The World of "Farmer" John Landis

The World of "Farmer" John Landis

Robert L. Reeser

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"Farmer" John Landis (1785-1867) married Eve Anna Groff (1783-1877) had ten children and became one of the most highly-respected and appreciated men in East Lampeter Township and Lancaster County, Pa. As a successful farmer in his early years, he accumulated a substantial amount of wealth through hard work and wise management. He founded a bank and then was elected president at the age of 56, presiding over the bank for 26 years. He also took an interest in politics and was elected a County Commissioner in 1846. Farmer John was the fifth generation of a deeply-rooted Mennonite family in East Lampeter. His descendants are included to the fourth generation. (190pp. illus. index. Author, 2023.)

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