A Thought for Today

Rance Williams

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Filled with many examples and quotes he has collected through the years, the author’s main purpose was two-fold: 1.) To put a book into the hands of Christians that would bless as well as awaken them to what is currently taking place in the church, and 2.) To strengthen these same believers for the current as well as the future battles that are sure to come as this world slides deeper and deeper into secularism and away from God. The author was born in Philadelphia and lived many years in suburban Sellersville, Pa. His spiritually formative years  were spent at Rockhill Mennonite Church in Telford, Pa. where his grandmother Lillian Godshall and mother Mary were members. These early years at church, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School had a huge impact on his life. When he retired, he experienced time to develop his interests and hobbies, which included Biblical Archaeology, and he participated in four digs in Israel. These digs helped prepare him to teach Bible studies. It was that preparation from which this book was born. If you need encouragement, recharging, and move closer to the heart of God, this is the book for you! (188pp. Masthof Press, 2017.)

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