Christian Living: A Reflection of God's Nature

Christian Living: A Reflection of God's Nature

Rev. Dr. Douglas C. Ramsey

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Dr. Ramsey’s singular purpose focuses on a timeless belief—the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. He establishes the case for Christianity as a valid religious concept able to compete on the market street of religious ideas. He further re-presents the Bible as a book of fact and not fiction based on the work of Dr. Robert Witty. Appealing to the negative ideas attached to Christianity, Dr. Ramsey offers an alternative approach to understanding the Bible as secular literature while presenting God’s nature front and center for imaging expectant behaviors of obedience—a huge conundrum resolved. He further confronts Bertrand Russell, a Humanist, by illustrating human wisdom cannot compete with God’s Wisdom. In general, what Christianity and the Bible offers humanity is a smoother path toward living life imaging our behavior after Christ in divine love. (170pp. Masthof Press, 2020.)

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