighted in this issue, providing a sketch of the town followed by sketches of some of their businesses and prominent citizens. Also a few businessmen from Quarryville and Strasburg, Lancaster County are covered. Throughout the publication there are a few additional articles of local interest including a sketch of 4 Lancaster County men who helped to make history, the Strasburg Railroad, and the Philadelphia Museums.

Ashton D. Rea, Y.M.C.A., O. C. Jackson & Son, Vincent & Pownall, Richard Strode, Coatesville Weekly Times, Robert Bernan, Jackson & Weaver, C. N. Speakman, Robert Young, Frank L. Stacy, E. P. Yeoman, Louis A. Bolton, Christian Bautel, Harry Garman, John Gilfillan, Joseph T. Peirce, S. Edes, F. E. Dorsheimer's East End Carriage Works, Cannon's Baker and Cafe, J. Thomas Wiley, The Star Bottling Co., F. D. Burnites Spoke and Handle Works, Wilson, Pugh & Wilson, Samuel W. Wilson, The Oxford Hotel, E. Haines Dickinson, A. M. Book, S. Book & Bros. Warerooms, S. P. Engle, Joseph A. Ressler, Mowrer & Fisher, Aaron Groff Coach Works, D. B. Martin, B. F. Book, A. M. Garber, F. H. Andrews

Quarryville, Pennsylvania (1903, by T. M Fowler)
This is a detailed image from birds-eye perspective of the town of Quarryville, Lancaster County, PA in the year 1903. It details streets, homes, businesses, churches, etc., providing a unique view of the town and wider area. (Not Text-Searchable)

Strasburg, Lancaster Co., PA (1903, by T. M Fowler)
This is a detailed image from birds-eye perspective of the town of Strasburg, Lancaster County, PA in the year 1903. It details streets, homes, businesses, churches, etc., providing a unique view of the town and wider area. (Not Text-Searchable)

Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The Garden Spot of the United States
The Picturesque and Historical East End (Frank R. Diffenderffer, 1908, 38 pages) This publication is an illustrated and descriptive tour of some of some of Lancaster County's historic countryside east of Lancaster City.

A History of Strasburg, Lancaster County Pennsylvania Until the
Sesqui-Centennial Year (Strasburg High School Class of 1925, 1925, 84 pages)
This is a history of the town of Strasburg, Pennsylvania, written by the 1926 graduating class of Strasburg High School. It covers various aspects of the town: social, religious, political, industrial, educational, military etc. and in the process touches on the lives of many of its early settlers and later residents.

250th Anniversary - Gap, PA. (Anonymous, 1951, 104 pages)
This is a 250th anniversary history of the town of Gap, Lancaster County, PA, as well as a program of events for the associated celebration. This historical material covers the beginnings of the town in the early 1700's and follows its growth and development through the years. It relates some details pertaining to early settlers and events of the area. It also covers more modern history along with some sketches of local civic organizations, churches, schools, etc. There are a number of historical photographs included with the material, as well as numerous ads for local businesses.

1791-1961 - Our Town - Quarryville - PA (A. Shaubach, 1961, 52 pages)
This is a 150th anniversary history of Quarryville, Lancaster County, PA. It presents a nice history of the town and surrounding area, along with historic photographs. It gives particular attention to some of the businesses and industries of the area as well as sketches of a number of local businessmen. The end of the publication includes numerous ads for local businesses.

Ankrim, Aument, Collins, Dickinson, Eckroth, Fritz, Gilbert, Harper, Helm, Herr, Hess, Lefevre, McAllister, Mowrer, Raub, Reynolds, Wade

250 Years in Paradise (Robert C. Denlinger, 1962, 196 pages)
This is an extensive sketch of Paradise Township, Lancaster County, PA relating 250 years of history in the area. The area of Paradise was one of the first areas settled in the interior of Pennsylvania and became an anchor for others immigrating from Europe. This publication details the early history of the area from indian times through its transformation by settlers into the modern period. There are numerous photographs and illustrations accompanying the narrative. Many historic families from the area are briefly sketched, including: Carpenter, Delinger, Eshleman, Ferree, Frew, Hershey, Keneagy, Lichty, Slaymaker and Witmer. Several of the township's towns and villages are also given attention, including: Gordonville, Harristown, Iva, Kinzers, Leaman Place, Paradise, and Williamstown / Vintage.

Millersville - Penn Manor Community History
(Millersville-Penn Manor Bicentennial Committee, 1976, 148 pages)
This is a history written for the National Bicentennial in 1976 covering four townships of western Lancaster County, PA - Conestoga, Manor, Martic and Pequea. It provides a historical sketch on each township (including towns within the boundary), covering its early days and development over the years. Numerous historical photographs, maps and illustrations of the corresponding areas are also included showing the territory and residents thereof. The area of Millerstown is given slightly more consideration than other towns. Also, at the end of the publication, there is a list of patrons of this publication, and a list of individual involved in the bicentennial celebration organization.

Now and Then in Providence Township 1700-1976
(Paul R. Hollinger, 1976, 196 pages)
This is an extensive history of Providence Township, Lancaster County, PA written for the nations' Bicentennial in 1976. It covers many aspects of the local area in turn: Early history, Industry, Farming, Transportation, Government, Schools, Churches, Villages, and Social Life. It includes reproductions of a number of maps of the township including the landowner maps of 1864, 1875 and 1899. Along with each of the sections there are many photographs showing the area and its citizens.

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