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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA. This collection includes all of the individual collections covering Dauphin County, PA (Please see individual collection listings for detailed descriptions of titles.)

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

DA01 - Dauphin County Everything Collection (All Collections on Dauphin County)

DA02 - County History & Biography Collection
The History and Topography of Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin, Bedford, Adams, Perry, Somerset, Cambria, and Indiana Counties (I. Daniel Rupp, 1848, 711 pages)
Centennial. The Settlement, Formation and Progress of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, From 1785 to 1876 (George H. Morgan, 1877, 235 pages)
History of the Counties of Dauphin and Lebanon in the Commonwealth of PA: Biographical and Genealogical (William Henry Egle, 1883, 1043 pages)
1785-1885 Official Guide and Program of Exercises of the Dauphin County Centennial (Anonymous, 1885, 51 pages)
Centenary Memorial of the Erection of the County of Dauphin and the Founding of the City of Harrisburg (William Henry Egle, 1886, 400 pages)
Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (J. M. Runk & Company, 1896, 1160 pages)
History of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, With Genealogical Memoirs (Luther Reily Kelker, 1907, 1916 pages)
Harrisburg and Dauphin County [Vol. 1 & 2] (Dr. George P. Donehoo, 1925, 522 pages)

DA03 - Regional History Collection - Harrisburg & Vicinity
View of Harrisburg, Penn. (1855, William J. Thomas)
Annals, Comprising Memoirs, Incidents and Statistics of Harrisburg From the Period of Its First Settlement (George H. Morgan, 1858, 401 pages)
Historical Discourse of the Ruling Elders of the First Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg, PA (Rev. T. H. Robinson, 1868, 36 pages)
The Industries, Trade and Commerce of Harrisburg (George H. Morgan, 1874, 124 pages)
History of the Harrisburg Cemetery Association (John A. Smull, 1876, 67 pages)
History of Paxton Church, 1732-1877 (William W. Downey, 1877, 46 pages)
Industrial and Commercial Resources of the City of Harrisburg (Statistical Committee, 1887, 116 pages)
History of the Sesqui-Centennial of Paxtang Church (Mathias Wilson McAlarney, 1890, 324 pages)
1794-1894 Centennial Memorial English Presbyterian Congregation Harrisburg, PA (Geo. B. Stewart, 1894, 452 pages)
Annals of the Boy's High School of Harrisburg 1875-1893 (J. Howard Wert, 1895, 135 pages)
One Hundredth Anniversary of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Harrisburg, PA 1795-1895 (D. M. Gilbert, 1896, 155 pages)
Harrisburg Club (1898, 60 pages)
15th Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church of Steelton 1885-1900 (Anonymous, 1900, 18 pages)
Harrisburg Club (1903, 74 pages)
The State Capitol of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, 1906 (The Telegraph Printing Company, 1906, 161 Pages)
The Awakening of Harrisburg (J. Horace McFarland, 1906, 32 pages)
Views of Harrisburg (L. H. Nelson Company, 1906, 32 pages)
Historic Paxton - Her Days and Her Ways 1722-1913 (Helen Bruce Wallace, 1913, 253 pages)
A Century of Banking 1814-1914 (Helen Bruce Wallace, 1914, 53 pages)
History of the Presbyterian Church (Pine Street) of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (George P. Donehoo, 1926, 37 pages)
Then and Now in Harrisburg (Marian Inglewood, 1925, 187 pages)
Sesquicentennial Year Book of the English Presbyterian Congregation of Harrisburg (150th Anniversary Committee, 1944, 69 pages)
Welcome Home Banquet - St. John's Reformed Church, Harrisburg (Anonymous, 1946, 9 pages)
Directory of the State Street Evangelical United Brethren Church, Harrisburg - 1948 (Anonymous, 1948, 32 pages)

DA04 - Regional History Collection - Harrisburg Directories
The Business Directory of Harrisburg, Lancaster, Columbia & York and the Rural Adjacent Villages for 1858-‘59 (Wallace & Phillips, 1858, 108 pages)
Boyd's Business Directory of the Counties of Adams, Bucks, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Franklin, Lancaster, Montgomery and York, PA. together with a General Directory of all the Inhabitants of Harrisburg 1860 (William H. Boyd, 1860, 326 pages)
Gopsill's Directory of Lancaster, Harrisburg, Lebanon and York 1863-4 (James Gopsill, 1863, 428 pages)
Directory of Harrisburg and towns on the Cumberland Valley Railroad for 1869 (Seltzer & Thome, 1869, 376 pages)
1887 Harrisburg, PA. Business Directory (Joseph Rippey & Co., 1887, 63 pages)
Harrisburg City Directory - 1890 (W. Harry Boyd, 1890, 406 pages)
Boyd's Directory of Harrisburg and Steelton - 1893 (W. Harry Boyd, 1893, 609 pages)
Boyd's Directory of Harrisburg and Steelton - 1895 (W. Harry Boyd, 1895, 619 pages)
1902 Boyd's Directory of Harrisburg and Steelton (W. H. Boyd Co., 1902, 776 pages)
1926 Boyd's Harrisburg Directory Including Steelton and Penbrook (W. H. Boyd Co., 1926, 986 pages)
1935 Boyd's Harrisburg Directory Including Steelton and Penbrook (R. L. Polk & Co., 1935, 850 pages)
1936-37 Polk's Greater Harrisburg City Directory (R. L. Polk & Co., 1936, 884 pages)
1947 Polk's Greater Harrisburg City Directory (R. L. Polk & Co., 1947, 1540 pages)
1949 Polk's Greater Harrisburg City Directory (R. L. Polk & Co., 1949, 1668 pages)

DA05 - Regional History Collection - Hershey-Middletown & Vicinity
Historical Sketch of Old Hanover Church With a Notice of the Church at Conewago (Rev. Thomas H. Robinson & A. Boyd Hamilton, 1878, 56 pages)
Conewago Centennial Celebration Church of the Sacred Heart 1787-1887 (John T. Reily, 1887, 44 pages)
Records of the Hill Lutheran Church, Derry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (E. W. S. Parthemore, 1892, 15 pages)
Historical Souvenir and Directory of the United Brethren Church, Highspire, PA (1903, 131 pages)
Middletown Ice and Flood Souvenir [3rd Edition] (The Middletown Press, 1904, 24 pages)
Chronicles of Middletown (C. H. Hutchinson, 1906, 285 pages)
1908-1909 Moore's Standard Directory of Middletown, Hummelstown & Royalton, PA (S. H. Moore Company, 1908, 76 pages)
Book of Memories 1767-1917 St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Middletown (Anonymous, 1917, 154 pages)
Historical Sketch of Derry Presbyterian Church, Hershey, Pennsylvania (Rev. R. H. Taylor, 1929, 20 pages)
175th Anniversary of Hummelstown 1762-1937 (Anniversary Committee, 1937, 104 pages)
St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Highspire, PA (1944, 191 pages)
Hummelstown Bi-Centennial Celebration (Anonymous, 1962, 32 pages)
The Ingomar Papers - Reminiscences of the Early Nineteenth Century in a Pennsylvania Village (Hummelstown Area Historical Society, 1976, 92 pages)

DA06 - Regional History Collection - Dauphin-Linglestown & Vicinity
Military Milestones of Old Paxton Township 1715-1946 Welcome Home Celebration to World War II - Veterans of East Hanover, West Hanover, and Lower Paxton Townships (Nevin W. Moyer, 1946, 125 pages)
World War II - Veterans Homecoming Celebration Welcoming Returned Service Men and Women of Middle Paxton Township and Dauphin Borough (Veterans Homecoming Committee, 1947, 53 pages)
175th Anniversary - West Hanover Township Souvenir Program 1785-1960 (Anonymous, 1960, 64 pages)

DA07 - Regional History Collection - Halifax-Lykens & Vicinity
Lykens - Twenty Years Ago - An Historical Sketch (Chas. H. Miller, 1876, 27 pages)
Millersburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (1894, T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer)
Yearbook and History Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lykens, PA (C. S. Jones, 1916, 22 pages)
Lykens-Williams Valley - History, Directory and Pictorial Review (J. Allen Barrett, 1922, 304 pages)
Directory of Williamstown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania - January 1940 (W. F. Dodson, 1940, 52 pages)
General Marshall's Victory Report [Millersburg - Berrysburg - Pillow] (U.S. War Department, 1946-47, 160 pages)
Souvenir Program - Williamstown Old Home Week Celebration (Anonymous, 1949, 40 pages)
Sesquicentennial Halifax Methodist Church 1801-1951 (Anonymous, 1951, 21 pages)
1805-1955 The Gratz Sesqui-Centennial (Anonymous, 1955, 60 pages)
Millersburg Pennsylvania Sesquicentennial 1807-1957 Souvenir Program (Millersburg Sesquicentennial Corporation, 1957, 58 pages)
Williamstown, PA Sesquicentennial 1826-1976 Souvenir Program (Sesquicentennial Souvenir Book Committee, 1976, 72 pages)

DA08 - Church, Family, Education, Military and Miscellaneous History Collection
Industrial and Commercial Resources of Pennsylvania (Historical Publishing Company, 1886, 122 pages)
Industries and Wealth of the Principle Points in Southeastern Pennsylvania (Excepting Philadelphia) Embracing Dauphin, York, Lancaster, Schuylkill, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties (American Publishing and Engraving Co., 1890, 148 pages)
Genealogy of the Ludwig Bretz Family 1750-1890 (E. W. S. Parthemore, 1890, 150 pages)
Register of the Marriages and Baptisms of the Rev. Traugott Frederick Illing (E. W. S. Parthemore, 1891, 43 pages)
Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever Baptismal and Marriage 1730-1779 (Anonymous, 1896, 79 pages)
History of the Engle Family in America 1754-1927 (Morris H. Engle, 1927, 161 pages)
History of the Classis of Lancaster of the Eastern Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States 1852-1940 (Daniel Glass, C. George Bachman, Harry Shepardson, John Frantz, J. N. Le Van, 1940, 450 pages)
Young American Patriots - The Youth of Pennsylvania in World War II (National Publishing Company, 1946, 674 pages)
Flood '72 (A. Keith Zorger & Frank E. Schubert, 1972, 32 pages)
Flood Pennsylvania - 1972 (Timothy E. Euker, David Berner, 1972, 68 pages)

Maps & Atlases
1858 Map of Dauphin County Pennsylvania (J. Southwick, Wm. J. Barker, Color)
1862 Map of Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania (A. Pomeroy, Color)

DA09 - Directory Collection (1886-1923)
List of Subscribers - March 1st, 1886 [Telephone Directory, Eastern PA] (Pennsylvania Telephone Company, 1886, 84 pages)
Official Directory Harrisburg Exchange - March 1905 (The Pennsylvania Telephone Co., 1905, 98 pages)
Harrisburg, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Waynesboro and Nearby Places Telephone Directory - June 1, 1913 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1913, 116 pages)
Farm Journal Rural Directory of Dauphin County Pennsylvania 1915-1920 (Wilmer Atkinson Company, 1915, 192 pages)
Telephone Directory - November 1919 - Reading-Lebanon-Pottsville and Nearby Places (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1919, 156 pages)
Harrisburg, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Waynesboro and Nearby Places Telephone Directory - October 15, 1920 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1920, 156 pages)
Telephone Directory - May 1921 - Reading-Lebanon-Pottsville and Nearby Places (Bell Telephone Co. of PA, 1921, 172 pages)
Telephone Directory - November 1921 [Reading-Lebanon-Pottsville and Vicinity] (Bell Telephone Co. of PA, 1921, 188 pages)
Telephone Directory - April 1922 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1922, 172 pages)
Telephone Directory - May 1922 [Reading-Lebanon-Pottsville and Vicinity] (Bell Telephone Co. of PA, 1922, 200 pages)
United Telephone Directory - Southern District - June 1922 (United Telephone Company, 1922, 120 pages)
Telephone Directory - May 1923 [Reading-Lebanon-Pottsville and Vicinity] (Bell Telephone Co. of PA, 1923, 160 pages)
Telephone Directory - November 1923 [Reading-Lebanon-Pottsville and Vicinity] (Bell Telephone Co. of PA, 1923, 164 pages)

DA10 - Directory Collection (1924-1954)
Penn State Telephone Directory Southern District - June 1924 (The United Telephone Company, 1924, 132 pages)
Telephone Directory - October 1924 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1924, 152 pages)
Telephone Directory - Winter 1925 [Reading-Lebanon-Pottsville and Vicinity] (Bell Telephone Co. of PA, 1925, 218 pages)
Telephone Directory - 1926 Issue (Cumberland Valley Telephone Co., 1926, 204 pages)
Carlisle and Nearby Points - Telephone Directory - Winter 1928 (Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania, 1928, 410 pages)
Harrisburg and Nearby Points Telephone Directory - Winter 1931-32 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1931, 380 pages)
Lancaster and Nearby Points Telephone Directory - June 1940 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1940, 234 pages)
Lebanon and Nearby Points Telephone Directory - May 1943 (Bell Telephone Co., of PA, 1943, 136 pages)
Mount Carmel - Shamokin and Nearby Points Telephone Directory - May 1946 (Bell Telephone Co., of PA, 1946, 152 pages)
Mount Carmel - Shamokin and Nearby Points Telephone Directory - May 1947 (Bell Telephone Co., of PA, 1947, 188 pages)
Mount Carmel - Shamokin and Nearby Points Telephone Directory - July 1949 (Bell Telephone Co., of PA, 1949, 212 pages)
Mount Carmel - Shamokin and Nearby Points Telephone Directory - July 1950 (Bell Telephone Co., of PA, 1950, 212 pages)
Mount Carmel - Shamokin and Nearby Points Telephone Directory - September 1954 (Bell Telephone Co., of PA, 1954, 234 pages)

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