Mennonite Family History January 2018

Masthof Press

  • 600

This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]:
Hunting Our Common Zimmermann Ancestor, Combining 21st Century Genetics with 16th and 17th-Century Church Records, Part II [Zimmermann]; Hans Gnagi from Switzerland to America [Gnagi]; Daniel K. Cassel of Germantown: First American Mennonite Historian [Cassel, Pennypacker]; How to Clean a Tombstone; The Rittenhouse Family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Rittenhouse]; A Senior Moment . . . Paying It Forward [Crist, Kinney]; E-Genealogy 101: Three Easy Steps to Woodshedding the Family Tree; The Family of Frederick "Indian" Garst [Garst, Frantz, Rauch, Echols, Gordon]; Amish-Mennonite Hauter, Stalter, Wagler, and Schanz Families of Jagersburg, Germany, in the 19th Century [Hauter, Stalter, Wagler, Schanz].

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