Ezra's War

Ezra's War

Henry Youndt

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Rather than join the military during the Vietnam War, Ezra Swartzentruber
moves from his Mennonite community in Pennsylvania to Miami, Florida, for two years of alternative service in a hospital. There he begins to see the broader world from a new perspective. The Mennonite lifestyle is not his only option.

Back home, his girlfriend Julie, a recent convert to the Mennonite faith, is finding deep significance in the teachings and traditions with which Ezra was raised. But her parents are devout Catholics and opposed to her courtship with Ezra. Julie’s father, a World War II veteran, refuses to allow his daughter to have any contact with the young man who won’t perform his duty for our country. Secretly, the couple continues exchanging letters.

Working alongside nurses and aides while living with fellow Mennonites who are dating girls, Ezra is surrounded by beautiful young ladies. Although he loves Julie, passions ignite between Ezra and a student nurse. Living up to his own moral standards proves to be more difficult than anything he’s ever encountered. And finding a way to convince Julie’s father that he is not a coward seems impossible. (168pp. Masthof Press, 2019.)

Contains adult themes.

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