Allegheny County PA - Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection

Allegheny County PA - Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

Town, Township & Regional Histories

Pittsburgh and Allegheny in the Centennial Year (George H. Thurston, 1876, 308 pages)
This book is a history of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, published for the United States Centennial. Particular attention is given to the industries and businesses of the area.

1 - Pen Pictures of Pittsburgh
2 - The Military Record of Pittsburgh
3 - Geographical Position
4 - Railway System of Pittsburgh
5 - Half Century of Manufacturing
6 - Growth of Population at Pittsburgh
7 - Climate and Health of Pittsburgh
8 - Boat Building of Pittsburgh
9 - Mineralogical Position
10 - Manufacturing Advantages
11 - Lumber and Its Products
12 - Glass Factories of Pittsburgh
13 - The Coal Business of Pittsburgh
14 - The Iron Works of Pittsburgh
15 - Steel Manufacturing at Pittsburgh
16 - The Oil Trade at Pittsburgh
17 - Lead, Copper and Brass
18 - Cotton and Wool Manufacturing
19 - Manufactures from Earthy Substances
20 - Manufactures from Animal and Agricultural
21 - Products
22 - Miscellaneous Manufactures
23 - Mercantile Interests
24 - Produce Business
25 - Financial Institutions
26 - The Press of Pittsburgh
27 - Benevolent Institutions, and Conclusion

Recollections of Seventy Years and Historical Gleanings of
Allegheny, Pennsylvania (Judge John E. Parke, 1886, 386 pages)
This publication includes a variety of historical accounts from the history of Allegheny County, PA along with a number of biographical sketches. This is an excellent resource for historical or genealogical research in the Allegheny County / Pittsburgh area.

Adams, Alexander, Anderson, Avery, Brewer, Bushnell, Butler, Callow, Campbell, Cassatt, Cochran, Davis, Drum, Earle, Elliott, Fleming, Foster, Gallagher, Gray, Halsey, Hannen, de Haven, Hays, Irwin, King, Lichtenberger, McCullough, Megraw, Morrison, Nixon, Park, Parke, Phillips, Pressly, Robinson, Rodgers, Rush, Sample, Shafer, Short, Sproull, Strickrath, Stockton, Swift, Woods, Young

Pittsburgh and Allegheny Illustrated Review
Historical, Biographical and Commercial (J. W. Leonard, 1889, 134 pages)
From the Preface: "...It has been the aim of the compiler of this volume to cover as much of the ground as possible, and to present the facts relating to the marvelous growth and present prosperity of the two cities in a condensed form, suitable for ready reference. In the pursuit of this object, information has been gleaned from every available source, and reference has been made to many published books and newspaper files. The press of Pittsburgh, which in the aggregate and in detail is notable for its devotion to local interests, has been drawn upon for many facts; and of historical publications..." The beginning of the publication contains an account of the growth of Pittsburgh and vicinity from early times. Following this, particular focus is given to the area's businesses and industries. There are literally hundreds of sketches of the area's businesses, industries, store keepers and trades of all sorts. Included in among the sketches are pictures and illustrations pertaining to the businesses, as well as a number of portraits of prominent businessmen or business owners.

Pittsburgh and Allegheny Photo-Gravures (R. S. Davis & Co., ~1890-1900, 34 pages)
This is a set of souvenir photogravures of the cities of Pittsburgh and Allegheny, Allegheny County, PA. These were produced around the turn of the 20th century, and feature various scenes of the cities and other sites around the area.

Light and Shadows of Sewickley Life: or Memories of Sweet Valley
(Agnes L. Ellis, 1893, 252 pages)
This is a collection of accounts, memories and history from the borough of Sewickley, just south of Pittsburg, PA. The information contained within is quite useful for both historical or genealogical research.

Views of Pittsburg (Mortgage Banking Company, ~1903, 98 pages)
This publication is a photographic souvenir of the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding area, Allegheny County, PA. It contains over 90 photographs of historic buildings or locations around the city of Pittsburgh, including Allegheny, and McKeesport.

Souvenir of Pittsburgh (Lyman H. Nelson Co., ~1905, 33 pages)
This publication was produced as a souvenir of the city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA. It contains over three dozen photographs of historic buildings or locations around the city.

Pittsburgh Sesqui-Centennial Celebration (1908, 79 pages)
This pamphlet was publised as a commemorative history of Pittsburgh for its 150th anniversary. It outlines the events associated with the celebration, includes some photographs, and also includes portraits of many of the people involved in the celebrations organization.

150 Years of Unparalleled Thrift - Pittsburgh Sesqui-Centennial
Official History and Programme (Edward White, 1908, 64 pages)
This is a brief history of Pittsburgh written for its sesqui-centennial celebration in 1908. It is also a photographic souvenir of the city, containing a few historic views of the city along with a number of modern (1908) scenes.

Sketches - Serious and Otherwise - Men of Pittsburgh and Vicinity
(W. A. Washburn, 1914, 142 pages)
This publication is a collection of over 140 illustrative sketches of the prominent men of the Pittsburg area. Each sketch is a portrait of the individual, either as a caricature, or with illustrations pertaining to the person's area of business in the background.

Chas. O. Deverts, Charles J. Graham, Albert Graham, Clarence Brenneman, W. B. Brenneman, George H. Danner, Chas, R. Rall, J. R. Johnston, E. Lowery Humes, J. H. Hammond, Dr. W. J. Holland, J. Oscar Emrich, Harrison Nesbit, Geo. E. Alter, John G. Pew, W. H. Donner, Charles A. O'Brien, J. C. Trees, Major E. L. Kearns, Jno. D. Watson, S. L. Seymour, Dr. Daniel E. Sable, Daniel S. Horne, John Worthington, Enoch Rauh, A. V. Holmes, Paul Didier, M. L. Benendum, S. A. Dies, Judge W. H. S. Thomson, Henry Hornbostel, E. V. Babcock, Henry, H. Cooper, C. S. Mitchell, James L. Stuart, Harrison W. Craver, J. S. Rider, W. J. Tanney, H. S. Grayson, Paul Qualtrough, William A. Irvin, Capt. Chas. C. McGovern, Chancellor S. B. McCormick, Francis J. Torrance, John S. Weller, Morris Baer, James Evans, J. Chas. Wilson, Dr. Harold J. Dorrance, F. A. Ogden, H. H. Patterson, Chas. Bonini, Samuel J. Reno, Jr., W. M. McJunkin, A. V. D. Watterson, Samuel McClay, W. F. Stadtlander, James E. Barnett, H. E. Nichols, S. C. Wood, J. C. Grooms, Christopher Magee, Jr., G. J. Bleichner, John M. Bald, Frederick L. Kahle, Guy Delaney, William Moore Patch, Truman S. Morgan, W. F. Kinson, J. C. Boyer, C. S. Miller, Don Rose, H. C. Beggs, R. G. Robinson, A. S. Davis, W. H. Cassidy, C. G. Lewellyn, Jas. J. Flannery, Jr., S. C. Martin, C. L. Saxton, Samuel Weinhaus, H. B. Miller, Geo. M. Hosack, H. A. Logue, Ex-Governor William A. Stone, C. A. Fagan, John F. Howley, Edgar Kaufman, Wilson C. Atkinson, P. O. Laughner, John P. Bracken, Royal S. Goldsbury, C. W. Sypniewski, Wm. L. De Coursey, Dr. Arthur Kew, H. V. Blaxter, Clarence Burleigh, R. C. Cole, James B. Clark, Jas. H. Conlon, Will Pyle, E. J. Kent, A. M. Hanaure, Francis A. Keating, C. B. Mehard, Wm. F. Wise, Richard Townsend, Albert H. Hammer, S. S. Roberson, John P. Hunter, Richard A. Bowland, Paul S. Ache, T. J. Gillespie, J. C. Neff, Col. A. B. Berger, Edward B. Lee, Edmund Halsdon, James M. Clark, L. H. Burnett, A. W. McCloy, J. M. Searl, John K. Davis, P. A. Kilgallen, Isaac Guckenheimer, Frank J. Kier, Harry F. Denig, Wm. Jones, J. R. Crawford, Dr. L. W. Swope, Louis Hoechstetter, M. A. Keller, A. L. Caprini, L. B. Cook, Ira S. Bassett, W. K. Hall, Frank S. Bissell, Job Burton, C. D. Scully, E. T. Whiter, D. L. Gillespie, Edward Schreiner

Forest Hills Community - Golden Jubilee 1919-1969
(Anonymous, 1969, 128 pages)
This is a history of the Forest Hill area of Allegheny County, PA covering its first 50 years. It includes a program of the celebration activities along with lists of those involved. But the main part of the publication focuses on the history of the Forest Hills area and its development over the years. Along with the historical information are many photographs of the area and its citizens. There are also many ads for local businesses included.

Miscellaneous Histories

Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Their Industries and Commerce,
Resources and Prospects (Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh, 1885, 131 pages)
This publication outlines the commercial and industrial state of western Pennsylvania, and its prospects for the future in regard to those aspects.

Industrial and Commercial Resources of [Western] Pennsylvania
(Historical Publishing Company, 1887, 144 pages)
This publication is a history and description of the business operations from dozens of towns throughout Western Pennsylvania. Each business is detailed in sketch form, giving, in many cases, a brief history of its existence, management, and a description of its operations. This information was only published in this publication making this a rare and useful resource for historical or genealogical research in these counties of PA.

Allegheny County
-- From Braddock: -- W. A. McDevitt & Co., P. McCauley, John McKelvy, Lew. F. Holtzman, D. Z. Musselman & Co., Wagner & Kinsey, Fauset Brothers, Alfred Peterson, The Monongahela Cemetery, James A. Russell, J. H. McCrady & Bro., Frank X. Grieb, E. Hampshire, Albert H. White, Joseph Wills Sr., L. E. Gutelius, Thomas Chapman, Philip Eisenhart, T. W. Sharp, The Arcade, Phillipp Gugel, John Routh, "The Braddock Herald", J. D. Simons, D. L. Masters, Braddock Market, Abel W. Seddon, A. C. Penrose, Woodward & Woodside, Aten & McCleary, Alex. Doritty, Hugh Wood, T. G. Scott, C. V. Kratzer D.D.S., Daniel Oskin, William J. Dible, Grannis Bros., Joseph K. Hart -- From McKeesport: -- McKeesport City Mills, National Tube Works Company, Taylor and Romine, James F. Ryan & Son, M. A. McMullen, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Pollock Bros., B. E. Pritchard, Noel & Wampler, Mrs. T. S. Kennedy, Smith & Rhodes, Isaac West, Union Savings Fund and Loan Associaion, Central Drug House, S. C. Coyle, Diamond Lumber Company, J. P. Learn, Phil. P. Keil, J. Denny, Hamilton's Palace of Music, C. H. Hitzrot's, Globe Tea Company, Morgan Bros., S. L. Goldman, R. J. May & Co., A. B. Campbell, Donald Chisholm, The New York Clothing House, Louis Winkelvoss, Jos. D. O'Neil & Co., James H. Scott, The McKeesport Daily News, "National House", Russell Manufacturing Co., Robert Smiley, Wintermyer & Kincade, Gemmill, Breiteureiter & Co., Guiser & Haben, W. G. Gleason, P. C. Yester, John W. Stewart, F. H. Coursin, S. Simon, Volk Brothers, James L. DeLong, W. E. Walsh, George Brinker, Messrs. Miller & Co., Shale & Sharpless, Henry Sheermesser, Anton Lang, G. Watson, J. S. Naulder

Pittsburgh the Powerful (Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, 1907, 110 pages)
This is a description of the commercial, financial and industrial strength of the city of Pittsburg, PA. It includes numerous photographs from around the city, highlighting prominent businesses or important parts of the city.

The Great Flood of 1907 Souvenir [Pittsburgh] (Anonymous, 1907, 28 pages)
This is a pictorial souvenir of the great flood which struck the Pittsburgh / Allegheny area of Pennsylvania in 1907. It show several dozen photographs of the flood in various locations around the city and surrounding area.

Coraopolis District Servicemen's Honor Roll (Keith-Holmes Post 402 VFW, 1943, 20 pages)
The full title is "Coraopolis District Servicemen's Honor Roll recording names of men and women of Coraopolis and Moon and Crescent Townships engaged in Military Activities". This was published as an honorary souvenir of the men and women of Coraopolis and vicinity, who served in World War II. It provides a list of 1,389 names of those involved, along with a number of ads for local businesses.

Young American Patriots - The Youth of Pennsylvania in World War II
(National Publishing Company, 1946, 674 pages)
This publication is a memorial to the service men and women of Pennsylvania who served in WWII. It contains brief sketches of 1,000's of soldiers from across the state. The sketches provide a variety of information on each soldier: Name, rank, branch of military, engagements, discharge date, military awards, birth date, parents, spouse, address, religion., etc. The information varies from soldier to soldier but most contain the information above. Also, nearly every sketch is accompanies by a portrait of the soldier.

This publication is not an exhaustive listing of all the soldiers of Pennsylvania who fought in World War II. Nearly all counties are represented, but some more extensively than others. Those given more extensive coverage include: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Cumberland, Dauphin, Erie, Fayette, Indiana, Lawrence, Northampton, Westmoreland,

Here is a sample listing:
Abbott, William Edward
Cpl., Army. Born Apr. 6, 1925. Entered Serv. June 12, 1943. Ft. Belvoir; N. Guinea; Phil. Is.; Okinawa. Awarded GCM, As-Pac Rib., BS, Phil. Lib. Rib. Disch. Mar. 2, 1945. Attended Clymer HS. Protestant. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Abbott. Husband of Margaret Herrington Abbott, 818 Sandusky St., N. S., Pgh, 12, Pa.

Flood 1972 (Pennsylvania Mirror, 1972, 48 pages)
This is a souvenir of the 1972 Flood in Pennsylvania resulting from Hurricane / Tropical storm Agnes. A section of the publication shows some of the damage done in the Pittsburgh area.

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