From Switzerland to America - Joan Landis

From Switzerland to America

Joan Landis

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A delightful collection of full-color folk-art paintings showing the author's Landis family heritage from Anabaptist Hans Landis (1553-1614) of Hirzel, Switzerland, who was beheaded as an Anabaptist preacher. The author also includes paintings on her immigrant, Johannes Heinrich and Elizabeth (Hirt) Landis, who came to Pa. in 1717 and was baptized in 1723 by Peter Becker. Widow Elizabeth married Henry Endt and moved to the Ephrata Cloister. Son, Henry Hirt Landis moved to Ringoes, N.J. Paintings of Ringoes plus descendants of families moving to Va. and Ohio are beautiful! (16pp. full-color illus. Masthof Press, 2005.)

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