Mennonite Family History April 2024

Mennonite Family History April 2024

Mennonite Family History

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: The Blank Family of Steffisburg: Insights from the Early Swiss Records by Larry Zimmerman and Robert Carpenter [Blank, Plank]; A Love Letter to My Grandmothers by Renee (Love) Cue [Love, Schantz, Widmer]; Stephen and Anna Lantz of Wayne County, Ohio: Their Children and Predecessors, Part 1 by Karen (Cornwell) Bowman [Lantz, Lance, King, Troyer, Greaser, Kennedy]; Saving Hair as a Family Heirloom by Lemar Mast [Mast, Zook, Kurtz, Blank, Martin]; Blessed With Eight Generations: Ancestor Chart of Elizabeth Grace Geiser [Geiser, Amstutz, Gerber, Lehman, Stutzman]; Children of Bishop Jacob Mast and Magdalena Hooley: Elizabeth Mast (1776-1838), "Dear Housewife" Part IX by Dot (Mast) Moss [Mast, Hooley]; Book Review of Fragments of a Life: A Speculative But Plausible Semi-Narrative of Christian Nisley, 1804 Immigrant to America by John Yoder [Nisley]; Peter Binkley (1704-1793) and 1) Anna Maria Salome Werle (1704-1748) and 2) Anna Maria Margaretha Geiger (1722-1803) by Sara (Binkley) Tarpley and Tracey A. Binkley [Binkley]; The German Origins of the Roth/Rhodes/Rudy Families of Bedford and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania—Y-DNA Technology Contributes to the Discovery of Two Distinct But Related Surname Lines by James E. Rhodes [Roth, Rode, Rudy, Rhodes, Ray, Rodi]; Influence of the German Baptist Antietam Congregation by William B. Thomas [Snowberger, Zuck, Stoner, Martin, Horner, Stutzman].

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