Venango County, PA - County, Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection

Venango County, PA - County, Regional and Miscellaneous History Collection


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This is a collection of various historical and genealogical reference works on Pennsylvania. These references cover 1000's of individuals, and are an excellent way to start or continue research focused on PA.

This material was scanned from original publications and will be provided as text searchable PDFs (unless noted in description). You will receive an email with the download link after purchasing online. These files can be read using many PDF reader programs (Windows / Mac / Linux), however Adobe Reader or Acrobat are recommended.

County History & Biography Collection

Centennial Discourse: A Sketch of the History of Venango County,
Pennsylvania (S. J. M. Eaton, 1876, 49 pages)
This booklet provides a concise history of Venango County, PA, touching on such subjects as its history prior to the Revolution, its early settlers, the involvement of its citizens in the wars of the country, as well as the growth and development of the county down to the time of publication.

History of Venango County, Pennsylvania. Its Past and Present
(Brown, Runk & Co., 1890, 1117 pages)
The full title of this publication is: "A history of Venango County, Pennsylvania, including its aboriginal history; the French and British occupation of the country; its early settlement and subsequent growth; a description of its historic and interesting localities; its rich oil deposits and their development; sketches of its cities, boroughs, townships, and villages; neighborhood and family history; portraits and biographies of pioneers and representative citizens; statistics, etc."

Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Addison, Alcorn, Alexander, Allebach, Allen, Allender, Allison, Alsbaugh, Anderson, Archer, Armstrong, Ash, Askey, August, Ault, Ayres, Bailey, Baird, Baish, Baker, Barcroft, Barkey, Barnard, Barnes, Bateman, Bates, Battin, Beach, Bean, Beatty, Beebe, Benedict, Benninger, Beringer, Berry, Bigler, Bishop, Bissell, Black, Blair, Blanck, Bleakley, Boal, Booher, Booth, Borland, Botsford, Bowen, Bowman, Bowser, Boyle, Braden, Bradley, Brandon, Brecht, Bredin, Breed, Breitschuh, Brigham, Britting, Broadfoot, Brown, Buchanan, Buffington, Bullion, Bumgardner, Burrows, Bushnell, Butterfield, Byles, Cain, Calvert, Campbell, Carll, Carr, Carter, Cary, Cassidy, Cather, Chadwick, Chambers, Chapman, Chickering, Church, Clancy, Clapp, Clark, Clarke, Clulow, Cochran, Coffman, Colbert, Cone, Connely, Connor, Coope, Cooper, Cornwell, Corwin, Coulter, Cowan, Cowell, Craig, Crain, Craton, Crawford, Criswell, Crooks, Cross, Crumley, Cubbison, Culberson, Culp, Cunningham, Curry, Cutchall, Daily, Dale, Daugherty, Davidson, Davis, Davison, Dawson, Deets, Deitrich, Dempsey, Dewoody, Dickson, Dille, Dinsmore, Dobson, Dodd, Donaldson, Donnelly, Doty, Douds, Dout, Downing, Dubbs, Duffield, Dunham, Dunn, Durban, Dwyer, Eakin, Eaton, Eichner, Eldred, Elliott, Emery, Epley, Espy, Evans, Fair, Farr, Fassett, Faulkner, Fearis, Ferringer, Fertig, Fetterman, Fichte, Findlay, Fisher, Fleming, Flowers, Forbes, Ford, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Frazier, Frewen, Fry, Fulton, Galbraith, Galey, Gardiner, Gardner, Gaston, Gates, Geary, Ghost, Giering, Gilbert, Gildersleeve, Gilfillan, Gillespie, Gillett, Gilliland, Gilmore, Glenn, Godfrey, Goodwin, Gootmiller, Gordon, Gormley, Gowe, Graham, Grant, Greenfield, Gregg, Grieshaber, Grimm, Grossman, Grove, Guilinger, Hackenberg, Hagerty, Haggerty, Hale, Hallet, Halyday, Hamilton, Hancock, Hanna, Harding, Hare, Harris, Hart, Hartwell, Hasson, Hatch, Haworth, Hays, Hazen, Heckert, Heivly, Henderson, Henry, Heron, Hetzler, Heydrick, Hilands, Hill, Hillier, Hixon, Hoffman, Hoge, Hogue, Homan, Hood, House, Houser, Hovis, Howe, Hughes, Hulings, Hunt, Hurd, Huster, Hutchison, Irvine, Irwin, Jack, Jackson, James, Jennings, Jewel, Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jolly, Jones, Joy, Kahle, Kapp, Karnes, Karns, Kaufmann, Kean, Keating, Keefer, Keene, Kees, Kennedy, Kennerdell, Kephart, Kern, Kerr, Keverline, Kilgore, Kingsley, Kinnear, Kinsley, Kirkwood, Klein, Koch, Knapp, Knox, Kramer, La Fever, Lamb, Lamberton, Lancaster, Lane, Lawley, Lawrence, Leach, Leadenham, Lee, Leslie, Levier, Lewis, Leyda, Lindsay, Linn, Lockwood, Long, Longwell, Loomis, Loots, Lord, Loucks, Lovell, Lovett, Lowentritt, Lowrie, Lupher, Lytle, Macdougall, Mackey, Mackin, Magee, Magill, Maitland, Major, Maloney, Mallory, Manson, Marsh, Martin, Mattox, Mawhinney, May, Mayer, Mays, Meehan, Merrick, Metz, Middleton, Miles, Milford, Miller, Milton, Minich, Mitchell, Moffett, Monjar, Monnin, Moore, Moran, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Myers, McAllister, McBride, McCall, McCalmont, McClaran, McClellan, McClelland, McClintock, McConnell, McCool, McCormack, McCormick, McCracken, McCray, McCrea, McCulloch, McCune, McCurdy, McDaniel, McDowell, McElhaney, McElphatrick, McFadden, McGarry, McGill, McGough, McGuigan, McIntosh, McKay, McKean, McKee, McKeever, McKinley, McKinney, McKinzie, McKissick, McKnight, McLaughlin, McLean, McManigal, McMillan, McMillin, McMullen, McMurdy, McNair, McPherson, McQuaid, McQuiston, Naylor, Neely, Nesbit, Nichols, Nicholson, Nickle, Nicklin, Nolan, Oberly, O'Brien, O'Donovan, Oiler, Orr, Osmer, Paden, Park, Parsons, Patchel, Patterson, Payne, Pearson, Peebles, Perrine, Perry, Persing, Petit, Phipps, Plumer, Poor, Porter, Porterfield, Powell, Power, Prather, Printz, Proper, Purtill, Ramsdale, Ray, Raymond, Reagle, Reamer, Reed, Reese, Reid, Reinbold, Reno, Renwick, Reynolds, Richards, Richey, Ricketts, Riddle, Riesenman, Ritchey, Roberts, Rodgers, Roess, Ross, Rossman, Roth, Rouse, Rowland, Runninger, Russell, Rynd, Saltzmann, Say, Sayers, Schwab, Schwartzcop, Scofield, Scott, Seber, Seely, Selders, Sellew, Shaffer, Shakely, Shaner, Shannon, Sharp, Shaw, Sheffer, Shelmadine, Shepard, Shively, Shippen, Shorts, Shoup, Shugert, Sibley, Simcox, Simmons, Simpson, Singleton, Siverly, Sloan, Small, Smiley, Smith, Smithman, Smullin, Snowden, Speechley, Spencer, Spofford, Standley, Stanton, Starr, Steele, Stephens, Sterritt, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stover, Strain, Straub, Strauss, Strawbridg, Strohecker, Strong, Stubler, Suhr, Sullinger, Sutherland, Sweeney, Sweeny, Sweet, Symonds, Tarr, Taylor, Temple, Tennent, Thacher, Thomas, Thompson, Thorn, Trax, Truby, Trunkey, Tucker, Turner, Tuthill, Twitchel, Tyler, Tyrrell, Vandergrift, Vanderlin, Vogus, Wachtel, Wait, Waits, Wallace, Walz, Wareham, Watt, Weaver, Weber, Weeter, Welch, Weller, Welsh, Whann, Whitaker, White, Whitman, Whittlesey, Wick, Widle, Wilbert, Will, Williams, Willitt, Wilmot, Wilson, Witherup, Wolfe, Wood, Woods, Wright, Yard, Young

Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern Pennsylvania
(W. J. McKnight, 1905, 719 pages)
The Full title is: "A Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern Pennsylvania, Embracing the Counties of Tioga, Potter, McKean, Warren, Crawford, Venango, Forest, Clarion, Elk, Jefferson, Cameron, Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer, Also A Pioneer Sketch of the Cities of Allegheny, Beaver, Du Bois, and Towanda" This publication is a historical account of the early beginnings of several counties in Northwestern PA. The information is more focused on historical details than biographical, but it still contains a great deal of information useful for historical or genealogical research.

Proceedings of the Celebration of the First Centennial of the Organization
of the County of Venango, Pennsylvania, for Judicial Purposes
(Venango County Bar Association, 1905, 177 pages)
The full title of the publication is: "Proceedings of the Celebration of the First Centennial of the Organization of The County of Venango for Judicial Purposes" This information provided deals mainly with the history of the bench and bar of Venango County, and provides a wealth of information on the Judiciary. It also contains a number of biographical sketches of prominent Lawyers and Judges of the county

Addison, Baldwin, Buffington, Bushnell, Church, Collins, Eldred, Espy, Farrelly, Foster, Galbraith, Heron, Howe, Hunter, Irvine, Irwin, Johnson, Kerr, Kinnear, Knox, Lamberton, Marlin, McCalmont, McCormick, McKee, Moore, Myers, Pearson, Shippen, Snowden, Thompson, Wilson, Work, Yeates

Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania Vol. 1-3
(John W. Jordan, 1915, 1996 pages)
The Foreword of this publication makes known its purpose and contents:
"The present work, "Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania," presents in the aggregate an amount and variety of genealogical and personal information and portraiture unequalled by any kindred publication. No similar work concerning Western Pennsylvania has ever before been presented, and it contains a vast amount of ancestral history never before printed. The object, clearly defined and well digested, is to present in concise form the history of Western Pennsylvania Families of the Colonial Days.
There are numerous volunimus histories of the State, making it unnecessary in this work to even outline its annals. What has been published, however, relates principally to civic life. The amplification necessary to complete the picture, old and nowaday, is what is supplied by these Genealogical and Personal Memoirs. In other words, while others have written of "the times," the province of this work is as a chronicle of the people who have made this magnificent region what it is."

This is an extensive biographical publication which covers western Pennsylvania, including the cities of Pittsburgh and Allegheny City, and the counties of Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Clarion, Fayette, Indiana, Mercer, Somerset, Venango, Washington, Westmoreland. Included with the biographical information are hundreds of portraits of this areas leading men and women.

Surnames Indexed:
Acheson, Ackerman, Adams, Agnew, Ague, Ahlborn, Albert, Aldrich, Allen, Allison, Alter, Amrhein, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Arters, Ash, Augustin, Bailie, Baird, Baker, Balcom, Baldridge, Ball, Balles, Barnett, Bauer, Baugher, Bauman, Baumgartel, Bayard, Beall, Beatty, Bebout, Beck, Becker, Beckert, Bedell, Beet, Beissinger, Benson, Benzenhoefer, Beran, Bergman, Beringer, Berner, Berryman, Bertsch, Best, Bestwick, Bethune, Bick, Bickerton, Biddlestone, Bigham, Birchard, Black, Blair, Blick, Blind, Blockinger, Blose, Bokermann, Bole, Bolard, Bossert, Bourke, Bowser, Boyce, Boyd, Boyle, Brackenridge, Bradwell, Brandon, Brandt, Braun, Breading, Breckenridge, Breining, Breitenbaugh, Brennan, Brethauer, Brewer, Briggs, Brodmerkel, Brooker, Brooks, Brown, Bruckner, Bubb, Buckley, Bulger, Bullion, bullions, Burchard, Burgunder, Burkhard, Burkman, Burleigh, Burton, Butler, Byers, Byrne, Cadwallader, Cairns, Caldwell, Calhoun, Calvin, Campbell, Carnegie, Carr, Carson, Casey, Caughey, Cavanaugh, Caven, Cease, Chalot, Challis, Chamberlain, Chantler, Chaplin, Chase, Chess, Christy, Church, Clark, Clary, Clever, Cochran, Cole, Collins, Colter, Colteryahn, Conn, Connelly, Cook, Cooper, Coover, Cope, Corbett, Corey, Cornelius, Cornett, Cort, Cotton, Coursin, Cowan, Cox, Craig, Craighead, Cratty, Crawford, Creese, Crick, Cricks, Croft, Crokks, Crosbie, Crosby, Crumrine, Culbertson, Cummings, Cunningham, Curry, Danner, Darby, Daubenspeck, Daugherty, David, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Day, De Bolt, Dell, De Long, Dennis, Denny, Densmore, Denton, Der, Dickson, Diehl, Dillon, Dippold, Donaldson, Donnell, Donnelly, Dorleman, Dorsey, Douds, Douglass, Downey, Drain, Drennen, Drew, Drynan, Duerr, Duff, Dugan, Dunbar, Duncan, Dunham, Dushane, Dutton, Eaton, Eckert, Edgar, Edmonds, Edmunds, Edmundson, Egan, Eger, Egler, Ehrhardt, Eicher, Elliott, Ellsworth, Elste, Emerick, Emich, Engel, Engelhardt, English, Ensworth, Erb, Erdner, Erhardt, Erwin, Evans, Ewing, Fagan, Fast, Fawcett, Feeney, Fehr, Fellows, Feltwell, Fergus, Ferree, Fife, Figley, Flaccus, Flanagan, Flood, Foltz, Forbes, Ford, Forsyth, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Freed, Freeman, French, Frey, Friar, Frichtel, Friedman, Friend, Fritchie, Fromm, Fruechtel, Fry, Fulton, Gahan, Galbraith, Gallagher, Galway, Gamble, Ganoe, Garbart, Garlow, Garraux, Garrett, Gartner, Gealey, Geibel, Gelm, George, Gephardt, Germerodt, Gibb, Gibson, Giel, Gifford, Gill, Gillelland, Gillespie, Gillet, Gillett, Gilmore, Gilson, Given, Glaser, Gleim, Gless, Gloeckner, Goehring, Goetz, Goldstrohm, Gordon, Gorham, Gourlay, Gow, Graham, Grassel, Gray, Greasel, Greenfield, Greenley, Greenough, Greer, Griesler, Griffith, Grinnell, Griswold, Groom, Gross, Grubbs, Guenther, Guffey, Guthrie, Haben, Hackius, Haeckler, Hafer, Hahn, Hall, Hallas, Hamal, Hammill, Hamilton, Handley, Hanna, Harbison, Harbusch, Harding, Hardwick, Harger, Harmon, Harper, Harrison, Hart, Hartmann, Hartung, Harvey, Haser, Haverline, Hayes, Hays, Hayward, Hazlett, Heckman, Hegner, Heid, Heidenkamp, Heilman, Heintz, Heinz, Helb, Heminway, Hempel, Henderson, Herbel, Herbst, Herman, Hershey, Hervey, Hess, Hice, Hildinger, Hill, Hillen, Hillgrove, Himrod, Hines, Hissrich, Hitzrot, Hoch, Hochberg, Hodgson, Hoffmann, Hogan, Hohmann, Holmes, Holosnyay, Holtzman, Hood, Hoover, Hopkins, Hopper, Hosack, Housholder, Howell, Hubbard, Huch, Hughes, Hugo, Humes, Humphreys, Hunt, Hunter, Huchison, Immekus, Inks, Inskeep, Ireland, Irvin, Jackson, Jameson, Jenkins, John, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kammerer, Kapteina, Katz, Kearney, Keefer, Keil, Keister, Keitz, Keitzer, Kelley, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenny, Keown, Kerr, Kessler, Kestner, Kidd, Kiehl, Kifer, Kilcullin, Kim, Kincaid, King, Kingsley, Kinlough, Klein, Klingelhofer, Klingensmith, Klussmann, Knell, Knoedler, Knox, Koch, Koegler, Kohary, Kort, Koughan, Kretzer, Krill, Krone, Kuehn, Kuhn, Kummer, Lageman, Laird, Lake, Lambing, Landis, Langfitt, Lapsley, Laughner, Law, Lawrence, Lawson, Leard, Learn, Leax, Leberman, Le Bosquet, Lee, Leezer, Lefever, Lehner, Lessig, Lewis, Lightner, Lindberg, Linke, Linn, Lippert, Little, Lloyd, Logan, Logue, Long, Longmore, Lorch, Lougeay, Lovett, Lowman, Ludwig, Lutton, Lutz, Lyne, Lyon, Lytle, McBride, McBroom, McCabe, McCague, McCall, McClellan, McClelland, McClintock, McCloskey, McClung, McClure, McCluskey, McComb, McCombs, McConville, McCoy, McCullough, McCutcheon, McDannel, McDonald, McElheny, McElravy, McElroy, McElwain, McFadden, McFarland, McGeary, McGinley, McGinnis, McGovern, McGuire, McHugh, McIntyre, McJunkin, McKay, McKelvy, McKinley, McKinney, McKrell, McLane, McLaughlin, McLay, McLean, McMillen, McMurray, McNeilly, McNulty, McPherson, McQuaid, McRoberts, McWhinney, McWilliams, Macbeth, Madden, Magill, Maier, Malloy, Manross, Marlatt, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Mathewson, Matlack, Maurhoff, May, Maver, Meanor, Means, Meek, Mehrlich, Mellon, Metcalf, Metzger, Meyer, Michael, Michel, Mikaloff, Miller, Milligan, Mills, Minich, Mitesser, Mitzel, Moore, Moorhead, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Mowry, Moyes, Mumford, Murphy, Murray, Myers, Mytinger, Natale, Nauman, Naumann, Naylor, Neel, Neely, Negley, Neison, Nelson, Nesbit, Nettleton, Neuf, Nevin, Newell, Newlin, Nichol, Nicholas, Nicholls, Nicols, Nixon, Noah, Noble, Nock, Noss, Ober, Ochse, Oliver, O'Neil, O'Neill, Owens, Pace, Packer, Palm, Pangburn, Pardee, Park, Parmalee, Parsons, Patterson, Patton, Perry, Pershing, Peterman, Peters, Pfirrmann, Phillips, Pickford, Pierce, Poellot, Poole, Porter, Portman, Potter, Potts, Powers, Price, Przybylski, Pschirer, Purdy, Purvis, Putnam, Quay, Quinby, Quinn, Rabell, Rafter, Rainbow, Ramage, Rankin, Ratteldorfer, Rattigan, Ray, Raymer, Redman, Redpath, Reed, Rehner, Reiber, Reichenbach, Reiger, Reilly, Reiter, Reitze, Renner, Reppert, Ruetzel, Reynolds, Rhodes, Richard, Richards, Richmond, Rights, Riley, Ringeisen, Risher, ritchey, Ritenour, Riter, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rockwell, Rodenbaugh, Rodgers, Roland, Rolfe, Rommel, Root, Rose, Roth, Rothrauff, Rouser, Rowse, Rucker, Rudisill, Ruehl, Ruffing, Russell, Rust, Sackett, Saint, Salyards, Sample, Sampson, Sankey, Scatchard, Schafer, Schano, Scheffel, Schilling, Schlicht, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schlosser, Schneider, Schramm, Schran, Schulz, Schutrum, Schwer, Schwindman, Scott, Seaman, Seavy, Seibert, Semple, Serena, Seville, Sevin, Shallenberger, Shaffer, Shanor, Shaughnessy, Shaw, Shenot, Shephard, Sherwin, Shields, Shipley, Shoop, Singer, Sinn, Sirdevan, Skiff, Skiles, Slater, Sleeth, Small, Smith, Snitger, Snodgrass, Snyder, Soose, Sossong, Spaulding, Speer, Spicer, Spillman, Stancliff, Steadman, Stebbins, Steedle, Stein, Stephenson, Sterner, Sterrett, Steuler, Stevenson, Stewart, Stilz, Stinson, Stoops, Stotler, Straw, Strong, Stuckslager, Sumney, Sutton, Swart, Swearingen, Swedborg, Sweitzer, Swengel, Symes, Tarr, Tatnall, Taylor, Teemer, Telford, Tepe, Teuteberg, Thaw, Theobald, Thomas, Thompson, Tibby, Tilbrook, Todd, Tonner, Topley, Tracey, Trees, Treser, Trimble, Tucker, Tully, Ure, Vandergrift, Van Kirk, Van Sicklin, Veith, Viehmier, Vogeley, Volz, Vincent, Wagner, Walker, Wall, Walsh, Walter, Walther, Walton, Warner, Warren, Wasson, Watenpool, Way, Weaver, Weber, Weddell, Weilersbacher, Weiss, Welch, Wellinger, Werner, Westinghouse, Wetzel, Whigham, Whiston, White, Whitehead, Whitehill, Whiting, Wightman, Wigman, Wilhelm, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson, Winter, Winterberger, Wise, Wolf, Wolfram, Woodford, Woolrich, Wright, Wuller, Wunderlich, Wylie, Yaggi, Young, Younkins, Yunker, Zeigler, Zeller, Zimmer, Zimmerman, Zinkhan, Zischkau, Zwierzynski

Venango County Pennsylvania - Her Pioneers and People Vol. 1 & 2
(Charles A. Babcock, 1919, 1300 pages)
This is an extensive 2 volume historical and biographical reference work on Venango County, PA. These volumes provide a wealth of information on the history and growth of Venango County and its people. Hundreds of individual and family histories are sketched, making this an excellent reference for historical or biographical research. Along with many of the sketches, there are also portraits of the sketch subjects.

Surnames Indexed:
Adams, Agnew, Aigner, Allen, Allison, Anderson, Anderton, Andrews, Angove, Arnott, Atwell, Babcock, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Bankson, Barnes, Barr, Barrett, Baum, Beatty, Beebe, Beers, Beighles, Bell, Beringer, Berry, Bevan, Billingsley, Bishop, Black, Blackwell, Blair, Bleakley, Boals, Boardman, Bonner, Borland, Boughner, Boughton, Bouquin, Bowers, Boyer, Boyle, Bracken, Bradley, Braunschweiger, Breed, Brigham, Britton, Brodhead, Brosang, Brown, Browne, Brundred, Brutche, Bunce, Burch, Burgard, Burns, Burrows, Buxton, Byers, Byles, Caffrey, Call, Calvert, Campbell, Carnahan, Carson, Cavanaugh, Chadwick, Chambers, Chickering, Clark, Clulow, Coffman, Cohen, Cokain, Confer, Cooper, Corse, Corwin, Couch, Coulter, Crahan, Crandall, Crawford, Criswell, Cromack, Cross, Crouch, Culbertson, Cunningham, Dale, Daly, Daugherty, Davis, Deets, DeWoody, Dibble, Dick, Dickey, Dille, Dimond, Donovan, Dorworth, Drake, Duffield, Dufford, Duncan, Egan, Eakin, Earp, Ebert, Elliott, Evans, Farren, Fawcett, Fielding, Finch, Fleming, Foggan, Foley, Foller, Fornof, Foster, Foust, Fox, Frewen, Friggle, Friton, Fritz, Frye, Fulton, Furman, Galloway, Gardiner, Geary, Geltz, Gilliland, Gilmore, Gleason, Glenn, Goettel, Goodemote, Graham, Greer, Gregory, Griffin, Griggs, Grimm, Groser, Grossman, Grove, Hadley, Hall, Hamilton, Hancock, Harlan, Harper, Harsh, Hart, Haskell, Hastings, Haylett, Hays, Hazelett, Heffernan, Helm, Herbert, Hetzler, Heydrick, Hitchcock, Hoffman, Horner, Houser, Hovis, Howe, Hughes, Hunsberger, Huntsman, Ihrig, Inman, Irwin, Jackson, James, Jobson, Johnson, Johnston, Jolly, Jones, Jordan, Karg, Karns, Keating, Kellogg, Kern, Kingsley, Kinter, Kirschner, Kistler, Koch, Krub, Lamb, Lamberton, Latchaw, Laughlin, Lavery, Leach, Leasgang, Lee, Lewis, Lincoln, Lockard, Locke, Loomis, Lovell, Lundager, Lupher, Lytle, McAlevy, McBride, McCalmont, McClelland, McClintock, McClune, McCray, McCready, McDaniel, McElhiney, McElphatrick, McFadden, McGough, McGuire, McKee, McKenzie, McKinley, McKinly, McKinney, McKnight, McLaughlin, McLaurin, McLouth, McMichael, McMillin, McQuaid, McRae, McWilliams, Mackenzie, Mackey, Magee, Maitland, Mallery, Maloney, Manion, Manning, Mark, Marshall, Martin, Mays, Means, Mease, Miller, Minich, Mitchell, Moffett, Mohnkern, Mohr, Montgomery, Monjar, Moore, Moran, Morck, Moreland, Morrison, Morrow, Moyar, Mundt, Myers, Neely, Nesbit, Nicholson, Nicklin, Orr, Osborn, Osborne, Osenider, Osmer, Oyer, Paca, Pardee, Parker, Patterson, Peebles, Pennell, Perkins, Perrine, Phinny, Phillips, Phipps, Platt, Plumer, Polaski, Poor, Porter, Potter, Power, Pyle, Quinn, Rand, Raymond, Ready, Reed, Reese, Reeves, Reid, Reisinger, Remp, Rew, Rheem, Rhoades, Rial, Rice, Rich, Richey, Riddle, Rider, Ridgway, Ritchey, Robbins, Rodgers, Roche, Roess, Rogers, Rossman, Roth, Rumsey, Russell, Rynd, Sampsell, Satterwhite, Wchruers, Schwartz, Schwartzcop, Scott, Seaton, Seen, Selden, Shaffer, Shannon, Sheasley, Sheats, Sheffer, Sheldon, Sherbondy, Sheridan, Shields, Short, Shoup, Siederman, Sigworth, Simcox, Simmons, Singleton, Sisney, Siverly, Slingerland, Small, Smedley, Smiley, Smith, Smithman, Snow, Snyder, Speechley, Speer, Spettigue, Stanford, Steele, Stephenson, Sterrett, Stevenson, Stewart, Stone, Strance, Straub, Stubler, Suhr, Sullinger, Surrena, Sutley, Sutton, Tarr, Theobald, Thompson, Tibbens, Tonkin, Tracy, Trax, Turk, Turner, Tyler, Vanderlin, Van Dresser, Van Vliet, Voorus, Wagner, Wait, Waitz, Wallace, Walter, Wasson, Watson, Watterson, Wege, Welker, Westlake, Weston, Weymouth, Whitaker, Whitman, Wilbert, Wilkins, Williams, Wilson, Witherup, Wolford, Wood, Woodward, Wright, Wurster, Yard, Yardley, Young, Zerbe

The Historical Album and Daily Program Venango County Sesquicentennial 1805-1955
(Venango County Sesqui-Centennial Association Inc, 1955, 108 pages)
This is a souvenir history and program published for the 150th Anniversary of Venango County, PA in 1955. The program includes a day-by-day schedule of events for the sesquicentennial celebration and other associated information. The historical portion of the souvenir provides a brief history of the county and its development as well as coverage of its major industries and institutions. It also includes separate sections cover its major cities / towns: Clintonville, Cooperstown, Franklin, Oil City, Pleasantville, Polk, Rouseville and Utica.

Town, Township & Regional Histories

Franklin Pennsylvania (The Franklin Chamber of Commerce, 1929, 40 pages)
This pamphlet was published as a highlight of the city of Franklin, Venango Co., PA. It contains a brief history of the area, and then touches on several dozen other brief topics such as topography, population, climate, government, assets, industries, etc. It also contains a number of photographs featuring scenes of the city or its important buildings.

The Historical Album and Daily Program 1868-1968 A Century of Progress
in Franklin, Pennsylvania (Franklin Area Centennial Inc., 1968, 120 pages)
This is a centennial history of the city of Franklin, Venango County, PA. It includes a program of the events associated with the centennial celebration, also a history of Franklin particularly as it developed through the oil boom on into the 20th century. The publication includes numerous photographs from Franklin's history both ancient and modern.

Miscellaneous Histories

Industrial and Commercial Resources of [Northern] Pennsylvania
(Historical Publishing Company, 1887, 125 pages)
This publication is a history and description of the business operations from a dozens of towns throughout north, central and western Pennsylvania. Each business is detailed in sketch form, giving, in many cases, a brief history of its existence, management, and a description of its operations. This information was only published in this publication making this a rare and useful resource for historical or genealogical research in these counties of PA.

From Venango County
-- From Parker's Landing: -- Wilkins & Fullerton, H. Blymiller, Manifold & Curtis, The Exchange Bank, F. Ottinger, S. J. Ervin, E. F. Dunlap, Vandenbosch Bros., Melville & Goldsmith, Parker House, W. L. Taylor & Bro., Thos. Wightman & Co. (Limited), O. Tinsman, L. S. Pontius, J. B. Atkinson & Bro., Evan & Foster,

Industrial and Commercial Resources of [Western] Pennsylvania
(Historical Publishing Company, 1887, 144 pages)
This publication is a history and description of the business operations from dozens of towns throughout Western Pennsylvania. Each business is detailed in sketch form, giving, in many cases, a brief history of its existence, management, and a description of its operations. This information was only published in this publication making this a rare and useful resource for historical or genealogical research in these counties of PA.

From Venango County
-- From Franklin: -- The Eclipse Lubricating Oil Co., Maloney & Co., Bensinger Smith & Co., M. Wachtel, Franklin Brewery, Lamberton Savings Bank, Joseph Riesenman, Jacob Sheasley, The First National Bank, Exchange Bank, Mrs. M. J. McManus, Acker & Co., "Allen's" Patent Pumping Rig, T. Moore & Son, International Bank, W. J. & P. Dewoody, A. J. Lovell, S. A. & J. W. Lovell, W. S. Dewoody, Neslon G. Bushnell, J. W. Reamer & Co., L. T. Lamberton, F. N. Raymond, A. Y. Findlay, Isa Black, R. H. Beatty, Reynold's Wagon Co., Geo. E. Fry & Co., Meyer, Humphrey & Co., Boston Iron Works, Howard & Son, Jas. Sheridan, S. S. De Arman, Venango Mills, C. G. B. Fowler, Irwin Crawford, Sykes & Rallya, W. N. Emery & Son, E. A. Wilson, Wilt & Son, Good Intent Co-operative Association, Henry Cohen, City Planing-mill, H. D. Hulin & Bro., W. W. Peters, Martin & Epley, William Wenzel, National Hotel, Messrs. Reineman & Keene, H. W. Laberton, Fred. C. Van Llew, J. & R. H. Woodburn, Grant House, M. P. Heasley, W. A. Donahue, Exchange Hotel, James G. Lamberton, Wm. Rickards -- From Oil City: -- The Oil Well Supply Co., H. G. Tinker, Hunt & Hallet, Imperial Refining Company, The Innis Manufacturing Co., The Lambertson Bank, Burk & Dickinson, Hon. Thos. B. Cowell, J. J. Brodhead, W. A. Hosey, William J. Tinthoff, Dr. E. M. Wolfe, Lampman & Hogne, Astral Refining Company, C. J. Reynolds, John H. Robinson, F. G. Giegel, Lewis Miller, William & Canning, F. W. Mitchell & Co., E. Harvey, Kern & Co., S. J. Jacobs, M. S. Simmons, Joseph Reid, V. Schopperie, W. P. Lucas, The Vienna Bakery, The Torpedo Company of Delaware, L. R. Reed, R. D. Naylor, City Cash Store, Philp & Perry, M. Braunschweiger, Oil City Trust Company, Metropolitan Drug Store, Ludwig Mayer, Geo. Paul & Sons, Schutte & O'Brien, M. Braunschwieger Jr., J. A. Plante, H. H. Rand, John T. Parsons, Chas. H. Shepard, Collins House, John Fornof & Son, A. W. Alsbaugh, Richards & Rickards, John Elliott, J. M. Carson, Kramer Wagon Co., G. K. Reiss, F. D. Moon, McCuen & Simon, S. T. Parks, Settle & Alder, W. H. Case, D. T. Kitchell, C. E. Cooper, Dr. C. A. Cooper, Crawford & Young, George Steffee, F. Eichner & Sons, T. Farmer, McGuigan & Stubler, W. J. Magee, George Kaufmann, R. R. Frampton, W. T. Follmer, F. L. Cummings, Duffee & Deyoe, G. H. Noxon

A Souvenir of the Labor Day Celebration - Franklin, Pennsylvania 1903
(Central Labor Council, 1903, 108 pages)
This is a souvenir of the events of the Labor Day celebration of Franklin, PA in 1903. It contains a program of the events of the celebration, numerous ads for local businesses and dozens of photographs of Franklin's important buildings and portraits of civic and industrial leaders. It also contains brief historical sketches of several labor organizations from the area, including: Central Labor Council, Local No. 57 Journeymen Tailors Union of America, Iron Moulders' Union, International Typographical Union Local No. 437, Local No. 256 International Association of Machinists, Franklin Printing Pressmen and Assistants' Union No. 90, Local No. 157 Journeymen Barbers International Union of America, Local No. 236 Painters Decorators and Paper Hangers, Local No. 257 Plumbers Gas Fitters Steam Fitters and Steam Fitter's Helpers, Galena-Signal Oil Co., Local No. 438 Retail Clerks International Protective Association, Local No. 682 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, Local No. 182 Operative Plasterers' International Association, Carriage and Wagon Workers International Union No. 106, Bricklayers and Mason's I. U. No. 43.

1868-1968 Venango County Court House Centennial, Franklin, PA.
(Anonymous, 1968, 16 pages)
This booklet commemorates the centennial of Venango County's Courthouse. It provides a history of the courthouses used by the county through the years along with some historical illustrations.

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