In the Fiery Furnace: Life in Ukraine, Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Germany—The Autobiography of Johann and Elfriede Steffen (1927-2013)

translated by Edward Kline

  • 1495

This is a first-hand account of Christians who bravely suffered for their faith under Soviet communism. The Steffens originally wrote their autobiography in German, and this English translation developed through a visit to the U.S. The Russians confined Johann 6 times, about 18 years total, and punished him with forced labor and then imprisonment for helping the Germans during WWII. Later they imprisoned him 4 more times for his Christian work, for about 11 years total. This account serves as a primary source material for the historian who wants to understand this Russian experience, and it also provides inspirational reading for those who want to follow the writers' lives. (256pp. color illus. Frank Weaver, 2022.)

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