Carbon County PA - Regional, Miscellaneous History and Maps Collection

Carbon County PA - Regional, Miscellaneous History and Maps Collection


  • 2000

This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Town, Township & Regional Histories

Mauch Chunk and Vicinity (Boyle, Reed & Gihon, 1872, 78 pages)
This is a historical account of the town of Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, PA, now named Jim Thorpe. It covers briefly a few aspects of the town including its churches and industries as well as local scenic sights in the area. It also provides a description of a trip on the switch-back railroad. There are a few historical engravings with the information providing a few of some of the features discussed.

Souvenir of Mauch Chunk Photo-Gravures
(A. Wittemann, ~1890-1900, 18 pages)
This is a set of souvenir photogravures of Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, PA. This was produced around the turn of the 20th century, and features various scenes of the town and other sites around the area.

Souvenir of Mauch Chunk. Switzerland of America
(Chisholm Bros., ~1900, 14 pages)
This is a souvenir of Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, PA consisting of sketch views of the town and surrounding area.

Souvenir of Mauch Chunk, PA the Switzerland of America
(Tosh's Dept. Store, ~1900-1910, 18 pages)
This booklet is a collection of 30+ colorized photographic postcards of Mauch Chunk and surrounding areas, dating from the latter part of the 1800's. It offers an interesting view of the this historic rail town now named Jim Thorpe.

The "Switzerland of America" (J. Murray Jordan, 1903, 25 pages)
This is a souvenir album of photographs from Mauch Chunk and vicinity, Carbon County, PA. It contains 20+ pages of views from the city and scenery of the surrounding area.

Souvenir of Mauch Chunk, Summit Hill and Panther Creek Valley (Union News Company, ~1910, 27 pages)
This is a brief historical sketch and pictorial souvenir of the areas of Mauch Chunk, Summit Hill and Panther Creek Valley.

Souvenir of Lehighton and Weissport Penna. (Geo. V. Millar & Co., ~1910, 34 pages)
This is a pictorial souvenir of the towns of Lehighton and Weissport in Carbon County, PA. It shows numerous views of the towns and their vicinity.

Silver Anniversary of the Founding of Palmerton, PA 1898-1923
(Anonymous, 1923, 185 pages)
This publication was produced for the 25th anniversary celebration of the founding of Palmerton, Carbon County, Pennsylvania. It starts with a brief history of the area that lead to the forming of the town of Palmerton, including some mention of its early settlers. It then discusses the history and development of the town. A nice feature of this publication is the numerous photographs of historic buildings of the area and a few of the prominent individuals who lived there, although not all are totally clear. It also includes biographies on a few prominent residents of the area: Stephen Squires Palmer, August Heckscher, William Henry Steinman, Col. John Craig, Paul Snyder, D. Oliver Straup, John Weaver Luther, Robert H. Dodd, Clifford L. Snyder, and Harrison Needham Blunt. Towards the end there are also some ads for local businesses and a description of the events associated with the anniversary celebration.

Historical Program of Lehighton Lions Club First Annual Autumn
Leaf Festival and Old Home Week (Anonymous, 1936, 56 pages)
This booklet was published as a brief history of Lehighton, Carbon County, PA, as well as a program of the events of its Old Home Week celebration. This historical information is interspersed throughout the booklet and covers the general history of the town, as well as its history in such areas as Education, Churches, Music, Industry, Clubs, etc. Along with the historical information, there are a few photographs of the town and its officials.

1912-1962 Golden Jubilee of the Incorporation of the Borough
of Palmerton Pennsylvania (Anonymous, 1962, 189 pages)
This is a history of the borough of Palmerton, Carbon County, PA, published for the 50th anniversary of its incorporation as a borough. It contains a history of the town from its beginning but particularly focused on the past 50 years. There are numerous photographs of the town and from various locations and times, a list of borough officials from 1912 onward, a time-line of important events in the towns history, as well as sections devoted to the towns schools, churches, banks, industries, etc.

Miscellaneous Histories

Patriotism of Carbon County, PA, and What Her People Contributed
During the War for the Preservation of the Union (J. D. Laciar, 1867, 120 pages)
The Preface notes what is accomplished by this volume: "The object of the author of this volume, is the preservation of the names and services of the noble men, citizens of Carbon County, who served the country of their birth or adoption, during a period of danger such as no nation ever experienced. The memory of the soldiers who saved the Republic of the United States from the destroying hand of a deeply-laid and long-premeditated Rebellion will be ever sacred in the hearts of the American people. It is due to the men who served faithfully in this great struggle, that their claims to the gratitude of their country should be distinctly recorded and preserved in a permanent form, so as to place it within the reach of all. It is with these views that the following record of the services of the Carbon County soldiers has been compiled. The author's aim has been to do justice to all, and as the greater portion of this work has been gathered from official sources, it is reliable and correct."

The information includes details on the following companies:
Three Months' Volunteers
Bucktail Rifles - Company F
11th Reg't - Company H
28th Reg't - Company E
53rd Reg't - Company E
67th Reg't - Company A, D & H
75th Reg't
81st Reg't - Company G, H, I & K
132nd Reg't - Company F & G
147th Reg't - Company C
186th Reg't - Company F & G
202nd Reg't - Company A, D, E, F, H, I & L

4th Cavalry Reg't - Company A
11th Cavalry Reg't - Company H

2nd Reg't Heavy Artillery - Company C, H & I

The volunteer Militia of 1863:
27th Reg't - Company E
34th Reg't - Company A, F & G

The Volunteer Militia of 1862
19th Reg't

There are also dozens of other companies listed with one or two members from Carbon County

General Marshall's Victory Report [Palmerton]
(U.S. War Department, 1946-47, 153 pages)
This was published following the close of the war to provide the public with a general account of the war from beginning to end. The report was published for individual areas throughout the state, and each of these areas included a list of local men and women who served in the war. This report covers the town of Palmerton in Carbon County, PA.

Maps Atlases & Images

Maps & Atlases (*** Not text searchable ***)
1860 Map of the Counties of Monroe and Carbon Pennsylvania (F. H. Walling and Loomis, Way & Palmer, Color)
1875 County Atlas of Carbon Pennsylvania (F. W. Beers & Co., 33 pages, B/W)

Birds-eye Town Views (*** Not text searchable ***)
Lehighton Pennsylvania (1883, Bailey & Fowler)

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