Comfort & Hope: A Holistic Approach to Wellness

John Keim

  • 9600

This book contains information from many, many sources—knowledge gleaned from many years of assisting ill people who came seeking help. The Amish author is encouraged by the growing interest in learning healthier ways of living and eating and wants that information to be passed on to future generations. When there is an ailment that plagues the body, the first thing to be addressed is the cause of that ailment so true healing can take place. Chapters cover Healthy Diets, Therapies, Simple Remedies, Wild Herbs, Supplements, and Health Conditions. Includes an Appendix of reference books; stores and manufacturers of products; dentists, doctors and clinics; treatments, research, and retreats; as well as a list of Plain helpers to contact. The extensive Index allows readers to quickly look up any subject. Everyone can learn something from this book to not only help themselves, but someone else in their life as well. (568pp. index. hardcover. Author, 2024.)

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