Blair County PA - County, Regional and Misc History Collection

Blair County PA - County, Regional and Misc History Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

County Histories & Biographical Volumes

History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania
(J. Simpson Africa, 1883, 998 pages)
This is an early historical and biographical work on Huntingdon and Blair Counties, PA. It is divided into two sections each dealing with one of the counties. Each section begins with a general history of the county, followed by sections dealing with their respective townships and boroughs. The borough and township sections contain a brief history of each individual area as well, and then provide biographical sketches of the prominent and influential residents of those same areas. Along with the historical and biographical information provides there is also a great deal of reference material including early tax lists, military rosters, maps, etc. Also there are also over 100 portraits and other illustrations included in the publication.

Huntingdon County Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Africa, Allison, Anderson, Anshutz, Armitage, Armstrong, Ashman, Bailey, Beaver, Beers, Bell, Benedict, Black, Blair, Blanchard, Brewster, Brown, Brumbaugh, Burnside, Butz, Cadwallader, Caldwell, Campbell, Canan, Clarkson, Clugage, Cooper, Corbin, Cornyn, Crawford, Cremer, Cresswell, Croghan, Cryder, Dean, Devor, Dewees, Dorland, Dorris, Dudley, Eaton, Eby, Elliott, Entrekin, Faust, Fisher, Fithian, Fleming, Foust, Galbraith, Geissinger, Glasgow, Glock, Gwin, Hare, Harris, Hart, Heeter, Heffner, Hefright, Henderson, Henry, Hewitt, Houtz, Huston, Huyett, Hyskell, Isett, Jackson, Ker, Laporte, Leas, Long, Loudenslagle, Lovell, Lowry, Lytle, Madden, Massey, Mattern, McAlevy, McAteer, McCune, McMullen, McMurtrie, McNeil, McNite, McVitty, McWilliams, Mears, Miles, Miller, Morris, Mosser, Musser, Myton, Neff, Orbison, Orlady, Patton, Penn, Peters, Petrikin, Potter, Powel, Quinter, Reed, Rex, Riddle, Robley, Sampson, Scott, Shaffner, Sheaver, Shock, Simpson, Smith, Speer, Stair, Steel, Stevens, Stewart, Swane, Sweet, Swoope, Taylor, Thompson, Tipton, Tyhurst, Waite, Walker, Wallace, Watson, Weaver, Weiser, Weston, Wharton, White, Whitehead, Williamson, Wilson, Woods, Woodward, Wright, Zeigler

Blair County Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Ake, Albright, Alleman, Amey, Anderson, Appleby, Arnold, Armstrong, Banks, Bare, Bard, Barrick, Beach, Bell, Bennett, Beyer, Black, Blair, Bloom, Bobb, Bonebreak, Bower, Brehman, Bridenbaugh, Brombach, Brumbaugh, Buck, Bulick, Burket, Burkhart, Burley, Butler, Calderwood, Calvin, Cassidy, Cavins, Christy, Clark, Coleman, Confer, Crawford, Curry, Dean, Dibert, Dively, Dorris, Dysart, Elway, Ettinger, Evans, Ewing, Fay, Feay, Fetter, Fettinger, Figart, Findley, Finley, Fleck, Fulton, Funk, Gamble, Gardner, Geesey, Gemmill, Gibboney, Graham, Green, Grier, Grove, Gwinn, Haberacker, Halfpenny, Hall, Hartman, Hartzell, Hays, Hawksworth, Heess, Herr, Hewitt, Hileman, Hofius, Holliday, Hoover, Houser, Humes, Ickes, Irwin, Isenburg, Isett, Jacobs, Johnston, Jones, Junkin, Keatley, Keely, Kennedy, Kephart, Kerr, Kessler, Kinkead, Kyle, Landis, Larcomb, Levingood, Lindsey, Lingenfelter, Livingston, Lloyd, Logan, Louden, Lowrey, Lyon, Mann, Martin, Matthias, Mauk, McAllister, McCartney, McClellan, McClelland, McConnell, McCormick, McCoy, McFarlane, McIntosh, McKinney, McLain, McLanahan, McMullen, McVey, Miller, Moore, Morrow, Murphy, Murray, Neff, Newton, Pheasant, Phillips, Piper, Pruner, Rea, Reamey, Roberts, Robison, Roedell, Rohrer, Roller, Ross, Royer, Russell, Schriver, Shanefelt, Shaw, Shock, Shoenberger, Shultz, Simonton, Smith, Spang, Stayer, Stewart, Swoope, Tuigg, Tussey, Ullery, Walker, Walter, Way, Wayne, Weaver, Wengert, Westley, Wheatley, White, Wigton, Williams, Wilson, Wright, Yerger, Zeth

Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Blair County,
Pennsylvania (Samuel T. Wiley & W. Scott Garner, 1892, 599 pages)
This publication is a historical and biographical record of Blair County, Pennsylvania. The first 147 pages contain a history of the county, its townships and villages. The remainder of the publication features biographies of some of the leading individuals and families of the county. This is an excellent resource to conduct historical or genealogical research focusing on Blair County, PA

Surnames Indexed:
Acker, Ake, Alexander, Allen, Ambrose, Amies, Arney, Arthur, Aukerman, Aultz, Baker, Bare, Barron, Bartley, Bassler, Bell, Berlin, Besant, Beyer, Biehl, Blackburn, Blair, Blose, Bobb, Books, Bowles, Boyles, Bramell, Brandt, Brennecke, Brenaman, Bridenbaugh, Brombach, Brotherlin, Buchanan, Bunker, Burchfield, Burke, Burley, Burket, Burkholder, Bush, Bushman, Calderwood, Calvin, Canan, Casanave, Cass, Cherry, Clapper, Clark, Clingerman, Coffey, Coffman, Cole, Coleman, Collin, Condron, Confer, Cowen, Craine, Crawford, Criswell, Crowley, Crum, Crumbaker, Crosthwaite, Cryder, Cunningham, Curry, Davis, Davison, Dean, Delaney, Dern, Diehl, Donelly, Dunmire, Earlenbaugh, Eberman, Eichholtz, Elway, Elliott, Ellsworth, Enzbrenner, Ermine, Evans, Ewing, Fair, Fay, Ferguson, Fisher, Fleck, Flanigan, Flick, Flynn, Forgeus, Forney, Fouse, Fox, Fraser, Funk, Gardner, Geesey, Gheer, Gilson, Gillam, Glunt, Gray, Graffius, Green, Greene, Greevy, Guyer, Gwin, Haines, Halfpenny, Halton, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hamor, Hammond, Hare, Harnish, Hart, Hartman, Hawksworth, Hearn, Heess, Heims, Heinsling, Henshey, Hewit, Hewitt, Hicks, Hileman, Hiller, Hoelle, Hogue, Holliday, Homer, Hooper, Hoover, Hostler, Hoyer, Huff, Hughes, Humes, Hunter, Hutchison, Ike, Isenberg, Isett, Irwin, Jackson, Jenks, Jones, Keefer, Keith, Kellerman, Kelly, Kendig, Kinkead, Kimberling, Kipple, Klemmert, Kline, Kloss, Kyle, Lamade, Landis, La Porte, Laughman, Law, Layman, Leader, Leatherman, Lehrsch, Leighty, Leisenring, Lehman, Leet, Lemon, Levengood, Leibegott, Linton, Long, Lots, Loudon, Love, Lowrie, Lytle, Mackey, Marshall, Mathers, McAllister, McCahan, McCamant, McCarthy, McCauley, McClain, McClellan, McCoy, McCullough, McDermitt, McDowell, McFarlin, McFarland, McFeeley, McIntosh, McKee, McMaster, Meadville, Mechen, Metzker, Miller, Mitchel, Moffitt, Mohr, Molloy, Montgomery, Moore, Morrison, Morrow, Murray, Neason, Neff, Nowell, Oatman, O'Connor, O'Neil, O'Reilly, Osborne, Osman, Over, Parker, Patterson, Pennock, Plummer, Price, Porter, Powell, Pruner, Raugh, Ray, Ramey, Reamey, Reem, Reed, Reifsnyder, Rhine, Rhodes, Rittman, Roberdean, Robinson, Robison, Roelofs, Rohrer, Roller, Ross, Sausser, Schmucker, Sell, Shaw, Shellenberger, Shelley, Shimer, Shollar, Sholly, Shuff, Sink, Slep, Smith, Sneeringer, Snively, Snyder, Spang, Sparr, Spanogle, Spendley, Sprankle, Stahl, Stephens, Stevens, Stern, Stewart, Stich, Stone, Study, Stultz, Symington, Taylor, Thompson, Tierney, Trout, Van Brunt, Vogt, Waite, Walter, Waring, Watts, Weaver, Webber, Weiser, Wentzel, Westley, Wheatley, Whitbred, White, Wigton, Wilson, Wilmore, Winn, Winter, Wolf, Wood, Woodcock, Woodle, Wray, Yerger, Yingling, Yon, Zeigler

Semi-Centennial History of Blair County 1896
(Charles B. Clark, 1896, 151 pages)
According to the title page, this is: "A History of Blair County, Pennsylvania. From its earliest settlement, and more particularly from its organization in 1846 to June 1896. Fifty Years. Containing, also, a map of the city of Altoona, the metropolis of the county, and a description of all the other boroughs and smaller towns, giving population and present condition. Also, a general resume of the various business enterprises, and a directory of the places of interest and natural curiosities which strangers should see." Along with the historical information, there are a number of photographs of places around Blair County.

Twentieth Century History of Altoona and Blair County
Pennsylvania (Jesse C. Sell, 1911, 1024 pages)
This is a historical and biographical account of Altoona and Blair County, PA. The first section contains the historical information, covering the settlement and formation of the county, and its political, military, professional, and industrial history. This sections also contains a part devoted to the city of Altoona, giving a similar description of its history and development. Following the historical information are biographies of hundreds of Blair County's citizens, along with many portraits. These men and women were important in various ways to the growth of the county and their respective areas.

Surnames Indexed:
Acker, Ackers, Acklin, Africa, Ake, Alexander, Allen, Allender, Amies, Anderson, Applebaugh, Bachert, Baish, Baker, Baldrige, Bankert, Banks, Bare, Barr, Beam, Beaston, Beck, Beckcman, Beegle, Bell, Bender, Beyer, Biddle, Black, Blair, Blodget, Blose, Bobb, Bock Bohn, Bolger, Bonebreak, Book, Books, Bottenfield, Bouslough, Bowers, Bowles, Bowser, Boyer, Boyce, Boyles, Bradley, Brotherline, Brown, Brua, Brubaker, Brumbaugh, Buck, Burget, Burket, Burns, Bush, Calderwood, Calvin, Camerer, Canan, Carn, Carper, Cass, Casanave, Chamberlin, Charles, Cherry, Clapper, Clark, Clemson, Clouse, Cochran, Colelesser, Cole, Coleman, Coltabaugh, Colvin, Condron, Confer, Conrad, Corl, Cornelius, Cowen, Cox, Craine, Crawford, Creighton, Crider, Crissman, Culp, Davenport, Davis, Dean, Delaney, Delozier, Dern, Detrick, Detwiler, Dick, Dickson, Diehl, Dilling, Dively, Dixon, Douglass, Downing, Downs, Doyle, Dudley, Durborow, Dysart, Eckendlaub, Elder, Eldon, Ellsworth, Emfield, Engstrom, Farmers & Merchants National Bank of Tyrone, Farrand, Fay, Feather, Fickes, Fider, Figart, Findley, First National Bank of Bellwood, The, First National Bank of Tyrone, The, Fisher, Fleck, Flenner, Flick, Fluke, Fogel, Ford, Forsht, Fox, Franciscus, Fraser, Freeman, Fuoss, Furry, Gailey, Galland, Garber, Gardner, Garman, Garner, Garver, Garvey, Geesey, Gheer, Gibbs, Giles, Gill, Gingerich, Gleichert, Glenn, Glessner, Good, Graffius, Grau, Grazier, Greene, Greevy, Gromiller, Gurd, Haagen, Haberacker, Haffly, Hagerty, Hagey, Hahn, Hair, Hall, Haller, halton, Hamilton, Hammond, Hamor, Hancuff, Hare, Harnish, Harpster, Hart, Hartman, Hazenstab, Hegerty, Heinsling, Henderson, Henry, Herbert, Hershberger, Hess, Hetrick, Heverly, Hicks, Hileman, Hiller, Hillis, Hirt, Hoover, Howard, Hoyer, Hughes, Humes, Hurd, Ickes, Igo, Irvin, Irvine, Irwin, Isenberg, Jacobs, Johnston, Jones, Kagarise, Dauffman Daufman, Kazmaier, Keagy, Keasey, Keith, Keller, Kelly, Kenote, Kensinger, Ketring, Kinch, King, Kirsch, Klepser, Kloss, Krider, Kuhn, Kunsman, Kurtz, Kyper, Lamade, Landis, Layman, Leverfinger, Leisenrighn Levengood, Lingafelt, Lingenfelter, Lininger, Lloyd, Long, Loose, Lorenze, Lotz, Loudon, Lowrie, Lowther, Lukenbach, Lupfer, Lytle, McBurney, McCarthy, McCauley, McClain, McConahy, McCullaugh, McDowell, McFarland, McGarah, McGarvey, McGough, McIntire, McKee, McKillip, McKnight, McLanahan, Mackey, Madden, Magehan, Manley, Manlove, Marks, Markley, Martin, Martz, Mathes, Matthews, Means, Mek, Meek, mentzer, Metz, Metzger, Miller, Milliken, Mock, Molloy, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Moyer, Mummert, Murray, Musser, Myers, Nason, Neff, Nelson, Neuwahl, Norris, North, Nowell, Ober, Oburn, O'Neill, Orr, Osborne, Over, Owens, Parker, Parks, Parsons, Patterson, Patton, Peck Piper, Plack, Plummer, Potts, Pownall, Preston, Ramey, Ray, Reed, Reilly, Reiser, Replogle, Rhodes, Riebenack, Riggle, Riechey, Roberts, Robeson, Robison, Rodkey, Rodrigue, Root, Ross, Roudabush, Royer, Russell, Sauer, Sausser, Scheeline, Scott, Seedenburg, Sell, Sellers, Shade, Sharbaugh, Shaw, Sherman, Shimer, Shirey, shoemaker, Shoenberger, Shoenfelt, Shollar, Showalter, Shriver, Shultz, Sigrist, Simon, Sipes, Slippey, Small, Smeltzer, Smith, Snively, Snoberger, Snyder, Sorrick, Spang, Sparr, Spealman, Sprankle, Stayer, Stern, Stevens, Stewart, Stiffler, Stine, Stom, Stone, Stoner, Straesser, Strehle, Stulz, Stultz, Suckling, Swanger, Tate, Taylor, Teeter, Thomas, Thompson, Tipton, Tobin, Treese, Trout, Troutwine, Tussey, Van Allman, Vogt, Walker, Walter, Walters, Walton, Waple, Ward, Wareham, Warfel, Waring Weaver, Wber, Weest Bros., Weest, Weir, Wertman, Wertz, Wertzberger, White, Whittaker, Wike, Wiley, Williamson, Wilson, Wilt, Wineland, Winter, Wisler, Witherow, Witter, Wolf, Wood, Woodcock, Wray, Wyerman, Yeater, Yeckley, Yingling, Young, Zook

Blair County Centennial Celebration 1846-1946
Souvenir Program (Anonymous, 1946, 86 pages)
This booklet was published as a souvenir of the 100th Anniversary celebration of the formation of Blair County, PA from Huntingdon County in 1846. It provides a program of the events of the celebration as well as lists of those men and women involved in putting it on. It also contains some basic historical information on the county, a list of the patrons and patronesses and numerous ads for local businesses.

Town, Township & Regional Histories

History of the City of Altoona and Blair County
(Jas. H. Ewing and Harry Selp, 1880, 278 pages)
This is a dual history of Blair County and Altoona, the county's largest city, written for its centennial. It presents an overview history of the county, setting the context for the history of Altoona which follows. The remainder of the publication relates the history of Altoona covering various aspects of the city, such as businesses and industry, schools, churches, etc. Particular focus is given to the main industry of the area, Railroads. At the end, there are also sections covering smaller towns of Blair County, including Arch Spring, Bellwood, Bennington Furnace, Duncansville, Gaysport, Hollidaysburg, Kittaning Point, Martinsburg, Newry, Roaring Spring, Tipton, Tyrone and Williamsburg. Along with the historical information, there are numerous ads for local businesses.

Tyrone of To-Day - The Gateway of the Alleghenies
(Rev. W. H. Wilson, 1897, 194 pages)
This is an early history of Tyrone, Blair County, PA published in 1897. It offers a wealth of information on the town and its vicinity, including its history and growth, its present (1897) status, as well as information on its citizens. A nice feature of this publication is a business directory of the town as well as a section containing sketches of dozens of Tyrone's businesses. There are also a number of photographs includes featuring prominent citizens of or scenes around Tyrone.

Businesses Sketched:
The Tyrone Iron Company, The Pennsylvania Railroad, Morris' Quarries, Keystone Lime & Stone Company, The North Star Tannery, The Morrison & Cass Co., Paper Mill, A. G. Morris & Sons Foundry and Machine Shop, Tyrone Boiler Works, Tyrone Shoe Company, Elkhurst Art School, Solar Print House, Beyer's Mills, Tyrone Planing Mills, Tyrone Milling Company, Tyrone Marble Works, Tyrone Glass Factory, Templeton & Co.'s Department Store, Walton & Acklin Jewelers, Mrs. Ella Black's Millinery Store, G. W. Strong's Bargain Store, J. S. Gillam & Co., Study's Dry Goods Store, William Vogt Clothing House, Tyrone Steam Laundry, H. H. Stratiff Machinist, F. G. Albright (department store), D. G. Owen's Department Store, J. W. Fisher Stoves and Tinware, Port's Furnature Store, Arnold & Miller Florists, A. L. Koons Manufacturing Confectioner, Farran Zerbe (department store), Kirk-Camp Furniture Co., Cosel Oak Hall Clothier and Furnisher, E. D. Mock Grocer, J. J. Wilmore Carriage Works, Hicks & Troutwine Meat Markets, Sprangle Brothers, R. S. Minich & Son, J. Langenbacher & Son, Friedly & Kaup, Wm. M. Snyder, John D. Cox Gunsmith, Mahlon Cryder Clothier, Mock & Buck Grocers, Wilson & Co. Grocers, The Bee Hive Store, W. B. Murdock Grocer, J. C. McConahy's Shoe Store, Jones Furniture Company, W. F. Wise Co. Scenic Artists, Decorators and Theatrical Architects, Architectural Implements and Harnesses - J. A. C. Rider, Bald Eagle Carriage Works, E. P. Irvin & Co. Hardware, Franciscus Hardware Company, The Tyrone Herald, The Tyrone Times, Matt L. Allison Job Printing, Blair County Bank, The First National Bank, A. B. & L. Association

Pen Pictures of Friends and Reminiscent Sketches
(J. N. Tillard, 1911, 353 pages)
Originally published in limited run of 500 copies, this book was written by a former policeman about the people he knew in the course of his work in Altoona. According to the foreword, these are men from "all walks of life, who had impressed their personality upon their time." The main portion of this publication is composed of these sketches, and a small remainder contains several articles published by the same author focusing on a few varying historical topics from the area of Altoona and Blair County, PA. Most of the biographical sketches are also accompanies by a portrait of the sketch subject.

Adams, Bankert, Black, Blake, Boles, Boyles, Brennecke, Brown, Carpenter, Clifford, Coleman, Davis, Duany, Fraser, Gable, Gailey, Garden, Griffith, Hamilton, Hamor, Hausser, Hesser, Hinman, Hughes, Kantner, Keith, Kerr, Knepley, Kipple, Lafferty, Law, Levan, Mackey, McBurney, McCartney, McCormick, McGuire, Meek, Mervine, Metz, Osbornes, Rohrer, Scheeline, Schwartz, Sellers, Steel, Stein, Travis, White

Looking Eighty Years Backward and A History of
Roaring Spring, PA (D. M. Bare, 1920, 247 pages)
The first part of this publication is a personal recollection by the author of Blair County as he grew up there. The second part (which is the majority of the publication) is a history of Roaring Spring and its vicinity. The account relates the beginnings of the town and its growth through the years. It also gives attention to the town's businesses, churches, schools and other institutions. There is also some biographical matter on some of the town's prominent persons: Dr. Charles Fox, Dr. W. L. Grounds, Dr. W. Herbert Robinson, Dr. W. L. Hair, and Dr. A. L. Garver.

Historical Sketches of Collinsville (Anonymous, 1935, 18 pages)
This booklet is a brief history of Collinsville, (now known as Pleasant Valley), located in Blair County, PA as well as a program of the events for Memorial Day 1935.

Hollidaysburg Centennial 1836-1936 Official Program
History Pageant (Program Committee, 1936, 76 pages)
This publication is a program of the Centennial Celebration of Hollidaysburg, Blair County, PA as well as a brief history of the town. Along with a program of the celebration events, it includes a time-line of events in the history of the town, a description of many of its organizations, churches, etc, and many ads for local businesses.

History of the Early Settling of the Bald Eagle Valley
(William E. Marks, 1939, 19 pages)
From the Foreword: "The writer has spent much time and labor in research, largely from old warrants and deeds, and believes that this booklet will give you valuable information as to the early settling of the Bald Eagle Valley and Centre County, that can not be found in any other publication." Although most of the information deals with Centre County, some areas of neighboring Blair and Clinton Counties are also covered. The towns that this publication focuses on are: Bald Eagle, Beech Creek, Bellefonte, Curtin, Eagleville, Fowler, Hannah, Howard, Julian, Lock Haven, Martha, Milesburg, Mill Hall, Philipsburg, Port Matilda, Show Shoe, Snow Shoe Intersection, Tyrone, and Unionville.

Altoona 1849-1949 - Centennial Booklet (Richard E. Beeler, 1949, 98 pages)
From the Foreword: "This Altoona Centennial Souvenir Booklet aims to give the story of the city of today with glances backward that form interesting and instructive links in coupling Altoona's present with the past." The publication includes a brief history of the City, a number of photographs of various places in and around the city, as well as a program of the events of the Centennial Celebration.

A Short History of Tyrone Borough (Ralph T. Wolfgang, 1950, 63 pages)
This is a brief history of the borough of Tyrone, Blair County, PA written by a long-time resident. It builds on the earlier history "Tyrone of To-Day" published in 1897, and although it contains some information from before that date, much of the information relates the Tyrone's history in the early 20th century.

75th Anniversary History Roaring Spring Pennsylvania 1887-1962
(Roaring Spring Historical Committee, 1962, 171 pages)
This is a history of Roaring Spring, Blair County, PA written for its 75th Anniversary in 1962. It first presents a history of the area, foundation of the town and its development, including some discussion of early residents. Following this is a more recent account of the town and its institutions including its schools, churches, civic organizations, clubs, fire companies, fraternal organizations, etc. Also, a number of Roaring Springs businesses and residents are sketched, and these are listed below. Along with this historical information, many photographs are included of the town, its buildings and residents. Several sketches of Roaring Springs businesses and organizations include a group photograph of those working there. And following the business and resident sketches, there are portraits of Roaring Spring's children from Preschool through High School.

Business Sketches:
Albright's Studio of Photography, D. M. Bare Paper Mill, Roaring Spring Blank Book Company, The Harris Boyer Company, Nick Arico Shoe Repari, The News Printing Company, Roaring Spring Insurance Agency, Charles Dick Service Station, New Enterprise Stone and Lime Company Inc., Detwiler Industries, The Eldon Inn, G & M Franklin Store, Hite's Drug Store, Hite's Furniture Store, Eckard's Greenhouse, Alfred L. Heuston, Honsaker Brother's Meat Market, Klotz Brothers, Klevans Stores, Kephart's Hardware, Walter O. Kramp, L & L Motors, Max H. Long, Long's Home Furnishings, H. M. Mock Barber Shop, Olin H. Mauk, Mauk's Cleaners, P. S. McGee Dairy, Pennsylvania Electric Company, Merrill W. Raugh, First National Bank, Altoona Central Bank and Trust Company, Roaring Spring Department Store, Carl Sell Pontiac, McIntyre's Jewelry Store, Shaw Hardware, Shriver's Greenhouse and Floral Shop, Elmer F. Smith, Kenneth Stover Insurance Agency, Chester A. Riley, Galen Snyder, Carl's Modern Interior, United Telephone Company of Pennsylvania, Radio Station WKMC, Radio Station WVAM, Sell Motors, John L. Thompson Funeral Home, William's Pharmacy, Miller's Esso Statino, Tastee Freez, Western Auto Associate Store, Young's Vitamin & Mineral Co.,

Biographical Sketches:
Ake, Albright, Beers, Baker, Bare, Bassler, Beegle, Berkhimer, Bergstresser, Brua, Brumbaugh, Burket, Butler, Carper, Clapper, Closson, Clemens, Detwiler, England, Espy, Forse, Garber, Garver, Gorsuch, Grounds, Hair, Heaton, Hetrick, Hite, Hoover, Horner, Hufford, Johnson, Kauffman, Lamber, Lang, Lingenfelter, Longenecker, Lower, Malone, Martin, Miller, Moore, Morgart, Myers, Nason, Nicewonger, Over, Porter, Pote, Price, Replogle, Sell, Sheriff, Smith, Snider, Spearin, Stephenson, Stover, Swope, Thompson, Vanderhei, Wike, Williams, Zook

Tyrone of Today Volume II 1897-1976
(Tyrone Area Bicentennial Committee, 1976, 243 pages)
This book is a history of the Tyrone, Blair County area of Pennsylvania published for the U.S. centennial in 1976. This publication picks up where the earlier published history of Tyrone left off, covering the period from 1897 to 1976. The nature of the information is similar to the earlier history, covering the town's growth and development through the years, as well as it's business, civic, religious, governmental and social aspects, etc. There are dozens of photographs included featuring many of the towns buildings and other scenes.

Tipton-antis 1776 - 1856 - 1976 (Anonymous, 1976, 48 pages)
This is a collection of brief sketches relating to the town of Tipton, Blair County, PA written for the bicentennial in 1976. It also contains a list of resident patrons and veterans of wars, as well as numerous ads for local businesses.

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