Mennonite Family History April 2020

Masthof Press

  • 600

This issue contains the following articles and [surnames]: Ruegsbach, Switzerland—Burkholder Family Origins [Burkholder]; The Descendants of Joseph Nicewander (1791-1857) and Lydia Avey (1792-1858) [Nicewander]; Do's & Don'ts; Tracing My Landis Ancestors [Landis, Weitzel]; Glado/Claude Harnisch, der Gottes-Lasterer [Harnish]; The Christian K. Nissley (1838-1867) Diary [Nissley]; A Grove of Family Trees...Ancestral Families of Sarah Adaline "Addie" (Grove) Garber (1872-1950), Part IV: Maternal Affiliated Families: Rohrer, Hostetter, Hershey, Metzler, Bomberger, Nissley, and Funk [Rohrer, Snyder, Hostetter, Hershey, Metzler, Bomberger, Nissley, Funk]; A Letter to King Maximilian I from Mennonite Elders [Gungerich, Stalter, Zehr, Burcky, Bachler]; Discovering Ancestors Through a Photo [Frese/Frose, Loewen, Mantler, Friesen, Dyck, Wall]; Mystery Man...Donald Eugene Brubaker [Brubaker].