Lancaster County PA - Lancaster County Miscellaneous History Collection

Lancaster County PA - Lancaster County Miscellaneous History Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Industries of Pennsylvania The Cities of Lancaster, Lebanon and Mount Joy
Historical and Descriptive Review (Richard Edwards, 1879, 118 pages)
The first half of this book is a brief overview of the industries of Pennsylvania by county. The second half focuses on the businesses and industries of Lancaster, Columbia and Mount Joy, Lancaster County, PA and Lebanon, Lebanon County, PA. The businesses review are:

From Lancaster:
Lewis Haldy, Eureka Bark Mill Co., R. K. Schnader, Gorrecht, Reilly & Keller, Frederick Engle, Sher Smith, Penn Iron Co., Limited, Coho & Wiley, Conestoga Cork Works, Escholl Nursuries, C. A. Locher, Phares W. Fry, A. B. Sheaffer, J. A. Westhaeffer, Fred. Vollmer's, H. Baumgardner & Co., Lancaster Watch Company, H. L. Stehman, G. W. Dodge & Son, Jer. Rohrer, Hager & Bro., Frey & Weidler, George M. Steinman & Co., H. M. Shreiner, Wm. H. Manby's, Conestoga Furnace, Edward J. Zahm, Russel & Shulmyer, D. B. & D. H. Bartholomew, Dana Graham, G. Sener & Sons, E. J. Erisman, Lancaster Organ Manufactory, Widmyer & Ricksecker, Charles A. Heinitsh, Levi K. Landis, Lawrence Knapp's, Wm. D. Sprecher & Son, D. S. Bursk, Philip Doersom, W. F. Duncan, David Bair, Givler Bowers & Hurst, Brimmer & Bell, A. D. Rohrer & Brother, S. Clay Miller, George W. Hull, Isaac Diller, E. M. Schaeffer & Son, A. Rhoads, Julius Loeb, A. N. Breneman, C. A. Reece, M. Haberbush, D. S. Bare, Lancaster Commercial College, F. Ruth & Co., Walter A. Heinitsh, Alfred A. Hubley, Chas. Brimmer, Charles Knapp, H. C. Demuth, High & Martin, A. K. Hoffmeier, Chas. H. Barr, Stevens House, Dr. C. A. Greene, Reigart's Old Wine Store, Cooper House, James A. Nimlow, E. F. Bowman, J. K. Smaling, Geo. O. Hensel, S. E. Baily & Co., J. G. Goodman, Co-operative Carriage Works, Urban & Burger, H. Z. Rhoads & Bro., John J. Hoover, Lancaster Union Agricultural Works, Myers & Rathfon, Mrs. L. Miller, H. Gerhart, Flinn & Breneman, L. Bachler, John Baer's Sons, H. B. Shank, J. L. Arnold, B. Z. Shreiner, J. Q. Mercer, Cumming's Photograph Gallery, Rathvon & Fisher, Heitshu's Drug Store, E. M. Sheetz, D. H. Kulp, Frank J. Steinhauser, Cadwell House, L. B. Herr, Conrad Gast & Son, Amos Miley, Jacob Rotharmel, Shaub & Burns, Philip Rudy, Reading Mutual Aid Association of PA., Eagle Spoke Works, Rote & Sons, John Horting, City Hotel, H. Gundaker, H. B. Cochran, Wm. H. Fisher, Black Horse & Corn Exchange Hotel, Shultz Bros., Andw. G. Frey, Joseph Sansom, A. F. Bonine, Amos Ringwalt, Lancaster Coach Works, Samuel B. Cox, R. J. Houston, Wm. Blickenderfer, Wm. Loeb, Daisz and Lorenz, J. P. Stormfeltz, F. O. Sturgis, Wm. L. Gill, Lederman Brothers, Charles H. Amer, Adam Ohlender, J. R. Royer, H. Bechtold, Geo. Martin & Co., J. Hoover, M. F. Steigerwalt & Son, A. Wetter & Co., Ezra F. Landis, Edgerley & Co., Levan & Sons, John Best, John Flick, Henry Ganse, Frank Mettfett, B. Frank Saylor's, Franklin House

From Mount Joy:
Exchange Hotel, D. H. Engle, Wolgemuth & Geyer, Mount Joy Steam Flouring Mills, D. Root, Son & Co., Red Lion Hotel, The Landis Coach Works

From Columbia:
Edward N. Smith, Ezra Smedley, Jacob Rothschild, Perrottet & Hoyt, H. S. Hershey, F. C. Snyder, J. W. Stauffer, John Fendrich, McBride & Maulfair, M. F. Stevenson, John B. Bachman, Bachman & Forry, Charles Grove, Black's Hotel, Jno. Shenberger & Son, G. S. Redsecker's, J. L. Pinkerton, Franklin House, John Westerman, Columbia Nursery, W. F. Maulick, H. F. Yergey

Genealogical Record of the Atlee Family (Edwin Atlee Barber, 1884, 127 pages)
This is a genealogical record of the Atlee family, of English origin, which ultimately settled (among other places) at Lancaster, PA. Hundreds of individuals are outlines along with a number of portraits of family members.

Industrial and Commercial Resources of Pennsylvania
(Historical Publishing Company, 1886, 122 pages)
This publication is a history and description of the business operations from dozens of towns throughout south eastern Pennsylvania. Each business is detailed in sketch form, giving, in many cases, a brief history of its existence, management, and a description of its operations. This information was only published in this publication making this a rare and useful resource for historical or genealogical research in these counties of PA.

From Columbia:
The Columbia Iron Co., Geo. W. & B. F. Haldeman, First National Bank of Columbia, Scott Patton, The Keeley Stove Co., Kline & Eppihimer, H. H. Heise, F. P. D. Miller, Frank Janson & Bro., Columbia Foundry and Machine Works, P. A. Krodel, John Shenberger & Son

From Lancaster:
W. D. Stauffer & Co., Wm Wohlsen's Planing-mill and Sash Factory, Bischoff & Engelhard, Philip Schum Son & Co., Henry Burger, J. R. Royers, Lancaster Steam Pump and Machine Works, Isaac Diller & Sons, Frey & Eckert, Killian's Cigar-box Factory, Geo. M. Steinman & Co., Henry Martin, R. Blickenderfer, S. E. Baily, Lancaster Comb Works, Wills & Keefer, John F. Little, Norbeck & Miley, Alfred Diller, Dr. J. C. Shaub, J. F. Heinitsh, Harry A. Schmidt, Reist & Co., Jere Rohrer, Askew & Scheid, Morris Zook, Harnish & Co., P. C. Snyder & Bro., Henry E. Leman, Flinn & Breneman, M. B. Weidler, Kieffer & Herr, M. Haberbush, E. S. Shirk, Samuel Clarke, C. S. Herr, Harry L. Trout, J. W. Hubley, Lancaster Paper-box Co., Jonas F. Eby, Chas. A. Locher, J. E. Rote's Studio, C. C. Dittenhofer.

The Landis Family of Lancaster County (D. B. Landis, 1888, 88 pages)
From the title page: A Comprehensive History of the Landis Folk from the Martyr's Era to the Arrival of the First Swiss Settlers giving their Numerous Lineal Descendants; Also, an accurate record of the Members in the Rebellion, with a sketch of the start and Subsequent Growth of Landisville, and Landis Valley, and a complete directory of Living Landis Adults."

Industries and Wealth of the Principle Points in Southeastern Pennsylvania
(Excepting Philadelphia) Embracing Dauphin, York, Lancaster, Schuylkill,
Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties
(American Publishing and Engraving Co., 1890 148 pages)
This publication contains sketches of industrial and economic significance from the major populated areas of southeastern PA. These commercial sketches provide a rare look at many of the businesses and business people of Pennsylvania before the 20th Century.

From Lancaster:
The Fulton National Bank, D. P. Locher & Sons, J. A. Sprenger, B. F. Skeen & Son, Jacob K. Barr, Long & Davison, People's Tea Co., Martin Rudy, Anne & Thomas, John Horting, S. Clay Miller, H. M. Shreiner, Conestoga Cork Works, Julius Loeb, John J. Watson, B. F. Landis, J. P. Stormfeltz & Sons, Best Steam Engine and Boiler Works, The Conestoga National Bank, Philip Schum, Son & Co., James C. Leman, Jacob B. Long, D. B. Landis & Son, Bausman & Burns, Reinoehl Knipe, Flinn & Brenneman, F. Shroder & Co., The Lancaster Steam Pump and Machine Works, Lancaster Steam Laundry, W. H. Bateman, Slaymaker, Barry & Co., Wm R. Gerhart, John F. Reed & Co., Reigart's Old Wine Store, J. E. Weaver, G. M. Askew, Earnest Zahm, Jeremiah Rife, Brady's Edge Tool Works, Downey Bros., Baumgardner, Eberman & Co., F. R. Marion, Watt & Shand, Robert H. Pierce, Walter A. Heinitsh, Trout & Shank, Bohn & Brother, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Frank J. Faesig, Jacob G. Shirk, B. G. Dodge, John J. Hoover's Sons, David L. Deen, Wm. Wohlsen, Baumgardner & Co., Astrich Bros., M. Miley, Gustav Groezinger, R. M. Slaymaker, W. D. Stauffer & Co., H. R. Breneman, Allan A. Herr, American House, Eagle Spoke and Bending Works, Rufus H. Anderson, D. H. Miller, J. Walter Miller, Jonas F. Eby, John Ribman & Son, H. L. Mellinger, Philip Rudy, George Wiant.

Register of the Marriages and Baptisms of the Rev. Traugott Frederick Illing
(E. W. S. Parthemore, 1891, 43 pages)
This publication is a collection of church records from two central Pennsylvania Churches: St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Middletown, Dauphin County, and Caernarvon Episcopal Church, Lancaster County. It begins with a brief historical account of the churches and then goes into the records, including lists of subscriptions from 1773-1781, marriages from 1780-1799, baptisms from 1780-1798, and concludes with biographical notes on a number of individuals associated with the church.

Annual Business Review of Lancaster County
(Franklin Publishing Co., 1891, 94 pages)
This book was published as a descriptive and biographical review of the businesses of Lancaster County, PA. It includes the Lancaster, Columbia, Marietta, Manheim, Strasburg, Elizabethtown, Millersville, Mount Joy, Christiana, Lititz, Ephrata, Gap, Quarryville, Paradise, West Earl, Kinzers, Farmersville, Maytown, New Holland, Bainbridge, Lincoln, Akron, Safe Harbor, Vogansville, Witmer, Bird-in-Hand, Florin, Wrightsville, Terre Hill, Landisville, Leaman Place, Hinkletown, Denver, Adamstown, Rothsville, Reamstown, Martindale, Spring Grove, Churchtown, Blue Ball, and Murrell.

A Genealogy of the Hess Family (John H. Hess, 1896, 258 pages)
This is a genealogical record of the Hess family descended from Samuel Hess of Switzerland who settled Lancaster County in 1712. The family first settled in Pequea, subsequent branches moved to Lititz / Warwick Township, Earl Township, Lancaster City, and Cumberland and Juniata Counties. This record outlines hundreds of descendents from the original settler up to the year 1880.

Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever Baptismal and Marriage 1730-1779
(Anonymous, 1896, 79 pages)
John Casper Stoever was an early and prominent minister serving the area of southeast Pennsylvania, principally the counties of Berks, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Montgomery and York. He recorded the details of the baptisms and marriages he performed, providing an early primary set of vital records.

Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Vol. XVII
Proprietary and State Tax Lists of the County of Lancaster
(William Henry Egle, 1897, 908 pages)
This publication is an extensive collection of early tax records covering Lancaster and Dauphin Counties for 1771-73, 1779 and 1782. The information is organized by year, and subdivided by township / town. It lists tax paying residents and includes their acreage, number of horses / cattle / servants, and amount of tax. This is one of the best sources for early residence information in Pennsylvania.

One Hundred and Fifty Years of School History in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
(William Riddle, 1905, 618 pages)
This is an extensive look at the history of education in the city of Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA. It begins with the early church schools of the area and follows the development of education through to the time of publication. A great deal of historical information is presented as well as dozens of photographs and illustrations of educators, school buildings, etc. A nice feature of the book is a list of directors, teachers spanning the years 1838-1905, and alumni association members from 1854-1904.

A Biographical History of the Swarr Family (Jacob Mellinger Swarr, 1909, 35 pages)
This publication outlines the history and genealogy of the Swarr family. The founder of the family Peter Swarr emigrated from the Alsace region of Europe and ultimately settled in Lancaster, PA. Many family members are sketched along with details of their lives.

A Record of the Officers, Enlisted Men and Nurses of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Who Served in the Armed Forces of the United States in the World War 1917-1918
(Anonymous, 1932, 301 pages)
This is a record of over 5,200 men and women who served in WWI from Lancaster County, PA. It covers Officers, enlisted men and nurses of the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps. The information for each veteran includes their name, area of residence, company / rank, and enlistment / discharge dates.

Genealogical Memoranda, Stouffer 1579-1943 (Revised Edition)
(Kate S. Snively & C. S. Stouffer, 1903, 1943, 129 pages)
This publication outlines the genealogy of the Stouffer family which originated in Switzerland, and whose descendants emigrated to America and settled in Lancaster county early in Pennsylvania's history. It focuses primarily on the family of Jacob and Magdalena (Hess) Stauffer and their descendants.

History of the Classis of Lancaster of the Eastern Synod of the Reformed Church
in the United States 1852-1940 (Daniel Glass, C. George Bachman, Harry Shepardson,
John Frantz, J. N. Le Van, 1940, 450 pages)
This is a history of the Classis of Lancaster which includes both Lancaster and Dauphin Counties, PA. Each of the churches in the classis are given a historical sketch including a photograph of the church and details on some of its pastors. The end of the publication includes lists of ministers, licensures, ordinations, elders, and classis officers.

Flood Pennsylvania - 1972 (Timothy E. Euker, David Berner, 1972, 68 pages)
This is a pictorial souvenir of the flood from Hurrican Agnes which struck central Pennsylvania and other areas in 1972. Photographs show the floodwaters and damage done in various locations in Clinton, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Luzerne, Lycoming, Perry, Montour, Northumberland and Snyder Counties.

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