Allagash Triangle

Henry Youndt

  • 1100

Max has lots of friends, but he needs a soulmate. He has established a reputation
for the ability to get along with the most difficult people, but that was before he ran into Cletus Copperfield. Tempers flare when these two find themselves on the same expedition on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. Having an attractive female in the group makes things even more competitive. When the weather turns nasty, survival depends on cooperation, but how do you accept help from someone you despise? How do you apologize to someone you can’t stand? It's a canoe-camping adventure on the scenic lakes and rivers of northern Maine, but back home in Pennsylvania Max’s daughter Michelle is vehemently opposed to her father’s newfound interest in a lady whom she believes to be completely wrong for him. How far will Michelle go to protect her father? (196pp. Masthof Press, 2018.)

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