The Descendants of John Gingrich

The Descendants of John Gingrich

compiled by Marilyn L. Holthouse

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John Gingrich (1794-bef. 1870) of Germany m. Catherine Heineman (1803-1885) of Germany. They had 5 children: Frederick Gingrich (1828-1912) m. Elizabeth Schmidt (1830-1894); Peter Gingrich (1831-1874) m. Barbara Muskopf (1837-1876); Christian Gingrich (1833-1905) m. Fanny Slonaker (1838-1918); Louis/Ludwig Gingrich (1835); Daniel Gingrich (1837-1917) m. Anna Slonaker (1844-1896). Frequent surnames: Augspurger, Peachee, Ruggs, Wynn, etc. (60pp. index. Masthof Press, 2007.)

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