Coming of Angels, Book 3: Transformation

Coming of Angels, Book 3: Transformation

M. J. Banks

  • 1299

In the exciting conclusion of the Jack Branden trilogy, it will be revealed how the Graphites and the New World Order plan to destroy planet Earth and the human race. How do the Nordians and the Greys, along with their human counterparts, react to these plans? What is the real reason for Simon’s obsession to save planet Earth and its inhabitants? The human race has a choice to make and an unusual event will be the determining factor in their decision. Will humankind choose the high road or will they remain on the same destructive path? (336pp. Masthof Press, 2019.)

Also available Coming of Angels, Book 1: Strange Happenings (#4143) and Coming of Angels, Book 2: Contact (#4168).

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