A Pet for Levi - Linda H. Miller

A Pet for Levi

Linda H. Miller

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Levi wants a pet. When Sophie, their pig, has babies, Levi convinces Father to let him raise one. But having a pet and raising a pig are two different situations when the pig is grown and the fall butchering season arrives. Read to discover what happens with Levi and his pet pig Freda. The buildings of CrossRoads, known formally as Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center (VBMHC) in Harrisonburg, Va., provide the setting for the stories of the children in The CrossRoads Stories. These stories reflect the life and customs of people who lived in similar communities throughout the United States in the 1800s. Also read Book 1 in the series A Surprise for Ruth (item #4067), Book 3 A Friend for Samuel (item #4159), and Book 4 A Patch for Emma (item #4274). For ages 5-8. (32pp. color illus. Author, 2015.)

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