Descendants of  Joseph Shirk Inventor-Surveyor (1820-1902) and Esther Horning - Sarah Elizabeth Shirk

Descendants of Joseph Shirk—Inventor-Surveyor (1820-1902)—and Esther Horning

Sarah Elizabeth Shirk

  • 1800

Updates the information provided in The Family Record of Joseph Shirk and his wife Esther Horning Shirk, compiled by Noah M. Shirk in 1966. There are approximately 9,400 descendants of Joseph and Esther, including eight generations. This book has been assembled by generation, with the index in alphabetical order by the last name of each descendant was given at birth and includes surnames such as Brubacher, Buckwalter, Burkholder, Eberly, Eby, Fox, Good, High, Hoover, Horning, Horst, Leid, Leinbach, Martin, Newswanger, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Ramer, Reiff, Rissler, Sauder, Sensenig, Shirk, Snyder, Stauffer, Weaver, etc. (708pp. illus. index. hardcover. Author, 1998.)

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