"When" Changes Everything: Restoring the Jewish Foundation and Framework of the Real Crucifixion Week of Jesus

Thomas B. Tribelhorn, Ph.D., D.Min.

  • 2195

No matter how you try, three days and three nights do not fit between Friday night and Sunday morning. Ever since Dr. Tom was confronted by his professors at Jerusalem University College in Israel to explain this puzzle, he has spent a lifetime thoroughly researching the Crucifixion Week of Jesus, working primarily from Jewish sources. What happens when the Jewish contextual meaning of the Biblical texts and long-held church traditions and timelines collide? Dr. Tom invites you to join him on this fact-finding, truth-driven expedition. Come with an open mind and heart, willing to allow historically verifiable Biblical truth to shine new light on some long-held church teachings that are not actually supported by the Biblical text. Once you see how all the intricate details of the Crucifixion Week of Jesus have been Providentially woven together, your faith will be strengthened immensely. (248pp. color illus. index. Masthof Press, 2023.)

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