Bucks County PA - Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection

Bucks County PA - Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Town, Township & Regional Histories

Historical Sketches Chiefly Relating to the Early Settlement of
Friends at Falls, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (G. W. B., 1882, 152 pages)

A History of Bristol Borough (Doron Green, 1911, 381 pages)
This is a history of Bristol, Bucks County, PA from its beginning in the 17th century up to the 20th Century. It covers the founding and growth of the town thought those years.

1879-1929 50th Anniversary Perkasie Borough, Bucks County,
Penna (Anniversary Committee, 1929, 216 pages)
This book was written to commemorate 50 years of Perkasie history. In addition to its history, attention was also given to other area including its educational, religious, fraternal, recreational, financial and public aspects. Particular attention has been given to the business and industrial assets of the town, many of these being covered in sketches throughout the publication. This book also includes many photographs from the area including portraits of residents, buildings, street views and other scenes from the area. Almost every sketch also includes a photograph of the subject.

Business Sketches:
J. G. Moyer & Sons Co., Eastern Pin Ticket and Tag Company Inc., Sterner's Pharmacy, J. M. Detweiler - Ice, George Reichley's Shoe Store, Labelcraft Press, Dr. John Philip Erwin DDS, Pinnel & Groff Barber Shop, Nelson O. Fretz, The Fretz Restaurant, Highland Gas Company, H. Nungesser & Co. Clothing Store, Benner & Fluck Grocers, H. A. Lichtenwalner MD, Fretz Grocery, J. Paul Bergey General Insurance, Perkasie Improvement Company, Wilson L. Yeakel Jeweler and Optometrist, Harvey A. Hendricks Greenhouses, Reed's Bakery, "Landy" Sign System, The E. S. Leister Farm, R. M. Crouthamel Clothing Manufacturer, Frank Lichtfuss, Noah E. Moore Greenhouses, Plaza Theatre, Dr. J. W. Schanely Jeweler and Optometrist, Kulp Hardware Company, Perkasie Hospital Auxiliary, The Mt. Alto Coal Yards, The Colonial Restaurant, H. D. Moyer General Merchandise, J. Melvin Freed Manufacturer of Flat Glass Specialties, Daub's Grocery, Clarence H. Mumbauer Confectioner and Restaurant, Lewis Bros. Meat Market, George H. Spielman Chevrolet Sales and Service, American House, Perkasie Vulcanizing Co. Inc., Durner's Hardware Store, Perkasie Furniture Store, Dr. M. E. Weaver, Mrs. W. K. Johnson French Millinery, L. W. Werst Plumbing and Heating, Roeder's Shoe Store, Mark Thatcher Attorney, Edward L. Smith Architect, Gilbert L. Thompson Hardware, William M. Horn Contractor, William W. Althouse Electrical Construction and Supplies, H. E. Snyder White Ash Cigar Manufacturer, American Stores Co., Perkasie Greenhouses, Beers Variety Store, Kulp Bros., Royal Pants Manufacturing Company Inc., Rollin O. Slotter's Green Grocery and Confectionary Store, F. N. Hollenbach Jr. Paperhanger and Decorator, Keppler's Bakery, Perkasie Electric Company, Cope's Music House, Clayton F. Myers Contractor, The Beidler Clothing Factory, Hockman's Service Station, F & B. Patch Company, American Brake-Lining Company, L. A. Pritchard, Frank L. Knoll Funeral Directory, Perkasie Silk Company, Perkasie Brick Company, Seltzer's Fashion Corner, Perkasie Building and Loan Association, Perkasie Park Association, Kramer's Garage, Muth's Garage, Mrs. Muth's Millinery Shop, Robert H. Grim Attorney, Edwin H. Stout Real Estate Broker, Neamand's Drug Store, E. W. Crouthamel's Hotel, Carey S. Groff Insurance Agent, Robert A. Benner Funeral Director, Robert M. Goettle, Diehl & Wampole Pottery Inc., Oliver L. Nace Florist, Robert Stone Auto Refinishing, Harry V. Strothers Hauling Contractor, Alexy Son & Company, Progressive B. & L. Association, M. T. Weisel Nash and Reo Sales and Service, Perkasie Ice Plant, Roland C. Benner Paper Hanger, Otto Henry Strouse MD, A. M. Nyce Cleaner and Dryer, W. E. Savacool Feed Mill, Edwin F. Stover Dealer in Flour Feed and Grain, Marcus S. Kline Plumbing Heating and Tinning, L. M. Schwenk Clothing Manufacturer, Harry A. Detweiler Pants Manufacturer

Historic Newtown (Edward R. Barnsley, 1934, 139 pages)
This is a commemorative history of the town of Newtown, Bucks County, PA, produced for its 250th anniversary. It contains a history of the town and surrounding area from the founding of Pennsylvania in 1682. The historical accounts continue in sections up to the early 20th century and cover a wide range of subjects relating to the town, including its businesses, organizations, and influential citizens.

Centennial of Doylestown Borough 1838-1938
(Anonymous, 1938, 88 pages)
This is a commemorative pamphlet produced for the centennial celebration of Doylestown Borough. It includes some brief historical background of the area, as well as a number of ads for local businesses.

Church Histories

Papers Read Before the Centennial of Newtown
Friend's Meeting (Newtown Enterprise, 1915, 74 pages)

Historical Sketch of First Reformed Church and Auxiliary
Organizations, Quakertown, PA (Elam J. Snyder, 1919, 52 pages)

The 200th Anniversary of Buckingham Monthly Meeting
(Walter M. Jenkins, 1923, 61 pages)

A History of the Tohickon Union Church, Bedminster Township,
Bucks County, Pennsylvania (William John Hinke, 1925, 508 pages)

Lutheranism in Bucks County 1734-1934
(Allen S. Fisher, 1935, 215 pages)

St. John's Lutheran Church, Spinnerstown, PA 1869-1944
(Henry M. Kistler, 1944, 44 pages)

225th Anniversary – Plumstead Friends Meeting House
(Anonymous, 1953, 14 pages)

A History of Neshaminy-Warwick Presbyterian
Church 1726-1976 (Helen H. Gemmill, 1976, 44 pages)

Miscellaneous Histories

Industrial and Commercial Resources of Pennsylvania
(Historical Publishing Company, 1886, 122 pages)
This publication is a history and description of the business operations from dozens of towns throughout south eastern Pennsylvania. Each business is detailed in sketch form, giving, in many cases, a brief history of its existence, management, and a description of its operations. This information was only published in this publication making this a rare and useful resource for historical or genealogical research in these counties of PA.

Bucks County
-- From Bristol: -- Thos. L. Leedom & Co., Wilson & Fenimore, T. W. Patton, Jno. K. Young, Providence Hosiery Mill, Charles W. Peirce, Robert P. Bradon, William P. Wright, F. H. Weik & Co., Samuel T. Valentine, Sherman & Peirce, Jacob McBrien, Closson House, -- From Doylestown: -- Doylestown Machine Works, Fountain House, James Barrett, William Hoffman, C. L. Siegler, F. H. Leidy, Keystone Marble Works, White & Selser, Burgoyne Rayton, F. L. Worthington, William Vaux & Co., Thomas Hargrave's Marble Works, A. F. Scheetz & Co., Wm. H. Vaux, Charles Selser, Geo. W. Metlar, John Donnelly, Dr. G. T. Harvey, Louis Weinrebe, Jerome C. Lambrite, M. K. Dungan, W. H. Randall, C. Kochersperger, The Keystone Carriage Works, F. A. Coney D.D.S., Adam Dick, Taylor & Hulshizer, L. R. Cravens, Joseph S. Fonash, -- From Newtown: -- First National Bank, Watson & Buckman, White Hall Hotel, J. P. Hutchinson, A. Blaker & Co., Smith & Harvey, Brick Hotel, Worstall Bros., Geo. W. Robinson Meat Market, Michael Moore, Paragon Seed and Plant Co., Robert Pidcock, J. Wilson Croasdale, John M. Stapler, Cyrus Hillborn, E. F. Church, J. S. Groff, W. E. Randall, Mrs. J. C. Burrill, William Wynkoop, W. T. Hillborn, Mrs. S. E. Dolton -- From Yardley: -- Yardley Roller Mill, Green Plain Creamery, J. H. Martin, La Farge House, Continental Hotel, William H. Hough, David C. Lee, R. E. Clayton, Joseph Swartzlander, A. T. Weasner, E. A. Berens.

History of the Doylestown Guards
(William W. H. Davis, 1887, 237 pages)
This is an account of the first company from Bucks County, PA to enter military service in the Civil War.

Industries and Wealth of the Principle Points in Southeastern Pennsylvania
(Excepting Philadelphia) Embracing Dauphin, York, Lancaster, Schuylkill,
Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties
(American Publishing and Engraving Co., 1890, 148 pages)
This publication contains sketches of industrial and economic significance from the major populated areas of southeastern PA. These commercial sketches provide a rare look at many of the businesses and business people of Pennsylvania before the 20th Century.

Bucks County
-- From Bristol: -- Wilson & Fenimore, T. B. Harkins Foundry Company, Lewis Jones, and William M. Downing, Jr.

Farmers National Bank of Bucks County, Bristol, Pennsylvania.
A Century's Record 1814-1914 (Charles E. Scott, 1914, 76 pages)

Records of the Courts of Quarter Sessions and
Common Pleas of Bucks County Pennsylvania 1684-1700
(Colonial Society of Pennsylvania, 1943, 454 pages)

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