Delaware County PA - Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection

Delaware County PA - Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection


  • 2000

This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Town, Township & Regional Histories

Historical Sketch of Chester, on Delaware (Henry Graham Ashmead, 1883, 364 pages)
According to the title page, this work is a "Historical Sketch of Chester, on Delaware, [Delaware County, PA] with maps and illustrations, also, a full account of the work of the general committee of the Penn Bi-centennial Association of Chester; names of members of same and of sub-committees; list of subscribers to the fund; commemorative exercises of the Society of Friends, Chester, first day, 10th month 22D, 1882; Bi-Centennial Celebration, Oct. 23D, 1882; Unveiling of Memorial Stone, Nov. 9th, 1882; and a list of industries, by William Shaler Johnson."

Lansdowne Past and Present 1888-1908 (George C. Johnson, 1908, 100 pages)
This is a history of the town of Lansdowne, Delaware County, PA from 1888-1908. It sketches many of the businesses and institutions of the town as well as gives biographies of several persons influential in its growth and development.

Capt. Robert Crawford, Hon. Fred Taylor Pusey, Hon. John Milton Lutz, John Herbert Ogden, Hon. Isaac Price Garrett, James T. Stewart, A. Culver Boyd, Frank Thomas Davis, Richardson Shoemaker, William C. Shuster Jr., W. Frank English, George W. Statzell, Dr. John Albert McKenna, John Carl Hilbert, C. Edwin Hunter, John V. Loughney, Harry M. Davis, Cornelius McCullough, George A. Nitzky Jr., Casper Pennock, John W. Davis, Edwin B. Lewis, H. F. Griffith, R. James Robinson, Albert F. Damon Jr., Dr. H. C. Bartleson, Frank P. Drew, George N. Storch, William A. Leonard, Dr. Warren Lawrence Rhoads, Benjamin W. Carakaddon, Lucian W. & T. Edgar Beatty, Joseph S. Vanzandt, John W. Gibson, Dr. Elwood Baker, James S. Austin, S. Tyson Kinsell, Edwin T. Darby.

Chester & Vicinity (Hy V. Smith, 1914, 137 pages)
From the Preface: "The purpose of this book is to present Chester in its true light at home and abroad. Chester, because of its favorable location, great industries, even climate, natural facilities and substantial advancement, affords most excellent opportunities for trade expansion and desirable
habitation. The advantages of Chester are set forth in order that people at a distance may be attracted to this city, and that those here may become more fully awakened to the value of their home and the blessings they enjoy." This book provides a brief historical sketch and description of Chester, Delaware Co., PA and its surrounding area. The major portion of this publication is a photographic souvenir of the town, containing over 100 pictures of its people, buildings, businesses and industries, scenic attractions, etc.

Church, Family, Education, Military and Miscellaneous Histories

Historic Sketch of Old Radnor Church 1685-1875 (Vernon & Cooper, 1875, 14 pages)
This is a brief history of St. David's (Radnor's) Episcopal Church, Delaware County, PA.

Industrial and Commercial Resources of Pennsylvania
(Historical Publishing Company, 1886, 122 pages)
This publication is a history and description of the business operations from dozens of towns throughout south eastern Pennsylvania. Each business is detailed in sketch form, giving, in many cases, a brief history of its existence, management, and a description of its operations. This information was only published in this publication making this a rare and useful resource for historical or genealogical research in these counties of PA.

From Delaware County
-- From Chester: -- Arasapha Manufacturing Co., Keokuk Mills, Lincoln Manufacturing Co., Jas. Bower's Sons, Chester Carriage Works, Chester Worsted Mills, Magnolia Mills, Linwood Cotton Mills and Dye Works, Vulcan Works, North Chester Brick Yard, Irvington Mills, The South Chester Manufacturings Co., D. Newsome, T. H. Thompson, H. B. Taylor, Auvergne Miller, Geo. W. Compton, J. C. Davison -- From Media: -- Shortlidge's Media Academy, Charter House, George C. Webster, Chestnut Grove House, Ralph Buckley, A. P. Ottey, Samuel P. Rush, Brooke Hall - Female Seminary, Wm. Campbell, Samuel W. Hawley, W. C. Curtis, Carey & Bro., T. E. Rorer

A History of the Industrial Progress and Advantages for Large Manufactures.
Chester, Pennsylvania (Board of Trade, 1889, 123 pages)
This is a history and description of the industrial and manufacturing aspects of the city of Chester, Delaware County, PA. It also covers some other business institutions of the city such as banks, transportation, schools, churches, etc. It includes pictures of a number of important buildings within the city and also of a few sketches of important men of the city: Joseph R. T. Coates, John Lilley, and Jonathan Larkin Forwood.

Industries and Wealth of the Principle Points in Southeastern Pennsylvania
(Excepting Philadelphia) Embracing Dauphin, York, Lancaster, Schuylkill,
Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties
(American Publishing and Engraving Co., 1890, 148 pages)
This publication contains sketches of industrial and economic significance from the major populated areas of southeastern PA. These commercial sketches provide a rare look at many of the businesses and business people of Pennsylvania before the 20th Century.

From Delaware County
-- From Chester: -- Robert Wetherill & Co., Colonnade Hotel, The Delaware County National Bank, Tidewater Steel Works, Hotel Cambridge, M. Connolly & Sons, S. L. Armour, Eisenbise & Bro., S. Greenwood, H. E. Birtwell, Howard Brothers, Pennsylvania Coffee Company, N. W. Fairlamb & Son, The Pancoast Stores, H. B. Taylor, Jos. M. Bottomley, J. Jeanes, George W. Compton, M. E. Bordine, Standard Beef Co., James Bower's Sons.

180th Anniversary and History of the Brandywine Baptist Church
of Chadd's Ford, Penna (A. Judson Furman, 1895, 64 pages)

The Catholic Mission at Concord, Delaware Co., Penna. (Joseph Willcox, 1897, 68 pages)

Centennial Anniversary 1805-1905 Friends Meeting House, Darby, PA (1905, 46 pages)

The History of Old St. David's Church Radnor,
Delaware County, Pennsylvania (Henry Pleasants, 1915, 348 pages)
This publication is a history of the Old Welsh Church of St. Davids located in Radnor, Delaware County, PA. This church was formed very early in Pennsylvania's history by Welsh immigrants, and proved to be a lasting institution. This account chronicles the history of this church through the country's bicentennial. The Appendix contains some very useful information for genealogical or historical research. The first section contains a list of the internments in St. Davids Burial Ground from 1716-1914, some with brief genealogical notes. The second section is a list of church officers, early communicants, and subscribers. The third section contains biographical sketches of some of the early settlers who attented the church. There is no index included with this publication, however, the file is text-searchable.

Surnames from Biographical Sketches:
Brooks, Cornog (Cornock), Davis (Davies), Edwards, Evans, Godfrey, Gyger (Giger, Geiger), Harry, Hughes, Hunter, James, Jones, Lee, Mather, Morgan, Moore, Owen, Macue, Price, Sharratton, Sheaff, Siter (Cyter), Van Leer (Lear), Wayne, Weathersby, Wills

Two Hundredth Anniversary of Middletown Presbyterian Church Elwyn, Delaware County, Pa
(William Tenton Kruse, 1920, 43 pages)
This a history of the church published for its bicentennial in 1920. It includes the historical account of the churches beginnings and also a roll of current members as of 1920.

Delaware County in the Revolutionary War (Freas Brown Snyder, 1931, 27 pages)
This was a paper read before the Lansdowne Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. It discusses some events of the War that soldiers from Delaware County were involved in.

225th Anniversary - Middletown Presbyterian Church Elwyn, Pa 1720-1945
(Anonymous, 1945, 12 pages)
This publication was published for the 225th anniversary of this church in 1945. It too includes a history of the church, and also a roll of members who fought in World War II.

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