Documents of Brotherly Love, Volume III, 1712-1784

James W. Lowry

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Subtitled "Dutch Mennonite Aid to Swiss Anabaptists," this third and concluding volume contains 239 documents and continues the story of Dutch Mennonite aid to Swiss Brethren in Bern as well as in the Electoral Palatinate. The sources describe the difficulties common to all Palatines and the documents provide windows into the motives and experiences of the Palatines migrating to North America. Includes three appendices, one of which is a 20-stanza song composed in prison in 1709 by Emmentaler Anabaptist leader Benedict Brechbuhl. Texts are in the original languages and include an English translation with annotations. (1,140pp. illus. index. hardcover. Ohio Amish Library, 2023.)


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