Dauphin County PA - County History & Biography Collection

Dauphin County PA - County History & Biography Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

The History and Topography of Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin, Bedford, Adams,
Perry, Somerset, Cambria, and Indiana Counties (I. Daniel Rupp, 1848, 711 pages)
This publication begins with an early history of the state. It discusses the German and Scotch-Irish immigrants who settled in these counties, and the follows with a discussion of the troubles the early settlers had with the Indians.
After the general history of the area, it changes focus to Dauphin County, covered on pages 201-345. These pages discuss the formation and growth of the county (Dauphin was separated from Lancaster County in 1785, and encompassed the area of Lebanon County until 1813. It also contains a description of its geography, agriculture, industry, and a brief history of its major towns. There is also mention of the early settlers of the area along with some tax records from 1750. At the end is a very useful Every-Name Index that was added to the original publication.

Centennial. The Settlement, Formation and Progress of Dauphin County,
Pennsylvania, From 1785 to 1876 (George H. Morgan, 1877, 235 pages)
A history of Dauphin County's development. Some very useful information is included, such as early tax lists, and brief sketches on the settlement and development of the townships, and major towns.

History of the Counties of Dauphin and Lebanon in the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania: Biographical and Genealogical (William Henry Egle, 1883, 1104 pages)
This is the first major biographical volume for Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, and therefore an essential source for genealogical research. Part 1 covers Dauphin County, discusses the history and development of the county, then briefly covers the history each township, followed by biographies of prominent individuals and families. Part 2 is outlined the same as Part 1, but deals with Lebanon County. The biographies included in this work are bookmarked for quick access, although there is an index for each county.

Dauphin County Surnames:
Alricks, Auchmuty, Awl, Ayres, Bailey, Barnitz, Beader, Beatty, Beck, Bell, Bergner, Bent, Bernheisel, Bertram, Bigler, Black, Boas, Bombaugh, Bomberger, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Briggs, Brisban, Brown, Brua, Brubaker, Bucher, Buehler, Burd, Burke, Calder, Cameron, Carl, Carson, Chandler, Chester, Clark, Cline, Clyde, Collier, Cooke, Coover, Cowden, Cox, Crain, Crouch, Day, Dentzel, Detweiler, DeWitt, Dock, Dougherty, Downey, Durbin, Dunkle, Eby, Edwards, Egle, Elder, Ellmaker, Enterline, Eppley, Espy, Etter, Eyster, Fahnestock, Fager, Fenn, Fetterhoff, Findlay, Finney, Fisher, Fleming, Foose, Ford, Forney, Forster, Fortenbaugh, Fox, Gause, Geary, Gerhard, Gillmor, Gleim, Graydon, Green, Gross, Hage, Haldeman, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Hanna, Hargest, Harris, Hartman, Hayes, Hays, Heisely, Heller, Henderson, Hensel, Herr, Hertz, Hickok, Hiester, Hildrup, Hill, Hoffman, Holman, Horter, Houser, Hoyer, Hummel, Hursh, Irwin, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Jury, Kean, Keefer, Kelker, Keller, Kemp, Kendig, Kepner, Kerr, Kunkel, Kurtz, Laird, Landis, LaRoss, Lauman, Lawrence, Lochman, Loomis, Maclay, Maher, Maloney, Matheson, Matter, McAlarney, McCammon, McCormick, McCreath, McConkey, McFadden, McFarland, McIlhenny, McKinney, Meetch, Meyers, Miller, Mish, Mitchell, Mowry, Muench, Murray, Myers, Neagley, Nininger, Nisley, O'Conner, Orth, Patton, Peacock, Pearson, Peffer, Peters, Pitcairn, Porter, Potts, Puglia, Rahter, Ramsey, Rawn, Rehrer, Reily, Rife, Ringland, Roan, Roberts, Robinson, Ross, Roop, Rutherford, Sallade, Savage, Schofield, Sees, Seiler, Shammo, Shanahan, Sheafer, Sheesley, Sherer, Shoch, Shope, Shunk, Simon, Simmons, Simonton, Simpson, Sloan, Smull, Smuller, Snodgrass, Snyder, Stecher, Swab, Thome, Thompson, Till, Umberger, Verbeke, Walker, Wallace, Waugh, Weir, Weise, Wenrich, Wenrick, Whitehill, Whitley, Wiestling, Williams, Williard, Wilson, Winebrenner, Witman, Wood, Wolf, Worley, Worrall, Wright, Wyeth, Young, Ziegler, Zinn

Lebanon County Surnames:
Achey, Albright, Bachman, Bassler, Beaver, Bickel, Bicksler, Bodenhorn, Bower, Brunner, Bucher, Capp, Coleman, DeHaas, Derr, Dissinger, Doebler, Early, Eberly, Eggers, Embich, Erb, Ernst, Euston, Fisher, Forney, Freeman, Funck, Gleim, Gloninger, Gobin, Greenawalt, Grove, Guilford, Harrison, Hassinger, Haussegger, Hautz, Heilman, Hoffman, Hollenbach, Houck, Ibach, Johnston, Karch, Kelker, Killinger, Kimmerling, Kinports, Klein, Kline, Krause, Kreider, Kremer, Kuhlmann, Kurtz, Lantz, Lehman, Lick, Light, Linaweaver, Lupp, Mark, Marshall, Marstellar, McPherson, Meily, Miller, Mish, Moeller, Muller, Noll, Orth, Rank, Reidenauer, Reily, Reinoehl, Rigler, Ross, Saylor, Schweinhard, Seidel, Shaeffer, Shenk, Shouffler, Shindel, Shultz, Shulze, Snavely, Spangler, Steigel, Stauffer, Stewart, Stoy, Templeman, Thomas, Ulrich, Weidman, Weirick, Witmer, Wolfersberger, Wood, Wrigley, Zehring, Zerbe, Zimmerman

Also included for Lebanon County, in addition to the biographies, is a section titled "Genealogical Register." This outlines information from court records, wills, administrations and deeds pertaining to over 300 individual families not definitely linked to more established genealogical lines, although many of them are from common Lebanon County families.

1785-1885 Official Guide and Program of Exercises of the
Dauphin County Centennial (Anonymous, 1885, 51 pages)
This booklet presents a brief history of Dauphin County followed by a program of events of the County's Centennial Celebration. It also includes a directory of Harrisburg streets and social organizations. Lastly is a classifield business directory of Harrisburg. There are also numerous ads for local businesses throughout.

Centenary Memorial of the Erection of the County of Dauphin and the
Founding of the City of Harrisburg (William Henry Egle, 1886, 400 pages)
This publication was written as a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Dauphin County and the State Capitol, Harrisburg. It contains an account of the events associated with this celebration, and the people involved in it. It also contains a brief history of the founding of Harrisburg, and biographies of a few of its prominent members: Capt. Alexander Graydon, Rev. Joseph Montgomery, Jacob Awl, Joshua Elder, Andrew Stewart, James Cowden, William Brown, Timothy Green, Samuel Jones, and Jonathan McClure. It then covers the events of each day of the Centennial celebration, including speeches, poetry, displays, military exercises, games, parades, etc., and who was involved in these events. A very interesting part of this publication is the coverage of the antiquarian displays, noting hundreds of antiques of all kinds that were brought for enjoyment and education of others. It lists the person hosting each display,a description of what was brough, where it originated and how old it was at the time.

Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
(J. M. Runk & Company, 1896, 1160 pages)
This publication is the second major historical / biographical work for Dauphin County. The first 160 pages make up the historical part of this work, covering the early history and development of the county. It contains early tax assessment lists, as well as discussion of dozens of early Dauphin County families. The biographical part makes up the remaining 1000 pages, covering hundreds of prominent individuals and families, many with illustrations. This is an essential resource for historical or genealogical research in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

Surnames Indexed:
Abercombie, Adams, Agnew, Ainsworth, Albright, Aldinger, Alexander, Alexandra, Alleman, Allen, Allison, Alricks, Althouse, Allwine, Alvard, Anderson, App, Armor, Armpriester, Arnold, Arnts, Attick, Auchmuty, Aungst, Awl, Ayres, Babb, Bacastow, Bach, Bachman, Backenstoe, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Ball, Balsbaugh, Bander, Bannan, Barber, Bare, Barnes, Barnet, Barnett, Barringer, Basehore, Baskin, Bauer, Baum, Bay, Bayard, Bealor, Beard, Beates, Beatty, Beaver, Beck, Becker, Behm, Beinhower, Bell, Bellman, Bender, Bent, Bentley, Benton, Bergner, Bergstresser, Bernheisel, Berry, Best, Bertram, Bickley, Bigelow, Bishler, Bitting, Bixler, Black, Blair, Blanning, Blessing, Blough, Blust, Blyer, Boas, Bodmer, Boeshore, Bogner, Boll, Bolton, Bombaugh, Bomberger, Bomgardner, Bond, Bonawitz, Book, Books, Booser, Borland, Bowers, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Brackenridge, Brandt, Breckenmaker, Brenneman, Bressler, Bretz, Brice, Brightbill, Briggs, Brinser, Brinton, Brown, Brua, Brubaker, Buck, Bucher, Budd, Buehler, Buffington, Buggy, Buntz, Burd, Burke, Burkholder, Buser, Butler, Buttorff, Calder, Caley, Cameron, Campbell, Carlile, Carmany, Carter, Cassel, Catrell, Caum, Caveny, Challis, Chamberlin, Chandler, Chester, Christman, Chubb, Clark, Clay, Clemens, Clemson, Clokey, Clyde, Coble, Cochran, Cocklin, Coder, Cofrod, Coleman, Compton, Connely, Conrad, Cook, Cooper, Coover, Corbett, Cornman, Cordes, Cotterel, Couffer, Cowden, Cox, Craig, Crain, Crane, Crawford, Cratzer, Crist, Crouch, Cryder, Crook, Croll, Crum, Cutchall, Culp, Cumbler, Curry, Dagnell, Daniel, Daniels, Dare, Dasher, Daugherty, Davies, Davidson, Davis, Day, Deckard, DeHaven, Deibler, Deiss, Demming, Demmy, Demy, Denison, Derr, Deshong, Detter, Detweiler, DeVenney, DeWalt, DeWitt, DeYoe, Dickinson, Diehn, Diffenderfer, Dill, Dimier, Ditty, Dornheim, Dougherty, Douglass, Downey, Downs, Drake, Dressel, Duey, Duff, Duncan, Dunkle, Dunkel, Earle, Early, Earnest, Ebersole, Eberle, Eby, Edwards, Egle, Einstein, Elder, Ellenberger, Ellmaker, Enders, Engle, Enney, Ensinger, Ensminger, Enterline, Epler, Eppley, Erb, Ernest, Eshleman, Eshenaur, Eshenower, Eshleman, Espenshade, Espy, Etter, Etzweller, Evans, Ewing, Fackler, Fager, Fahnestock, Fansler, Farver, Farnum, Faunce, Feidt, Felty, Fenell, Ferree, Ferriday, Fertig, Fetterhoff, Findlay, Fink, Finney, Fish, Fisher, Fitting, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Fleming, Flowers, Focht, Foerster, Foltz, Forney, Forster, Fortenbaugh, Fortney, Fosnaught, Fox, Foose, Fraim, Fraley, Frank, Frantz, Freck, Free, Freeland, Fritchey, Froehlich, Funk, Gaistwhite, Gallagher, Gardner, Garman, Garverick, Garner, Garver, Gastrock, Gause, Gayman, Geary, Geddes, Geiger, Geisel, Geety, Gerberick, Gerdes, Gerhard, Gerberich, Gerlack, German, Gernert, George, Geyer, Gilbert, Gilmore, Gingrich, Gipe, Gise, Gist, Gish, Glover, Goldsmith, Gorgas, Good, Goodman, Gough, Gould, Goss, Graber, Graham, Graupner, Graydon, Greenawalt, Gregory, Green, Gross, Grove, Grubb, Gruber, Grunden, Haas, Hage, Hain, Haldeman, Hall, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hammelbaugh, Hammond, Hanna, Hanshue, Hanshaw, Hargest, Harper, Harris, Harvie, Hartman, Hassler, Hatter, Hatz, Hautzman, Haverstick, Hawkins, Hay, Hayes, Hays, Hayward, Heard, Heck, Heckert, Heffelfinger, Heikel, Hiester, Heist, Heisy, Heller, Hellerman, Helman, Helt, Hemler, Hemperly, Henderson, Hendrickson, Hensel, Hepford, Hepler, Herman, Herr, Hershey, Hertz, Hess, Hetrich, Hetrick, Hickok, Hildrup, Hill, Hills, Hite, Hoak, Hocker, Hoerner, Hoffer, Hoffman, Hogentogler, Hoke, Holcombe, Holland, Holler, Hollinger, Holman, Holstein, Holtsman, Holtzman, Hooper, Hoopes, Hoover, Horning, Horst, Horting, Houck, Houser, Houtz, Howard, Howell, Hoy, Hoyer, Hubley, Huggins, Hughes, Hulings, Hummer, Hummel, Hunter, Hursh, Hutman, Hutter, Hutton, Ingram, Irwin, Jacks, Jackson, Jefferson, Jennings, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Joyce, Jury, Kalbach, Karmany, Kaufman, Kauffman, Kautz, Kayler, Keagy, Kean, Keefer, Keen, Keener, Keeney, Keffer, Keiper, Keiser, Keister, Keiter, Kelker, Keller, Kelley, Kelly, Kemble, Kendig, Kennedy, Kepner, Kepple, Kerns, Kerr, Kessler, Kibler, Killer, Killinger, Kimmel, King, Kinsey, Kinter, Kissinger, Kister, Kitzmiller, Klauser, Kleinfelter, Klemm, Kline, Klinger, Klopfer, Klugh, Knipe, Knisely, Knouse, Knupp, Kohler, Koenig, Kohl, Kohr, Koppenshaffer, Kramer, Kryder, Kulp, Kunkel, Kuntz, Kuntzelman, Kurtz, Kutz, Lamberton, Lamey, Landis, Landon, Langlotz, LaRoss, LaRue, Latsha, Lauer, Lauman, Lautenbaucher, Laverty, Lawrence, Lebo, Leebrick, Leedy, Leese, Lefever, LeFevre, Lehman, Lehr, Lemer, Lenker, Lentz, Leonard, Lesher, Levan, Lewis, Liesman, Liken, Lingle, Litch, Livingston, Lloyd, Loague, Lochman, Lodge, Lomis, Long, Longenecker, Look, Loomis, Loudermilch, Lucas, Ludwig, Lusk, Luther, Lutz, Lycans, Lyons, Lynch, Lyter, MacAvoy, Maclay, MacQueen, Mader, Mayer, Maeyer, Maginnis, Maloney, Manning, Marcet, Mark, Marks, Markley, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Marzolf, Mather, Matheson, Mathias, Matter, Mattis, Matzinger, Mauk, Maulfair, Maurer, May, McAlarney, McAlister, McCaleb, McCammon, McCarrell, McCarty, McClintock, McClure, McConkey, McCord, McCormick, McCready, McCreary, McCreath, McCreery, McDaniel, McEntee, McFadden, McFarland, McGann, McGinnes, McGowan, McGovern, McIlhenny, McKee, McKelvey, McKillips, McKinney, McLaughlin, McLinn, McNair, McNamara, McPherson, Meals, Meashey, Meck, Meckley, Meetch, Meily, Melick, Mellin, Messersmith, Messner, Metzger, Meyer, Meyers, Middleton, Milleisen, Millhouse, Miller, Milliken, Milnor, Minnick, Minsker, Mish, Missemer, Mitchell, Moeslein, Monroe, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Moorehead, Moorehouse, Morris, Morrow, Mossop, Mountz, Mowry, Moyer, Muench, Muller, Mumma, Murray, Musser, Myers, Nace, Nagle, Nauss, Naylor, Nead, Neagley, Neely, Nell, Nelson, Neron, Newbecker, Newcomer, Newhard, Ney, Nicholas, Nisley, Nissley, Noblet, Norris, Nunemacher, Nye, O'Conner, Ogelsby, Olmsted, Olewine, Orr, Orth, Ott, Oves, Oyler, Page, Painter, Palmer, Park, Parke, Parthemore, Patterson, Patton, Peacock, Pearson, Pease, Peck, Peters, Pflueger, Pfoutz, Pfuhl, Phillips, Pitcairn, Plambeck, Plunket, Poffenberger, Poole, Porter, Potter, Potteiger, Prowell, Pugh, Quickel, Rahe, Rahter, Raker, Rambler, Ramsey, Rapp, Rauch, Rawn, Raysor, Read, Ream, Redmond, Reed, Reel, Rehrer, Reichert, Reider, Reiff, Reigle, Reily, Reimert, Reinick, Renninger, Rettinger, Rewalt, Rexroth, Reynders, Rhoads, Richardson, Ricker, Rickert, Rider, Riegel, Riegle, Rife, Rineard, Ringland, Rinkenbach, Ritchie, Ritzman, Roan, Roberts, Robinson, Rockafellar, Roe, Romberger, Roop, Rose, Roshon, Ross, Roumfort, Row, Rowland, Royal, Rudy, Rummel, Rumpf, Runk, Rupp, Russ, Rutherford, Rutheford, Ryan, Sallade, Sample, Sanckey, Sanderson, Sangree, Sankey, Saul, Savage, Sawyer, Schaeffer, Schaffer, Schaffner, Scheffer, Scheib, Scheffler, Sehlayer, Schlosser, Schmenky, Schminky, Schooley, Schriver, Schultz, Schubauer, Seal, Sebourn, Sees, Seiber, Seibert, Seiler, Seitz, Selser, Sensenig, Sergeant, Seubet, Shadel, Shaefer, Shaffer, Shaffner, Shammo, Shanahan, Shartle, Sheafer, Shearer, Sheesley, Sheetz, Shelly, Shenk, Shepler, Sherer, Shertzer, Shields, Shireman, Shirk, Shiro, Shive, Shoch, Shoemaker, Shoop, Shope, Shreiner, Shriver, Shuey, Shull, Shultz, Shumberger, Shunk, Shutt, Sible, Sieg, Simms, Simmons, Simon, Simonton, Simpson, Siple, Sitlinger, Sloan, Smeltzer, Smith, Smull, Smuller, Snavely, Snodgrass, Snyder, Soell, Sohn, Soles, Soper, Soulliard, Sourbier, Spahr, Spayd, Spicer, Spitler, Spracht, Sponsler, Stackpole, Stahle, Stanford, Stanley, Stauffer, Stecher, Steckel, Steckley, Stephenson, Steele, Steese, Steever, Stence, Stern, Stevens, Stewart, Still, Stine, Stites, Stoey, Stoner, Storey, Stouffer, Stout, Stranahan, Straub, Strayer, Stricker, Strickler, Strite, Strine, Strock, Stroh, Strominger, Stroup, Stuart, Stucker, Studebaker, Stutsman, Swab, Swallow, Swartz, Sultzaberger, Sweigard, Sweigart, Taylor, Templar, Tenney, Thomas, Thome, Thompson, Thorley, Till, Tod, Towsen, Tracy, Traver, Trullinger, Turns, Uhler, Ulmer, Ulrich, Umberger, Umholtz, Unger, Urich, VanCamp, VanHorn, Vanier, Vaughn, Verbeke, Vollmer, Wagner, Walborn, Walkemeyer, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallis, Walmer, Walter, Walton, Waltz, Watson, Waugh, Weast, Weaver, Weber, Webner, Weise, Welker, Weils, Wendel, Wenrich, Wenrick, Werner, Westfall, Whiteside, Whitley, Whitman, Whitmer, Whitmoyer, Whitney, Wickersham, Wier, Wierman, Wiestling, Wiggins, Wilbert, Wild, Williams, Willard, Williard, Wilson, Wilt, Wilvert, Wimer, Winebrenner, Winger, Wingert, Wirt, Withers, Witman, Witmer, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolfersberger, Worden, Worley, Worrall, Wyeth, Wynn, Yetter, Yingst, Young, Zarker, Ziegler, Zellers, Zeirn, Zerbe, Zimmerman, Zinn, Zollinger

History of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, With Genealogical Memoirs Vol. 1-3
(Luther Reily Kelker, 1907, 1916 pages)
This publication is an extensive historical and biographical reference on Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, originally published in three volumes. This publication represents a wealth of information for historical or genealogical research in this area.

Volume 1 covers the early history of the county, including discussion of the Native Americans who lived in the area, the subsequent settlement by immigrants from Europe, and the growth and development of the county. This section also covers the involvement of the county in the French and Indian War, Whiskey Insurrection, Revolutionary War, War of 1812-1814, the Buckshot War, Mexican War, Civil War, and Spanish-American War. There is also a section focusing more narrowly on each of the townships and boroughs in the county, giving an account of their respective histories.

Volume 2 contains a history of the State Capital, Harrisburg, covering its early settlement, and growth through the years. This section also contains some very useful records: 1) a list of land Warrants covering approximately 1728 - 1785, 2) Marriage Records of Rev. John Elder 1744-1791, 3) Marriage Records by Rev. John Roan 1754-1775, 4) Marriage Records of Rev. James R. Sharon 1807-1839, 5) Marriage and Baptism Records of Rev. John Conrad Bucher 1763-1769, 6) Marriage Records of Jacob Bucher 1798-1803, 7) Communions, Baptisms and Deaths of Paxtang Presbyterian Church 1807-1842, 8) Tax Lists of the various townships from 1785-1787, 9) Muster Rolls of the French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, Mexican War, and Civil War.

Volume 3 contains biographical information covering hundreds of Dauphin Counties leading men and families.

Surnames Indexed:
Abercrombie, Affleck, Africa, Aldinger, Alexander, Allen, Alricks, Atkinson, Baer, Balsbaugh, Balsley, Barnitz, Bashoar, Bauder, Beidleman, Beinhower, Bell, Bishop, Bloch, Blough, Boas, Bogner, Bollinger, Booser, Botts, Bowers, Bowman, Boyer, Bradley, Brandt, Brightbill, Browne, Brubaker, Buehler, Burkholder, Burn, Burris, Calder, Cameron, Campbell, Carmany, Caskie, Cassady, Cassel, Chambers, Chayne, Chubb, Clark, Clemmens, Cobaugh, Coble, Coles, Condren, Coover, Copelin, Corbett, Cordes, Core, Couffer, Cowden, Crist, Croll, Cumbler, Da Ron, Daron, Decevee, Demmy, Derr, Detweiler, Dickey, Diffenderfer, Dochne, Douden, Doutrich, Downs, Drake, Dress, Dull, Dunbar, Dunkle, Earnest, Eberly, Eby, Eggert, Egle, Eisely, Ellenberger, English, Eshenauer, Eshenower, Eshleman, Etter, Eves, Ewing, Fackler, Fager, Farnsler, Farnsworth, Felty, Few, Fink, Fishburn, Fishel, Fleming, Foreman, Forney, Forster, Fox, Frasch, Frantz, Fredericks, Fritchey, Fry, Funck, Funk, Garver, Garverich, Geiger, George, Gerhard, Gilbert, Gingrich, Ginrich, Gohl, Good, Gordon, Gorgas, Greenawalt, Grimes, Gross, Grove, Hackett, Haehnlen, Halderman, Hall, Hambright, Hargest, Hartman, Hassett, Hastings, Haviland, Heagy, Heisley, Hemperley, Henderson, Herr, Herrick, Hershey, Hess, Hickok, Hiestand, Hocker, Hoerner, Hoffer, Hoffman, Hollingsworth, Hoover, Horner, Horst, Hottenstein, Howard, Hoyer, Hummel, Hunter, James, Jennings, Jones, Kaufman, Keefer, Keet, Keever, Kegerreis, Kelker, Keller, Kelley, Kendig, Kennedy, Kerr, Killinger, King, Kinnard, Kinneard, Kinter, Kitzmiller, Klein, Kline, Knupp, Koons, Kramer, Kreider, Kremer, Kroll, Kuhn, Kunkel, Kurtz, Lamberton, Landis, Larzelere, Lauman, Leebrick, Leemer, Lenker, Lerch, Lewis, Ligan, Lindle, Lingle, Long, Longenecker, Longnaker, Loomis, Luce, Luckenbill, Lusk, Lutz, Martin, Martz, Mason, Matheson, McCarrell, McCarthy, McCord, McCorkle, McCormick, McCreary, McCullough, McCurdy, McEntee, McGinness, McKee, McNeal, McNear, McReynolds, Meals, Melick, Metz, Meyers, Millar, Miller, Minich, Mish, Montgomery, Morne, Mosey, Motter, Mowry, Mumma, Neely, Nisley, Nissley, Noblet, Nuss, Nye, Ober, Obercash, Oenslager, Olmsted, O'Neal, O'Neil, Orth, Ott, Painter, Pancake, Parthemore, Patterson, Paxton, Peters, Pfaffenberger, Poffenberger, Potter, Prenzel, Putt, Quiggle, Rambler, Raunick, Raymond, Rebuck, Redmond, Reeme, Reily, Rheam, Rinkenbach, Risser, Ritchey, Roberts, Robinson, Roop, Ross, Roth, Rowe, Row, Royal, Rush, Ruth, Rutherford, Ryan, Schaffner, Scheffer, Schell, Schmahl, Schnaebly, Schriver, Seal, Selser, Shaffer, Sheaffer, Sheesley, Shellenberger, Shenk, Shoemaker, Shope, Showers, Shreiner, Shuey, Shull, Sides, Singer, Small, Smith, Snavely, Snoddy, Snodgrass, Speel, Speese, Sponsler, Stackpole, Stare, Stauffer, Stevens, Stine, Stites, Stoner, Stoudt, Stouffer, Stough, Stoyer, Strickler, Strock, Strohm, Sutton, Swartz, Sweigard, Tausig, Thomas, Ubil, Ulrich, Umberger, Van Shope, Vastine, Wagenseller, Waidley, Walmer, Walton, Walzer, Waters, Weir, Weiss, Werner, West, Whisler, Whiteman, Wickersham, Wilson, Winebrenner, Wirt, Wirth, Wise, Wissler, Witman, Witmer, Wolf, Woodside, Yengst, Yetter, Yingst, Yocum, Yoder, Young, Zeigler, Zentmyer, Zerby, Ziegler, Zimmerman

Harrisburg and Dauphin County [Vol. 1 & 2]
(Dr. George P. Donehoo, 1925, 522 pages)
The full title of the publication is: "Harrisburg and Dauphin County. A Sketch of the History for the Past Twenty-five Years 1900-1925" This was published as a supplement to the earlier histories and biographical volumes published for Dauphin County, covering the early part of the 20th century. Like the earlier volumes, this one provides both an historical account of the city of Harrisburg and Dauphin County, but then follows with biographical sketches of the prominent and influential men of the area. This book was published without an index, but he sketches are arranged alphabetically.

Surnames Sketched:
Alderton, Akers, Allen, App, Ashley, Astrich, Bailey, Baker, Barker, Barner, Barnes, Barto, Bashoar, Batdorf, Bauder, Bayles, Bell, Benner, Bernhardt, Beyrent, Bingaman, Black, Bogar, Bookstaber, Bowman, Boyd, Brandt, Brenckman, Bricker, Brinser, Brown, Bucher, Burnite, Bushnell, Caldwell, Carey, Chambers, Colquhoun, Cowden, Craver, Crist, Croll, Culp, Cumbler, Cunkle, Cunningham, Dapp, Dean, Deckard, DeHart, DeWalt, Dickinson, Diehl, Douglas, Downey, Dress, Earnest, Eisenhour, Emrick, Ender, Enders, English, Fackler, Fager, Fisher, Fishman, Fleming, Forrer, Fox, Francis, Frey, Funk, Geiger, Gibson, Gladek, Gohn, Goldsmith, Good, Gordon, Gould, Graupner, Gross, Hall, Hallman, Hamilton, Hanson, Hargest, Harris, Hartsock, Hartman, Hassler, Hatz, Hauck, Hershey, Heusner, Hipple, Hockenbury, Hoover, Horn, Hostetter, Houck, House, Householder, Hull, Hunter, Jennings, Keeny, Keim, Kelker, Kennedy, King, Kingsbury, Knisely, Kochenour, Kohl, Koons, Kramer, Kreamer, Kressly, Kuhn, Kunkel, Laird, Landon, Lane, Lank, Lanshe, Lappley, Laskowski, Laverty, Leib, Lenker, Lick, Long, Lucas, Lutz, MacMullen, Magaro, Mark, Marshall, Masters, Matthews, Mausteller, McAlister, McCulloch, McCullough, McFarland, McNees, Mehring, Mentzer, Mercer, Metzger, Miller, Millhouse, Milliken, Mills, Minier, Mitchell, Monn, Motter, Mumma, Musser, Myers, Nead, Nicodemus, O'Donnell, Olmsted, O'Neill, Orr, Orwig, Packer, Page, Pannell, Pedlow, Pilgram, Pratt, Preston, Raunick, Reed, Renner, Repert, Rhodes, Rice, Richards, Ritzman, Roberts, Robinson, Rosenberg, Roth, Rowand, Royal, Rudy, Russ, Rutherford, Sachs, Sampson, Saussaman, Schmidt, Schriver, Schwarz, Seelye, Segelbaum, Selig, Shaffer, Shelley, Shenk, Shepler, Sherk, Sherman, Shirk, Shreiner, Sirca, Smeltzer, Smith, Smyth, Snow, Snyder, Spangler, Spear, St. Pierre, Stackpole, Starr, Steward, Stine, Stouffer, Suender, Swab, Swavely, Tack, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Trullinger, Tyson, Van Horn, Vollmer, Wagner, Walker, Wallis, Wallower, Walter, Ward, Watkins, Weaver, Wells, Wentzler, White, Wickersham, Wilcox, Wilson, Wilver, Windsor, Wittenmyer, Woolcott, Worden, Zeiter, Zimmerman

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