Mennonite Family History January 1993 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History January 1993

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Anabaptists Sold as Galley Slaves [Lotscher, Latscher]; Bauman and Sauter Families [Bauman, Sauter, Buman, Suter]; Amish Immigrant Ships A List of Amish Immigrants to the New World [Summy, Zimmerman, Lapp, Berkley, Reichenbach, Slabach, Kauffman, Beiler, Lehman, Miller, Schantz, Yoder, Zook, Hertzler, Stauffer, Blank, Coblantz; The Dauphin County, Pa., Cassel Family [Cassel]; Graveyards For Sale; Armchair Research [Frantz]; Irvin Enoch Burkhart [Burkhart]; Is it Gosnell or is it Neff?[Gosnell, Neff]; The Stauffer Families of the 1671 Migration to the Palatinate [Stauffer]; A Tribute to Sam Eli Nofziger of Fulton County, Ohio [Nofziger]; The Jantzes of Karolswalde [Jantz]; The Wanners An Early Lancaster Co., Pa., Mennonite Family [Wanner]; Henrich and Maria Clemmer of Fanconia, Pa., Genealogy [Clemmer]; A 1908 Visit to Zweibrucken, Germany [Esh, Stoltzfus, Gingerich]; The Curious Tale of the 1908 Fisher Letters [Fisher]; The Diary of John B. Gehman, 1851-1861 [Gehman]; Only One Life My Autobiography [Hartzler]; The Jacob and Susanna (Boehm) Ressler Family [Ressler].

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