A High Calling: Encouragement for Young Mothers From a Grandmother

Erma S. Rissler

  • 900

A High Calling uniquely written in letter form, encourages young parents to form strong attachments with their child from newborn on. This solid foundation of love and nurture in the early years helps a person form healthy relationships throughout life, which is of great value. Young parents will be intrigued by the information on eco-breastfeeding, natural child spacing, co-sleeping, and much more. Aunt Erma—a grandmother of thirty—includes many practical illustrations as she walks her niece through this path with warmth and good humor. Anyone with a young child in their life—from expectant parents, to parents in the middle of childrearing, to grandparents—can appreciate this well-researched little book. (87pp. Masthof Press, 2022.)

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