A.D. & Annie

A.D. & Annie

Lois M. Lehman and Rhoda E. Cressman

  • 4995

Subtitled “Stories, Letters, and Memories of A. D. Wenger and Annie Lehman Wenger: Their Families and Their Descendants,” this is the story of two families brought together by marriage, love of the Mennonite Church, and association with Eastern Mennonite School (EMU). A.D. served as the second president of the fledgling school. The book spans the years from the Civil War to the Great Depression and beyond—three generations of Wengers and Lehmans. The setting is Millersville, Pa., Fentress, Va., (Chesapeake) and Parkview, Harrisonburg, Va. It is a book of stories, gathered excerpts from ancient letters and church papers, and oral memories. (480pp. illus. hardcover. Authors, 2014.)

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