Mennonite Family History April 1994 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History April 1994

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Swiss and German Mennonite Immigrants From the Palatinate, 1718-1726 [Acker, Bar, Eicher, Landis, Langenecker, Reiff, Sauder, Stoner, Kniseley, Hiestand]; Dr. Peter Zehr's European Ancestry [Zehr]; What a Genealogist Needs in a Computer Program; A Visit to the Library of Congress; An Unusual Way to Verify a Kinsinger Lineage [Kinsinger]; Ephrata John "Hannes" Landes of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, Part II [Landis, Keller, Bare, Bowman, Fahnestock]; My Climenhaga Search [Climenhaga, Kleimenhagen, Damude]; Chortitza: The Old Colony Russia; The First Settlers, 1788-1803, Part I [Berg, Bergen, Breuil, Braun, Buhler, Dirksen, Dyck, Ens, Epp, Friesen, Hildebrandt]; Pennsylvania to Kansas Migrations; An Adopted Person Finds Mennonite Roots [Miller, Mack, Ewy]; My Story as a Farmer [Hartzler]; Appalachian Mountain Craft Workers [Miller]; John Funk of Franklin Co., Pa. [Funk]; Gifts From My Garden; "Bernese Anabaptists and Their American Descendants"; "The Lehman Families of Langnau, Switzerland" [Lehmann]; "Christian Stickler Sherk" [Sherk].

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