Hiwwe wie Driwwe: The Roots of the Pennsylvania Dutch (DVD)

Hiwwe wie Driwwe: The Roots of the Pennsylvania Dutch (DVD)

Benjamin Wagener and Christian Schega

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400,000 Americans speak a Palatine dialect. In this documentary film, Douglas Madenford, born and raised in Pennsylvania, goes on a quest to learn more about the Pennsylvania Dutch in his homeland and the Palatinate, Germany. Doug meets many people and learns what is left of the Palatine language and culture in America and how it has developed “hiwwe wie driwwe,” in Germany and in America.
 About 300 years ago many people from the Palatinate fled from political persecution as well as for economic reasons to the USA and settled mainly in and around Pennsylvania. They also brought their language and culture to the New World. Both have survived to this day in large parts. In America, people still speak their variant of the Palatine dialect: the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch. DVD includes English and German subtitles as well as bonus material that didn’t make the final cut. Only compatible with U.S. video equipment. (DVD. 90 minutes. Directors, 2019.)

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