Lancaster County PA - Regional History Collection - Leacock-New Holland & Vicinity

Lancaster County PA - Regional History Collection - Leacock-New Holland & Vicinity


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

1855 Map of the Three Earls, Lancaster County, PA (H. F. Bridgens, Color)
This is a landowner map of the townships of Earl, East Earl and West Earl, Lancaster County, PA, providing a view of the area and its residents in 1954-55. Also included are the towns and villages of Blue Ball, Brownstown, Earlville, Fairmount, Fairville, Farmersville, Goodville, Hinkletown, Laurel Hill, New Holland, Toledo and Voganville. It shows the name of landowners in the location where they resided, building locations, roads, streams, etc. Also included are over a dozen engraved views of farms and residences from the area. Map is Not Text-Searchable.

The Three Earls (Frank R. Diffenderffer, 1876, 109 pages)
This publication is an early history of three townships in Lancaster County - Earl, East Earl and West Earl. It details the settlement of these areas of Pennsylvania by German immigrants, and includes mention of many early and prominent families of the county. It proceeds through the division of the original township into three, and relates the growth of these areas through the years. It also discusses the military record of the area's residents, as well as a few of the important men. The appendix offers more information including a description of several towns within the area: New Holland, Vogansville, Hinkletown, Fairville (Terre Hill), Goodville, Farmersville, Brownstown, and Earlville.

Terre Hill, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1894, by T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer)
This is a detailed image from birds-eye perspective of the town of Terre Hill, Lancaster County, PA in the year 1887. It details streets, homes, businesses, churches, etc., providing a unique view of the town and wider area. (Not Text-Searchable)

A History of New Holland Pennsylvania 1728-1928 (Martin G. Weaver, 1928, 175 pages)
This is an extensive bicentennial history of the town of New Holland, Lancaster County, PA. It covers the early history of the area, the founding of the town and its growth. It also contains chapters covering its churches, schools, industries and institutions of the area. Another section of the publication contains sketches of prominent residents. Along with the historical information are a number of historic photographs of the town and its buildings.

Biographical Sketches:
Baker, Brand, Diller, Ellmaker, Hiester, Ranck, Roberts, Scheaffer, Smith, Snader

Tri-Town Home Coming Celebration - Bareville - Leola - Leacock
(Anonymous, 1931, 72 pages)
This is a history and pictorial souvenir of the towns of Bareville, Leola and Leacock in Lancaster County, PA. Each town is sketches individually, providing a history of the town's founding and growth. Along with the historical information are a number of photographs showing various views from the area. Also presented is a program of events for the home-coming celebration held in 1931, and ads for local businesses.

200th Anniversary - 1754-1954 - Intercourse, Pennsylvania
(Intercourse Civic Association, 1954, 196 pages)
This is a bicentennial history of the village of Intercourse, Lancaster County, PA, covering the period of 1754-1954. The village of Intercourse is located in the center of Leacock Township, and the heart of Amish / Mennonite territory. This book outlines the history of the area, including the settlement of early Pennsylvania Germans and the development of their culture. The historical narrative is accompanied by numerous photographs and illustrations of the area and its people. There are also many ads for local businesses included throughout.

Lest We Forget - A Grateful Community Remembers
(Paul M. Russell, 1958, 92 pages)
This is a commemorative booklet highlighting the involvement of New Holland's citizens in World War II. It provides excerpts from "Victory News", a periodical published during the war and covering news pertaining to the residents of New Holland. Along with the historical information from the war, are many photographs of New Hollands residents and soldiers. In the center of the publication is a service roll citizens from New Holland who served in the war, followed by a list sketches of several Gold Star soldiers.

Churchtown Centennial Celebration May 30, 1966 - Memorial Day
(Anonymous, 1966, 38 pages)
This booklet is a souvenir of the centennial of Churchtown, Lancaster County, PA. It highlights several historic sites in the area along with photographs and includes many ads for local businesses. It also lists soldiers from all wars buried in the Caernarvon, Bangor and Presbyterian Cemeteries, and local patrons to the Memorial Day celebration.

Directory of the Borough of New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
(Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1966, 109 pages)
This is a directory of New Holland, Lancaster County, PA for 1966. It begins with a number of sketches on local organizations: Scouting, Liberty Fire Company, New Holland Community Memorial Park, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Free Public Library, Airport, and Garden Spot High School. Following this is a numerical street address directory listing residents and business by street address. This is followed by the main directory, listing each street address and any residents thereof (parents and children) and the main resident's employer. In between the street and residential directories, there is a brief historical sketch of the town and a 1966 report on the borough. It also includes sketches on several local businesses" Frank IX & Sons, Inc., Victor F. Weaver, Inc., New Holland Machine Company, and Zausner Foods Corp. Also included throughout are many ads for local businesses.

25th Anniversary - Kiwanis Club of New Holland
(Kiwanis Club of New Holland, 1974, 8 pages)
This is a brief souvenir pamphlet commemorating the 25 years of operation of the Kiwanis Club of New Holland, PA. It includes a number of photographs from its years of operation and a list of officers and past presidents.

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