My Sweet Sorrow

My Sweet Sorrow

Estella Heinrich

  • 2000

We grieve many different things in life. The loss of a job, a dream, a friend, or a spouse can leave us feeling broken and alone. Grief is a difficult journey to walk, no matter what loss you’re faced with. Jesus can personally walk you through every process along the way. He gives us hope and a future, even when we can’t see it right away. In My Sweet Sorrow, Estella Heinrich invites you into her most vulnerable thoughts and feelings in the year that followed the loss of her husband, Trevor. Trevor’s hard-fought battle with cancer ended in an ICU room in California, and that’s where Estella’s journey through grief began. Through journal entries, prayers, and written down thoughts, hopes, and stories of Trevor, Estella will take you with her as she grapples with the loss of her husband months into their marriage and discovers God’s faithfulness again and again. (313pp. color illus. Masthof Press, 2021.)

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