He Flew Too High - Ken Yoder Reed

He Flew Too High

Ken Yoder Reed

  • 2199

Saul McNamara believes God is telling him his work as a Korean War nuclear bombing strategist is evil. For this reason and with moral support from the Mennonites and their leader, Bishop Krehbiel, Saul leaves his career, marries the Bishop's daughter, and falls in love with her pacifist Mennonite community. However, Saul grows disillusioned because he believes 1950s prosperity has lulled the Mennonites into a dangerous sleep. This suspense story with a strong spiritual undercurrent tells of one man's quest to bring an awakening to a reluctant people. But will Saul lose his community, wife and family, and even the voice of God in his life? To view Kens website click (350pp. WinePress Pub., 2009.)

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