Mennonite Family History October 2018

Masthof Press

  • 600

This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]:
Finding Our Roots in Europe with Family [Brubaker]; Uncle Johannes Mast Brought Orphaned Children to the Colonies in 1750 [Mast]; Extending the Zehr Family Back into Time [Zehr, Zurfluh]; The Pleasant Unity Robbery [Detweiler]; Speaking of Family History [Coffin]; The Amish Mennonite Erb Families of Upper Canada, Part II [Erb, Schultz, Richely/Reschly]; People of the Tempelhof [Ingold, Holly, Christner]; Visiting the Allen County  Public Library the First Time; The Family of John/Johannes Rauch/Rouch, Dauphin Co., Pa. [Rauch/Rouch, Zehring, Garst]; The Mullers of the Munsterhof [Muller]; First Home of Christian Mast [Mast].

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