Mills of Lancaster County

Donald Kautz

  • 3500


Winner of the 2024 Preservation Publication Award by The Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County.

Lancaster County's gristmills were once the hubs of their local communities. People came to the local mill not only to get their corn and wheat ground, but also to catch up on the local news. At one time there was a mill for every 2½ square miles, now there are less than 100 still standing in Lancaster County, Pa. This book serves as a record of those mills, relating some of the stories of the men and women who worked the mills. The book begins with an overview of milling. The next section contains stories and photographs of existing mills and mills that are no longer standing but where there is a covered bridge that bears the name of the mill. The last section is organized by watershed and contains the full catalog of mills past and present with details and timelines. Finally there are indexes by municipality, mill owners, and by mill. (382pp. full-color illus. Masthof Press, 2023.)


For updates to the catalog of mills (in the book) that have been made since the book was published, please refer to the book’s website at:

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