Hochstetler, Update Vol. 1 - John Showalter

Hochstetler, Update Vol. 1

John Showalter

  • 2900

This volume updates and corrects Rev. Harvey Hostetler's two famous family histories: Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler (item #96) and Descendants of Barbara Hochstedler and Christian Stutzman (item #93). It is ideally used in conjunction with them. More than 10,000 families or individuals from the original books are updated with the help of 100 researchers. It is fully cited with over 10,000 footnotes, and the index contains entries for each spouse and named child (over 22,000 entries), but not for parents of spouses. Over 3,000 Miller and 2,000 Yoder entries. (1,350pp. index. hardcover. Author, 1998.)

This book is just updates/corrections up to 1998—it is not a reprint of the original genealogies.

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