Knights Templar Descendants in North America Featuring Knights of the British Isles, Volume 1

Yvonne K. Kimmel

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The true story of the descendants of the Knights Templar, beginning in 1495 with the Sinclair family (Grandmasters of the Knights) of France and Scotland; the Kennedys of Ireland, the Vaughan and Morgan family (Welsh Knights of the Holy Sepulcher associated with Golgotha of biblical times), best known for the mysteries of 1795 surrounding Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada; families of English royalty and the nobility (De Houghton, Drake, Hawkins, Boone (of Viking ancestry), etc.) intermarried with members of German royal families (Zinzendorf, Muhlenberg, Weiser, and the Fox family of Berks and Lancaster, Pennsylvania). Also included are selected families of New Sweden, The Jerseys, New Netherland, New England and Canada and their descendants' arrival in Pennsylvania as well as the knights' connections to William Shakespeare; “Robin Hood;” United States Presidents; Virginia’s earliest arrivals (Smith, Fairfax, Ball, Washington, and the Pennsylvania Dutchman of the Northern Neck of Virginia); the Quakers, Keithians, and numerous Puritans of Virginia and New England (ancestors of the Baptist and Mormons). (374pp. index. Masthof Press, 2022.)

Also available: Knights Templar Descendants Featuring Knights of the Holy Roman Empire and First Families of the Protestant Reformation, Volume 2 (item #4440), The Samuel Fox Diary (item #4113), Zwingli, Volume I (item #4213), and Zwingli, Volume II (item #4255). 

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