Freindschaft (1700-2020) of the Augsburgers and Millers of Pennsylvania

Marcella Yoder Kerstetter, Anna Pearl Lapp Kreider Kurtz, and Ferne Yoder Gochnauer

  • 2999

This book is a story of two immigrants named Christian. One was an Augspurger/Augsburger and the other was a Mueller/Miller. Here in America the two families became connected by Amish Samuel Augsburger and Amish Fannie Miller marrying and raising a family in Lancaster County in the early 1900s. Includes many treasured family pictures and farm deed information. Newly discovered information is given about the Augsburgers and Millers; an attempt to explain the "doorstep baby" story is given; and items discovered in the Miller trunk are discussed. Interconnected families include: Augsburger, Blank, Ebersol, Fisher, Hertzler, Hochstetler, King, Lantz, Mast, Miller, Petersheim, Rickenbach, Sauder, Schmucker, Stoltzfus, Stutzman, Yoder. (239pp. color illus. index. Masthof Press, 2021.)

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