The Potts Family Tree Updated to 2022

The Potts Family Tree Updated to 2022

S. Lefebvre

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This 8-volume set of books references classic sources (1870-1901) while expanding the list to include the last 150 years or 7 generations. Information includes: full name, birth and death year, spouse, children, and any major known relocations, achievements, military history, titles, or unusual deaths. Headings include: The Early Potts History in Great Britain; In the Colonies – Children of John Potts of Wales; Children of Judith Smith and Thomas Potts Sr. (1660-1719); Children of John Potts, son of Thomas Potts Jr., son of John Potts; Bibliography and Further Reading; and Photos, Images, and Documents. There are 7 volumes of genealogy while the last volume is the index.

(4,822pp. index. Masthof Press, 2023.) $295.00

4544pdf. The Potts Family Tree Updated to 2022 PDF version is available only online for $60.00.

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