Coming of Angels, Book 2: Contact

Coming of Angels, Book 2: Contact

M. J. Banks

  • 1299

The quest for the truth continues when Jack, Leslie, and Kevin meet Simon, the charismatic, kind extraterrestrial from the planet Nordia who has been assigned as a guardian to planet Earth since the beginning of World War II. He explains what the races of extraterrestrials are presently on Earth, where they originate from, and what their agenda is concerning the human race. Mysteries will be revealed as the story unfolds and experiences with Simon will leave them in a state of awe. Simon will prove to be a most fascinating character as the “Coming of Angels” series continues. (306pp. Masthof Press, 2017.)

Also available Coming of Angels, Book 1: Strange Happenings (#4143) and Coming of Angels, Book 3: Transformation (#4263).

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