Mennonite Family History October 2001 - Masthof Press

Mennonite Family History October 2001

Masthof Press

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This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Anabaptists of Langnau in the Emmental, Switzerland, in the 1700s, Part IV, Who They Were and What They Experienced [Bropst, Inhoff, Gerber, Rotlisperger, Aschbacher, Luti, Steiner, Wingeyer, Blaser, Schwartz, Neunschwander, Schmid, Burki, Moser, Wissler, Burkholder]; Shenandoah Valley Anabaptists Flight and Imprisonment During the Civil War [Miller, Kline, Wine, Heatwole, Showalter]; Swiss Cheese [Sommer]; The Jantz, Jontz, Jantzen, and Johnson Families of Elkhart County, Indiana [Jantz, Jontz, Jantzen, Johnson]; The Zaugg/Zug Family Record [Zaugg, Zug, Zook]; Fretz and Rittenhouse Family Bicentennial Celebrating 200 Years in Canada, 1800-2000 [Fretz, Rittenhouse, Meyer, Hipple]; Amish Mennonites in a Special Berks County Tax, 1752 [Yoder, King]; Yet to Be Told . . .