Mennonite Family History January 2020

Masthof Press

  • 600

This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Four Guemann Sisters: Catherine, Marie, Francoise, and Elisabeth [Guemann, Vonier, Liechty, Aeschlimann]; Updating and Revising Dyck and Wall Family Data in Jacob J. Dyck: Am Trakt to America [Dyck, Wall]; A Senior Moment...The Dark Web—A Hidden Past [Frantz]; Mennonites Tracking Their Persecuted Ancestors in Switzerland [Gut, Frey, Urmy]; Uncovering Augsburger Orphans [Augsburger]; A Grove of Family Trees...Ancestral Families of Sarah Adaline "Addie" (Grove) Garber (1872-1950), Part III: Snyder Lineage [Garber, Snyder, Schneider, Grove]; Jantzi/Yantzi/Yancey Family Origins, Part II [Jantzi, Zehr, Naffziger, Kennel, Boshart]; Organizing Records: What to Do With All These Family Documents!; Google Like a German: A Genealogy Workshop; Visiting the Archives in Bern, Switzerland [Hochstetler]; Documentation Overrides Tradition: The Bernese Heritage of the Legendary Hans Herr and His Wife Elsbet Lotscher [Herr, Lotscher]; Clarke E. Hess—A Legacy at Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society.

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