Beaver County PA - Everything Collection

Beaver County PA - Everything Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA. This collection includes all of the individual collections covering Beaver County, PA (Please see individual collection listings for detailed descriptions of titles.)

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

BV01 - Beaver County PA - Everything Collection (All Collections on Beaver County)

BV02 - County & Regional History Collection

County History & Biography Collection
History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania (A. Warner & Co., 1888, 912 pages)
Book of Biographies - Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Beaver County, Pennsylvania (Biographical Publishing Co., 1899, 378 pages)
A Photographic Souvenir Beaver County, Pennsylvania in Its Centennial Year 1800-1900 (Executive Committee, 1900, 73 pages)
History of Beaver County Pennsylvania and its Centennial Celebration (Jospeh H. Bausman, 1904, 1512 pages)
Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern Pennsylvania (W. J. McKnight, 1905, 755 pages)
Genealogical and Personal History of Beaver County Pennsylvania Vol. 1 & 2 (John W. Jordan, 1914, 1464 pages)
Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania (John W. Jordan, 1915, 1996 pages)
Beaver County Sesquicentennial 1800-1950 (Anonymous, 1950, 52 pages)

Town, Township & Regional Histories
History of New Brighton 1838-1938 (The Historical Committee of the Centennial, 1938, 189 pages)
75th Anniversary of Beaver Falls, PA (1944, 41 pages)
Old Economy-Ambridge Sesqui-Centennial Historical Booklet (Norman C. Young, 1974, 192 pages)

BV03 - Maps Atlases & Images Collection

Church, Family, Education, Military and Miscellaneous Histories
Industrial and Commercial Resources of [Northern] Pennsylvania (Historical Publishing Company, 1887, 125 pages)
History of the Newspapers of Beaver Co., PA (Francis S. Reader, 1905, 205 pages)
The Industrial World and the Beaver Falls - Daily Tribune - Special Edition (Beaver Falls Daily Tribune, 1910, 40 pages)
Young American Patriots - The Youth of Pennsylvania in World War II (National Publishing Company, 1946, 674 pages)
In Memory of Our Honored Dead - Souvenir Program [Beaver & Lawrence County] (Honor Degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1947, 100 pages)

Maps & Atlases
1860 Map of Lawrence and Beaver Counties (N. S. Ames and Wm. Barker, Color)
1890 Map of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania With Adjoining Parts of Westmoreland, Washington and Beaver Counties (Otto Krebs, Color)

Birds-eye Town Views
New Brighton, PA (1883, Philadelphia Publishing House)
Rochester, Pennsylvania (1900, T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer)
Beaver, Pennsylvania (1900, T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer)
Monaca, Pennsylvania (1900, T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer)
New Brighton, Pennsylvania (1901, T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer)

BV04 - Directory Collection (1876-1954)
Weyand & Reed's Beaver County Centennial Directory (J. Weyand, W. I. Reed & James Patterson, 1876, 340 pages)
List of Subscribers - The Central District Printing Telegraph Co., July 1894 (The Central District and Printing Telegraph Company, 1894, 186 pages)
Official Directory of the Central District & Printing Telegraph Co. May 1898 (Central District & Printing Telegraph Co., 1898, 410 pages)
Directory of All Business and Professional Men and Official Guide of Beaver County, Penn'a (D. R. Watson, 1898, 114 pages)
Dillon's Rural Directory of Beaver County, PA. [1905] (Herman F. Dillon, 1905, 270 pages)
Mowrey's Tri-State Directory - 1907 (Mowrey Directory Co., 1907, 544 pages)
Beaver County Telephone Company Directory No. 7 - July 1911 (Beaver County Telephone Co., 1911, 76 pages)
1917 Farm Directory and Reference Book of Beaver and Lawrence Counties, Pennsylvania (Orange Judd Company, 1917, 283 pages)
Beaver Valley Pennsylvania Directory 1925-26 (The Burch Directory Company, 1924, 676 pages)
New Castle [PA] and Nearby Places Telephone Directory - Summer 1927 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1927, 168 pages)
Telephone Directory - Summer 1930 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1930, 238 pages)
1938-1939 Rural Directory - Beaver County (C. S. Burke, 1938, 68 pages)
1940-1941 Rural Directory - Beaver County (C. S. Burke, 1940, 60 pages)
Beaver Valley and Nearby Communities Telephone Directory - January 1954 (Bell Telephone Company of PA, 1954, 420 pages)

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