Mennonite Family History January 2022

Mennonite Family History

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Visiting Platte Colony by Lemar and Lois Ann Mast; Hutterian Brethren Surnames by Stephen Correll; Kurtz and More Kurtzes by Paul S. Kurtz [Kurtz]; Martha Weaver: Giving Bread and Receiving a Basket by Gerald J. Mast [Weaver]; Are We...Or Aren't We Married? by Mary Louise Uchida; My Grandmother Ruth E. Fryberger by Yvonne K. Kimmel [Fryberger]; Accidental Answers: A Death Certificate Gives Life to a Collateral Line by Mary Rohrer Dexter [Garber, Jacobs, Stroop]; It's a Small World After All by Lorraine Frantz Edwards [Ressler, Frantz]; Mast/Maust/Masht Family Connections by Anna Pearl Lapp Kreider Kurtz [Mast]; Johnson Connections by Lois Ann (Zook) Mast [Johnson, Durr]; Blessed With Eight Generations—the Fan Chart of Brandon Lee Miller [Miller]; A Lifetime of Journeys by Lois P. Friesen [Reimer, Friesen]; Blizzard by John Lewis Nafzinger.

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