American Copper & Brass - Henry J. Kauffman

American Copper & Brass

Henry J. Kauffman

  • 1899

If you want to step back into time and enjoy life as your ancestors lived, this is the book for you. Read about and see many types of kettles, teakettles, cooking kettles, pots and pans, warming pans, saucepans, coffee pots, stills, butter churns, mugs, ladles, skimmers, measures, funnels, basins, pumps, glue pots, weathercocks—all items made of copper. Then there are brass items: andirons, bells, gun parts, molds for casting pewter, door knockers, skillets, tomahawks, lancets, jagging irons, buttons, sundials, clocks, door locks, and many more. (288pp. illus. hardcover. Masthof Press, 1995.)

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