Powwowing in Pennsylvania: Braucherei & the Ritual of Everyday Life (HARDCOVER)

Patrick J. Donmoyer

  • 4500

This cultural exploration offers an unparalleled presentation of Pennsylvania’s ritual healing traditions known as powwowing or Braucherei in Pennsylvania Dutch, through original primary source materials, including manuscripts, ritual objects, and books—most of which have never before been available to English-speaking readers. Although methods and procedures have varied considerably over three centuries of ritual practice within the Pennsylvania Dutch cultural region, the outcomes and experiences surrounding this tradition have woven a rich tapestry of cultural narratives that highlight the integration of ritual into all aspects of life, as well as provide insight into the challenges, conflicts, growth, and development of a distinct Pennsylvania Dutch folk culture. (343pp. color illus. index. hardcover. PA German Cult. Heritage Center, 2018.) Reprinted July 2023.

Volume IV of the Annual Publication Series of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University.

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